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Write what you know; write what you feel. Give life to that which lacks it, and mend the heart of they who need it most. Love, laugh, and cry. Never be afraid to be yourself. This is me.



As Twilight goes throughout her new life, she takes care to never forget the special ponies that helped to mold her into who she is, even with the pain that comes with the remembrance. One pony in particular, however, stands out among the rest.

When an unknown future beckons, she calls upon the blissful memories that she treasures so much, and remembers the pony who taught her the most important lesson of all...

How to love.

Cover art provided by SilFoe, used with permission.

Recommended music for the letters: Green and Blue - Halo 4 OST

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I enjoyed this. Thank you for writing it.

2521818 You are most welcome.

This was quite the beautiful story. Great job writing this! I look forward to reading more of from you in the future. Keep up the fantastic writing!

This does not deserve all the dislikes it has been given.
I shall attempt to remedy this.

Good show, sir. Good show indeed.

2522288 Always.

2522415 I always find it funny that so many people think I'm a sir.


As far as the dislikes, I'm not too bothered by it. I can't please everyone, after all.:twilightsmile:

The dislikes are most likely because of it being a tragedy, I noticed that no matter how good a story is, there is always that somepony which dislikes it for simply being a tragedy...
I don't like tragedies myself, but I would never dislike a story that clearly deserves a +
and this story by far deserves many of those.
Very nice read indeed. :raritywink:

2522983 I have to agree. Thank you for the objective critique.

You know, you are almost at the level of the fancomic "memories" in my book in terms of tear-inducing material. Good work.:fluttercry:

This was awesome and the letters from rainbow really were the icing n the proverbial cake.

2523573 No idea what "memories" is...I don't think I've read it...but thank you.

2523800 I won't even lie...I was crying the entire time I was writing that part.

This is a really beautiful story, thank you for writing this.

Oh my god... this was really hard to read, there was some parts where I wiped my tears and wanted to stop:fluttercry::ajsleepy::pinkiesad2::raritydespair:, you left a lump in my throat, you did such an amazing job, thanks for writing this.

An accurate representation of how I feel right now.

Well I was crying the whole time I was reading it. Too much liquid pride was shed during this, and I doubt I will sleep soundly tonight.

oops, forgot to mention that awesome cover art.:applejackconfused: Definitely suits this story well.

Going into my Top Faves

That was the second fic I have ever shed any tears for... God this was sad.

Always enjoy your stories.
Keep it up :twilightsmile:

Here's the comic memories that he was talking about
Also that was sad, bu at the same time the ending brings warmth to your heart

This was hard to read but well worth the effort. You have done well by my favorite pony. A+ good madam

I think I might have found a reason for some of the dislikes.

The protrial of Twilight's father.

Here, his only mention is in an incredibly negative light. He's shown as a homophobic biggot who hates all of Twilight's friends. If anything, it comes out of nowhere and feels like he's a strawman for anybody who dares to disagree with the idea of lesbian ponies.

And that's the exact reason I'm disliking this. I don't mind that people share differing opinions then mine, but I DO mind when people mock and deride people who share my opinion as just a bunch of racist homophobes who want to kill all gay people and send them to death camps or something, before moving onto whoever doesn't agree with our views. We're not. Most us just dislike it for moral reasons. We bare no hatred for them, we simply disagree with their lifestyle choice, just like they might disagree with ours.

If you wanted to write a fic talking about this subject, then make it the focus, don't just mention something that complicated in passing and expect that everybody shares your point of view. This story would have worked just as well without going out of your way to attack those who do not share your beliefs.

That is all.

Just remember that whenever you feel a breeze kiss your cheek, those are my lips...and whenever you feel the soft, warm rain of spring on your coat, I'm telling you I love you. And, whenever you see a rainbow, that’s me smiling at you from wherever I’ll be after this.

That was one of the most poetic things I've ever read. :fluttercry:

not really a fan of ships between two girls (personal view) but that was a really great story

Well, "memory" is a fan-comic which takes place in the distant future, depicting spike's feelings on the anniversary of twilight's death
Here's a link:Memory

Hey, um. Not to be rude, but a story can't have both the Sad and Tragedy tags. They are mutually exclusive.

