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This is the group for all things Lightning Dust x Rainbow Dash.

All stories must have Lightning Dust and Rainbow Dash shipping somewhere in them, either platonic or romantic. All stories go in their respective folders (i.e. tragedy in tragedy folder, comedy in comedy folder, etc.). If you have a question about what folder to put your story in, don't hesitate to PM an admin. You can put your story in more than one folder if applicable, barring clop. Clop only goes in the clop folder.

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359915 Five out of seven. :rainbowlaugh:

I really wish that there were more safe-for-work RainbowDust stories, but hey, I'll take what I can get.

The moment when the bulk of the stories in your group are clop or clop related...

347863 Eh....Time for you to do your little dance, meat puppet.

347862 I feel like RainbowDust sounds cooler than LightningDash. When I hear RainbowDust, I picture little multi-colored particles floating around and making everything more pretty and happy.

As for the story, I've got everything figured out. :rainbowkiss: ...I'm sorry in advance.

347860 Well, I didn't get any notifications, so crisis averted! :yay:

As for RainbowDust fics (Lightning Dash, in my opinion. And I had that rooted in my head for a looooong time) I'd think they'd be a cute idea, if they were put into context properly. You might have to explain how they got over the Wonderbolts thing. (Lightning Dust could have joined the Shadowbolts, just a thought.) And you'd have to explain how her friends felt, too. Just a few thoughts.

Also, a few titles: A Dash of Dust. From Dust til Dawn.

347858 I'm not sure.

Have you gotten any notifications yet? In not, then you won't, because some clop has already been added. Plus, I made a super special folder just for clop so it doesn't get in the way of people who want to avoid it.

347854 Just a question: If clop ends up in here (which it inevitably will) will it still end up in my notifications if I disable mature content? If it doesn't them I'm gonna have to opt out of this one.

347840 :heart:

347851 Hey, I'm glad you joined. I plan on forcing politely asking a lot more people to join, so they'll be a lot of us soon. :pinkiecrazy:

Here because 1) why not 2) I like shipping 3) I like groups.:ajsmug:

....you forced me, Avox.

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