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Brony For Life! wanna play ps3 with me my psn is IAmEpicNinja wanna skype my skype name is Lil_Baby_Ninja

About Me!

I'm just your average brony.
I like to play video games (PS3) and other stuff people do at my age.

Rainbow Dash is best pony from the Mane 6.
Sweetie Belle is best CMC
Fleetfoot is best Wonderbolt
Daring Do and Lightning Dust are best background ponies

My favorite shippings are;
Twilight x Rainbow Dash
Fluttershy x Rainbow Dash
Lightning Dust x Rainbow Dash
Soarin x Rainbow Dash
Spitfire x Rainbow Dash


New Plan · 10:00pm Mar 15th, 2015

Ok I have decided on a plan for the next three months.

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1241011 Ok thanks, Do you use gdocs?

1235945 no, I just read your story Poindexter, The Secrete Agent. And it was pretty good so far. So I may as well.

1232715 (\ :twilightsmile: Thank you again for the compliment! :scootangel:

1233157 lol ok then thanks anyway

1232715 I stand corrected ot worked lol

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