I really thought that this would turn dark at some point and that Twilight would try to raise her friends form the dead but then I remembered that there was no 'Dark' tag. Would have been interesting to see how that would be incorporated to the story. Also, I liked how there was the idea of going insane due to living forever, but it would have been also been interesting if you tried to incorporate more of that into the story line.

The only part that didn't sit well with me about this story was Twilight's parents. They seemed a bit to quick to disown her, a princess AND an Element of Harmony(E.O.H). Her parents were portrayed as being old-fashioned and upper-class yet they disowned there daughter, a princess and an E.O.H., which are aspects that would bring there family more honor than the dishonor that would be brought upon them as a result of Twilight and Rainbow's relationship. So basically, the pro's would out way the cons, if you looked at it from the parents point of view, making the 'dis-owning' a rather foolish move, considering there character.

All in all this story was extremely good and I'm glad I took the time to read it. 10 out of 10!

I don't REALY believe in Twilight's position at the end of the story. I understand loss, but people move on. People can love someone for 20 years and them die. Given a couple years, sometimes less, sometimes more, they would move on, telling themselves that's what they would have wanted or something, and love agian. But four hundred years, yah... The ember of love may burn bright, but all embers grow cold, to be put in with another, to keep the fire of that person's life alight.

Good story.

Thank you for ending things with Hope instead of Tragedy. :heart:

Let's get something clear: Twilight is NOT going to live forever just because she is an alicorn now. Why? Because she is not essential to keeping the world in balance by raising the sun and moon each day and night. Secondly, if you look back on when Twilight had that flash-back moment with her and Cadence at the end of season 2, you will notice that Cadence is younger looking than in the present, because she has AGED! You will also notice that Celestia has never aged a friggin day, like in the ep with Flim and Flam, she looks exactly the same...

Go ahead and write awesome fiction like this all you want, but just know that Twilight will not live FOREVER!

At what point can you actually claim any of that to be canon fact?


I'm feeling a bit thoughtful and opinionated at the moment, so I hope I'm not coming across as annoyed or anything.

But can the argument be made that ponies are different than humans (I'm assuming that by "people," you're referring to humans.)? Whereas we live in a world where death can come at any second to a large number of people, whether it be by war, famine, disease, or age, ponies live in a world where they are sheltered from most of those events. The difference is that we have to accept loss or become consumed by the world-- ponies can choose to wallow in their sadness because they aren't faced with an overly cruel world that will destroy them. We humans don't always have a person to vent to-- ponies most certainly do (so long as Pinkie and her lineage are doing their job right :pinkiesmile:) In short: humans have the odds stacked against them-- ponies can afford to be sad indefinitely if they wish. Couple that with immortality and the passing of 6 friends who are incredibly close to you (something most people don't ever have in a lifetime) and you're going to have heartbreak for the next 4 centuries.

...that and we as people are pretty forgetful.

2523976 You're welcome:twilightsmile:

2524394 Thank you. I put a lot of emotion into this story, and I won't even try and tell you I didn't cry while I was writing it...I did, a lot.

2524759 Thank you...I will.

2524966 Thanks.

2525056 If you had bothered to read the rest of my stories, I portray the characters in a pretty neutral light in that respect. However, just like in reality, there are extremes to any view...and believe it or not, such people do exist.

First of all, I think portraying the well-to-do, classical father of a big character as this way is pretty accurate up until recently. Bear in mind that twenty years ago, had someone in the royal family of England (for example) been homosexual and been suspected of courting a "commoner", the same exact thing could easily have happened.

Do I personally believe all who disagree with the homosexual lifestyle are like that? No...I do not. My mother is one such example - she disagrees with the lifestyle, but doesn't make it a point to tell such people that they're sinners and are all going to hell, whether she believes that or not.

To put it simply, this is the reality: people like Twilight's portrayed father do exist, though they be the minority, at least nowadays. Such an event as shown in this story has happened in the past, and could very well happen again. If you can't take a dose of reality, you probably shouldn't read any of my stories in the future...just sayin'.

Now then, do I expect to change your point of view with this little education session of mine? No, I do not. Usually people like you who see something so skewed in a situation like this are so set in your ways that no amount of simple text over the internet from some person you don't know is going to change your thinking. Instead, I will summarize for you: people like the father exist. I do not believe everyone is like that. Your incorrect spelling and grammar hurts your argument.

