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Twilight Sparkle has been unable to get any sleep for the past three weeks because of a dream. The saddest and most horrible dream she has ever dreamed. A dream where Rainbow Dash, the somepony she is in love with, dies. Spike has urged Twilight to tell Rainbow Dash, figuring it would stop the dream but the alicorn is just too stubborn to do so. What will Twilight do? Will she continue letting the dream keep from sleeping and risk driving herself insane or will she finally open up to Rainbow Dash?

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Nice story. Im not a fan of TwiDash stories but this one is interesting.

4520194 Thanks for reading! I'm currently working on chapter two! I hope I don't let you down :pinkiehappy:

i love twidash this story is so awsome. i like where this is going:pinkiehappy::twilightsheepish:

I prefer Pinkie/Dash myself, as I see them bringing out the worst (ie best) of each other. But I'm not closed minded to other ships if they're presented well, and this one is. Curious to see what happens.

4601973 Thank you! I'm glad you like it. I always get a little nervous when I post chapters haha. :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Tarmist25 deleted Jul 3rd, 2014

Hmm... TwiDash isn't my favourite (more like second to AppleDash) but I'll read this. Seems interesting enough.

awesome chapter, cant wait for the next one:pinkiehappy:

Seize the day, or die regretting the time you lost... Da dada da dadadada da dada dada daddada da dada da....

That was unexpected

I really think you pulled it of with this chapter :)

4728397 Thank you! I'm glad that you liked it :pinkiehappy:

You never seize to amaze me.
Another great chapter to a good story, can't wait for chapter nine.

I love how this has updated kinda frequently, so, i don't need to wait too long for new chapters ^^

Yay Rainbow didn't die!:yay::pinkiehappy:

the last bit felt seriously rushed, but it was still nice.

5202045 Thank you :pinkiehappy: And I'm sorry it felt rushed. I don't think I'm done with the story yet though, so stay tuned!

5202192 yeah, most of it was pretty good, but the whole little bit where Dash was trying to keep her from leaving was super rushed. it was like 'i'm leaving because it's what i think is best,' to 'you can't leave because this isn't you,' to finally 'i was wrong, i'm not leaving.' she actually just said 'i was wrong.' i felt that there should have at least been some sort of internal debate or something, followed by a revelation of her being wrong. then, when her thoughts lead her to that conclusion, she could say 'i was wrong' out loud. kind of like when you think something, and then wind up finishing the thought with your mouth instead of your brain.

5202280 Fair enough :D I appreciate the constructive feedback! I'm working hard on becoming a better writer. I'm still fairly new to this whole thing, but I hope to get better with time! :pinkiehappy:

Wow that last bit was really rushed, but otherwise pretty nice. I do wonder where you're going to take this now though.

5202401 I haven't quite decided whether or not this was the end. I mean, it totally could be, and it probably should be. I'm sorry that the ending felt rushed to you. I'm still working on my technique, and, with time, I'm sure I'll improve. Thank you so much for reading the story :pinkiehappy:

Best f*ckin thing I've read all day. Have all da mustaches!!!:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

5202451 I think Thai should end this story and then make a sequel. Even if you don't end it here can you please make a sequel? Pretty please with a Spiek moustache on top :moustache:

5953303 That Spike mustache might just be enough to get me to make a sequel ;) :moustache:

5953500 Sooo... this comment confused me a bit... is the story finished???

5963181 Wow. Thank you for saying something! I meant to switch it to complete after making that comment. Sorry about that!

5964915 YAY!!!! AH CAN READ IT!!!! :twilightsheepish:

I want a sequel. Please make a sequel!! :fluttershysad:

I actually read this story the first time I had heard about Fimfiction when I was twelve so I read and loved it but since I couldn't have a account I wasn't able to like or fav it but now that I've found it again I'm gonna do both and reread the story because the last time I read it I was twelve and I'm fourteen now. 3 YEARS AND I STILL REMEMBER HOW AWESOME THIS STORY IS!!!!:rainbowdetermined2:

Wait a sec, they were about to kiss right after Twilight had puked. Making her breath a little bad.:applejackconfused::pinkiesick::rainbowwild::unsuresweetie::facehoof:

Ahh, antagonists. Always have a way of ruining the moment...

“I know. You barely sleep anymore. I wish you'd take my advice and talk to Princess Celestia about this dream. It's not right for you to have it so much. How long has it been happening? Three weeks now?” Spike asked.

Just a minor detail I'd like to point out; technically it should be Princess Luna she'd talk to about dreams. That, or Luna would eventually visit Twilight and give her a little talk. Like how she did with Apple Bloom in "Bloom and Gloom".

“What about Princess Luna? Isn't she supposed to be able to enter people's dreams and help them?”

Oh. Nevermind. Although, it should be "enter ponies dreams".

Good catch! I can't believe I missed that, though this story was when I was still very new to writing for ponies! Correction is about to be made!

Why does everytime I read sad stories about TwiDash my tears can up deliberately.Nice story though:heart::rainbowkiss::twilightsmile:

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