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After attaining what was seemingly impossible by making a friend, Thorax returns to his hive with feelings of love and hopefulness, but is quickly reminded that his newfound opinions and feelings aren't well-respected in the slightest.

Sad/Uplifting one-shot on-going story by popular request. Spoilers for S6E16. Also, my first fic with mention of changelings? :rainbowhuh:

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Dang! Sort of wishing Thorax would confront Chryssie, but this ending was nicely written as well. Surprised to find that the changelings somehow came across Smarty Pants, though. Would really like to see more of Thorax from your writing!

I am so happy to see all these new Thorax fics, but then I get so sad to see they all have the "completed" label :fluttershysad:

This was lovely and it has so much potential to be expanded.


Thanks. And yeah, I thought about having things progress, but I didn't want to make a full story out of this, mostly because I feel like this story arc is going to continue as season six progresses and completely invalidate my story anyways. As for Smarty Pants, that was sort of a random addition. I liked the idea of Changelings using "mementos" of items that others have loved as a means to fulfill their needs, and that just sort of came up as a good excuse to show what I wanted to show (Thorax feeling bad about abusing his friends).

Thanks for reading!


I know :twilightoops:

I just...didn't want to write more because I feel like season six is going to progress and invalidate everything in a handful of weeks. I definitely thought about progressing this a little bit more, but this was the only way I could think to keep it within what will likely become canon by the finale of S6. Having Chysalis know about Thorax would certainly cause quite the stir.

We need new chapter. Thorax tells chrisalis ;)


I feel like that would add several more chapters from the inevitable events that would follow. I'm not so great at large-scale fanfics. :facehoof:

But I'm glad people like it enough to want a continuation.

Well I learned to do "bigger" things in the wasteland I never thought I would do. So maybe this is a simpler version of that lesson. Try bigger things and see where it takes you. You might get better at it ;)

The main thing is. You gave it a chance. If you don't like it then that's your decision but at least you can say "hey I made a large scale story and I am proud that was able to do it" ;)


One of these days I will actually make a story with more scope to last longer than a handful of chapters. You make me want to brainstorm more ideas and actually plan a fic out before I start writing it. Believe it or not, lots of my stories just kind of fall together...and if they don't then I don't publish them hah. I think I have about 7 or 8 unpublished, unfinished stories on this site. :twilightsheepish:

Thanks. Helping other ponies is what I do. Ever since I came out of the stable and got those caged slaves out of pony vile. I am glad I can still help ponies wile in a pod working the weather ;)

If your story's are this good when you just write them. Think of the potential of brain storming ideas. Bringing chapters everyone will enjoy and beg for the next. For you I see featured story in a month ;)

huh nice story hope to see more to this! XD

Will there be a next chapter? Plz!


You all are making me think about it...

...And now I have written chapter two.

I have a feeling I know what Thorax is going to do.

I do hope to see Thorax convert other changeling's, but not Chrysalis. She is like that evil unrepentant dictator with a "my word and will is LAW" God complex.



You don't have to worry about that. From a character perspective, I don't see a worthwhile reason for her to change.

I'm actually worried that's what they'll do with her in the show, but I also can't blame them for it. It's always been about giving everyone a chance, and it just wouldn't feel right to have one villain who doesn't get redeemed. Tha being said though, I suppose there is Tirek. I think a half redemption/sacrifice would be a good way to write her in the seasons finale (I'm assuming it will revolve around her).


I don't take the "Sad" tag lightly...:fluttercry:


I think what'll happen is that the ponies and co will offer Chrysalis redemption, but she'll refuse it one way or another. Thus, she'll get overthrown by the ponies and rebellious changelings inspired by Thorax.

This is getting interesting...

Changelings can feed from love-filled trinkets? Interesting idea...


Thanks I appreciate that. I don't remember where I got the idea for feeding off the energy of other things came from. I think it was another story I listened to via a fanfic audio reader. But I think that was only living things. There wasn't a moment like that in the show was there?

Thank you for continuing this. But a cliff hanger! Really? :flutterrage::raritycry:


It's ready for you to finish reading :)

Bravo back marvellous absolutely marvellous. I congratulate you on this amazing story and I ask......would you please consider writing a sequel that takes place years late r and focuses on how the changelings changed please :twilightsmile:

This was a very good short story.