Thank you, and have a good day.:twilightsmile:

2525263 You probably won't believe this, but I made that up on the spot.

2525273 Meh, to each their own. Thanks for not making a big deal out of it.

2525826 Uh, yeah it can. Sad and tragedy go together quite well, I think. The sad part being the remembrance of a long-lived character, missing a loved even after so many years. The tragedy being the death of one who was known and loved by so many.

2525997 Well first off, this is only the first part of the story...there will be a sequel. Secondly, people like Twilight's parents do exist. There are no "pros and cons" with people like that...the wrong bit is simply non-negotiable. A perfect example of such a view would be my belief that if a person kills and eats small children, there are no "pros" to that.

2526062 Twilight isn't pining for Dash those four-hundred years. Maybe for a human, it wouldn't be bad, because you know that even if you fall in love with another and get your heart broken, eventually you will die, and your heartbreak will end. Twilight has to live with the fact that no matter what pony she chooses, she would have to watch them die, and go on living...remembering them - and their death - for however long she exists. That sort of fear and trepidation can do a lot to stop one from making "the plunge" again, especially with the difficulty that already comes with a normal relationship.

2526130 None of those facts are proven by canon. Alicorns may simply age to a certain point before stopping, or they may simply age very slowly. Also, you may notice I never actually said that she lives forever, nor any of the other alicorns. After all, unless a trustworthy and reputable source told them such directly, I don't think any of them would know if they live for eternity. They might simply live a really long time...perhaps a few ten thousand years, or perhaps more or less. None of this is ever denied or confirmed by the canon...you are simply going off of what you've observed from other fics, I think.:facehoof:

Fair point, I suppose.
Also, a sequel huh? Awesome, I'll be on the look out for it!

2526605 Thank you for your gracious response. I apologize for the spelling errors. It was about 2 AM when I wrote that, and I wrote it on an iPad, so no spell check.:twilightsheepish:

Oh, no. It's raining.

Silly 12 people, you missed the like button... :pinkiegasp:

It's too upside down to be the like button anyways. :pinkiehappy:

Come on you silly fillies! I have 5/20 vision and I know the upies from the downies! :pinkiehappy:

Alright, time to explain, I guess.
Sad fic: A character spends most of the time being a downer. No surprise there.

Tragedy fic: By definition, in a tragedy, the character must grow over obstacles and hardships and, only in the end, fail. He/she doesn't need to die (more often than not, they do). They just need to fail in doing whatever it is they sought out to do. True, the death/failing of said character is sad, but it doesn't make the whole story sad and it does not warrant a sad tag.
(Does Pinkie's jokes in 'Cupcakes' warrant it a Comedy tag? Didn't think so.)
Oh, and in order for a character to grow, you do need loads of exposition. Something a 10k word one-shot isn't able to deliver.

Trust the literature-acquainted moderator.

As WD himself put it:
Yes, it is nothing more than a conceptual detail. A detail that dictates a whole freaking genre of literature.


The tragedy being the death of one who was known and loved by so many.

That is not a tragedy. That is just sad.

2526500 When I say "people", I am referring to any beings that are sentient and capable of rational thought, so no, I am not necessarily referring to just humans.

As far as your other point, simply look at the world portrayed by both the canon show, and the plethora of fanfics out there. Generally speaking, Equestria as a whole is a nicer, happier place overall. True that our world is by no means a shithole by comparison, but we as humans are forced to face and come to terms with the many shadows and evils that plague our world, whether they be something as simple as death, or the fact that often times humans will hate another human for little to no reason at all. Thusly, it can be argued that we have a much higher tolerance for emotional and mental pain as a whole, so while a pony's entire world may fall apart at the death of a loved one, some humans can simply grieve and move on with their life, understanding that it is an inevitability for all of us.

Twilight in this story is a special case. Her realization of the inevitability of a comparitively short life for "normal" ponies has led her to be highly against forming a relationship with one again, which is why she has not done so. So to be clear, it is that view that has kept her from becoming intimate with another after all that time, not because she is pining over the loss of a loved one. Furthermore, anyone who's not been able to say their farewells to a loved one can attest to the fact that the death sticks with you longer, as you aren't able to find closure properly. If you're there beside them when they die, it's made real for you, and the grieving process as a whole is streamlined. If you lose someone the way a soldier's family does, the death can stay with you indefinitely. Also, the more trials you experience with someone, the more they become an extension of who you are, whether you notice it or not. Twilight and Dash experienced much in their time together, more than most of us ever do, and much of it was personal for them both. In such a case, two people would bond even closer in order to better brace against the pain and damage such trials would cause.