Maybe. Depending on how this season handles them, there may be an interesting story to tell. Thanks for reading :heart:

As far as I know Changelings feed of living beings, even if most of the details are mostly assumptions by the fans. There wasn't much 'hard proof or explanations in the official show.
There is a scene which shows us Celestia in a Changeling Cocon. Most are assuming Changelings can use these to 'store' ponies long term and feed from them.

But I don't konw of anything what even suggest they can food from non-living objects.
But on the other hoof there isn't any counterproof, too. But like I said, most of what we know of this is imerely unofficial interpretaion

7501463 Well kidnapping is NOT that!

oh come on! again!? another cliffhanger ending!? xD
what happen to the zebra filly does he ever return her toy?
does chrysalis change?
does thorax and poison fang ever start a family?!


"Hey Thorax," said Poison Fang. He pulled out the teddy bear that he'd taken from the zebra filly. "I thought you might want to make a quick detour."

Thorax smiled and agreed, and the three of them returned to the home that he and Poison Fang had been at the previous night. They made sure to enter at night to avoid any altercations. The door still appeared to be broken inwards, and Thorax stepped inside carefully, surveying the bottom floor before going back up the steps. He didn't think he'd ever return to this place. Not after what he did. But here he was for the second time. He came to the top of the steps and opened the door to the bedroom.

When he'd drained the energy from the poor, young filly, the night before, he'd tried his best to leave enough left for her to survive and still convince Tarsus the job was done, but he was still worried that it was still too much. He walked slowly over towards the bed to see a small, striped zebra huddled beneath her polka-dot covers breathing softly. He sighed in relief. Holding the teddy bear, he gently set it down beside her. She seemed to be mostly asleep, and he decided he would do the best he could do as an unwelcome changeling.

Thorax's horn began to glow blue, and an aura of light meandered towards the filly and her stuffed teddy bear. He didn't have a meaningful bond with the zebra, but he did with the teddy bear. It signified what friendship could do, so he filled it with as much energy as he could offer without collapsing. He left the house with his new friends, hoping that deep inside, the love would somehow find its way back into her.


Poison Fang and Thorax are both males.

Chrysalis may or may not come around. Depends on this season's finale, probably. I like to keep things close to canon.

Hope you enjoyed :)

yay im happy now :D

So!? make them bang!

and i do too...sort of but i tend to ignore cannon for the most part. last time i checked discord didnt have PTSD from all the horrible shit hes done in his past like he does in my story :P
'shameless plug'

Is there more coming? Or is there gonna be a sequel? :applecry:


There might be a sequel/continuation in the future.

"Only the strong deserve to survive," said Chrysalis, but Thorax could see the doubt in her eyes.

Well, if only the Changelings would survive, they wouldn't survive for long.

Looking good!


At this point, I'm thinking about giving this another shot and actually delving really deep into it instead of making it a short story. I'm going to ramble here a bit.

I'd probably also ditch the idea of trying to fit it in with whatever is going to happen in the season six finale. I'm assuming that Chrysalis will play a role in some way, but maybe I can forego my desire to try and fit with canon for the sake of making an interesting story. I'd also probably go with a darker theme. So as an example, instead of jumping over the scene where Thorax sucks the energy out of the zebra filly, it would be described. I don't think I would just want to do a sequel, if I were to return to this story. I'd rather make it something more fleshed out and thought through.

So now is the time to voice your thoughts (anybody reading these comments, probably not many since this story is long gone from the popular list). Let me know of anything you'd want from a rework of this story that would of course, go beyond where this story ended. It wouldn't be the same story, either, but it would be similar in some ways.

End ramble. Thanks for reading! :twilightsmile: Do people get notifications if they've put a story in their tracking list, and a sequel comes out?

Wouldn't it be funny if you predicted certain aspects of the finale? We'll read on and see!

close enough! 7/10 for canon accuracy!


Do people get notifications if they've put a story in their tracking list, and a sequel comes out?

Unfortunately no, unless they're watching you at the author level, and even then it's just a note in the Feed list, not an email.

Keep going! ;)

I really enjoyed this. I feel like the resolution at the very end may have come just a little too quickly, but still a great story overall.

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