2526715 Well, let me put it to you this way:

Not every instance can be accounted for in the guidlines for said genres, so going to those for your argument is flawed at best. Furthermore, I think it's both sad, and a tragedy...so until one of the moderators come forward and say to remove the tags, yeah...I'm leaving them there. I and the majorty agree that those two tags together on this story are perfectly okay.

But thank you for your input.

2526737 Well, you opinion is appreciated. But it's still wrong.

I did read your story. It isn't a tragedy. But suit yourself.

Not every instance can be accounted for in the guidlines for said genres.

Yeah, okay. I'd better stop right here.


Interesting, Thanks for replying ^_^.

Thusly, it can be argued that we have a much higher tolerance for emotional and mental pain as a whole, so while a pony's entire world may fall apart at the death of a loved one, some humans can simply grieve and move on with their life, understanding that it is an inevitability for all of us.

Brought up in my line of:

The difference is that we have to accept loss or become consumed by the world-- ponies can choose to wallow in their sadness because they aren't faced with an overly cruel world that will destroy them. We humans don't always have a person to vent to-- ponies most certainly do

Also, I can see what you mean with that last paragraph entirely. Once again, thank you for taking the time to reply. :pinkiesmile:

2526821 I reply to all meaningful comments...you're welcome.

:fluttershysad: :fluttercry: :fluttercry: :fluttershbad: about sums it up. Well done, well done.
Excuse me while I go :raritycry: some more.

...I want to, but I can't.

I have this thing where I'm incredibly empathetic when I read, and I get reduced to tears every time the curse of immortality is brought up, and I can't take that very often...

As much as I'd like to say that I have or would read this, I can't. I get that my comment here is practically useless, but I'd just like you to know that I think you did a great job if the description is anything to go by.

So... Yeah, that. :twilightsheepish:

I don't cry very often when reading sappy stories, but when I do, there's always a certain point when I just lose it... :fluttershysad:
this, my friend, was a very beautiful and horrific story. I believe I've never cried about a story more than I have when I read this. Very well done and very, very, very sad. :applecry:

This drove a hurt-knife right through my chest. Jesus Christ I've never felt so abhorrently upset after reading a fic.
I know people rant and rave about My Little Dashie and the like being dreadfully upsetting, needless to say I wasn't particularly moved by that story. I was beginning to think I was just a cold hearted human being.

Then I read this.

And then I listened to this:

Then I died inside.

Then I wrote this comment.

Still dead inside.

But that's okay. I'm surprisingly okay with the feeling this story gave me. I'm easy to upset but never normally as a direct result of reading, listening or watching something, so this is new to me. Christ, during the last letter I let out a sob and had to slap myself. There's some unbelievably talented writers on FimFiction. You are one of them.

Thanks for the story, you rock.

Now I'm off to read 'Letters From A Disgruntled Friendship Student' to cheer me up a bit.

This...This is why I love TwiDash ships above everything. The personalities of the two mesh so well together that I always squeal when reading a good TwiDash.

This story on the other hand had me tearing up over a perfect scenario following their personalities. Fantastic piece of work and I really wish they still had the stars system cause this story would be getting a 12...out of 5. Beautiful. :raritydespair::twilightsmile::pinkiesad2:

Wow, this is cheesy, like, really cheesy, and the drama. This is the cheesiest, most melodramatic MLP Fic I've read. That said, is not bad, I mean, there is an audience for this, and I even liked Spike's part. No thumb up nor thumb down, it was ok, but not for me.

If you are on the fence let me tell you this, this is a soap opera, so if you like to cry to those you should totally read this story, but if you find even good soap operas boring you won't enjoy this much.

2526737 Er, no, literarily speaking this story is not a tragedy. Your story is sad from the beginning, there is no purpose to it but bringing forward sad feelings, it is not tragic. Also, the dead of someone doesn't automatically make a story a tragedy. You may not believe me, nor 2526715 or even Wanderer D , but no matter how much you want it, your story is not a tragedy.

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