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Bon Bon has been deeply in love with Lyra for almost as long as they have known each other. Every day is a blessing for the two lovers. But as Bon Bon starts to feel under the weather, will Lyra uncover a dark secret that will rip the two mares apart and leave only hate, sadness, and fear in it's wake?

The story continues in 'Life, Lies, and Love'

### Note ###
The story has undergone it's first ever proof-read and edit, to hopefully fix a lot of grammar and typos. Thanks goes to KiroTalon and Ivo for all their help with this.

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Idea that popped into my head when I woke up this morning. Pretty sure it's been done before, but I wanted to give it a shot.

good work you got yourself favorited

I was waiting for a fic like this after I saw that picture

Very very interesting if a tad bit rushed in the reveal.
As pointed out before grammar and also few sentences don't flow well for example : 'If she had cared to watch, she would of seen the rather disturbing sight that she had unfortunately grown used to seeing' can be easily shorted and made less redundant.
However I felt that you captured a good amount of Lyra and Bonbon's characters early on and I'll be watching this for what happens next! :pinkiehappy:

Erf, I thought I got everything with the spell checker. Looks like I missed a couple things. Im bad about not putting the apostraphies in my contractions, as Im sure you can notice. Also I suck at spelling, but atleast I try to check things. Grammar was never my strong point. I'll try and double check once I get the second part done. Please excuse any lingering errors, as I have to do my own proof-reading :fluttershyouch:

And as to your confusion, Bon Bon is a changeling. Granted, she hasnt realy been living as a changeling for years now, but that's still what she is. All will be made clear in the second part. :twilightsmile:

i haven't seen any background pony turned Changeling i am aware off. this is an all time first in my book. least there be someone dare to prove me wrong.:ajsmug:
i dare ya, prove me wrong.:ajsmug:

Um, I think he (or she?) means in fanfics or fan art. At least I think so :applejackconfused:

544265 i meant in fanfics. and this is a pretty big first, right? and yes, i'm a guy.:rainbowdetermined2:

544283 first time anyone has done a background character turned changeling. exsactly how long have you been to this site?:rainbowhuh:

Umm... *checks own user profile* About six weeks, give or take. Mostly as a reader though. I did try posting another story before this, but I guess it didn't go over too well. In all honesty, it was a good deal more grimdark than this is. But Im a fairly sad writer. I like my love bitter sweet, and my shadows deep :ajsmug:

Yea, she's secretley a changeling. I get it. I didn't even have to read the story: the description and the cover art is just one big spoiler. No-one wants to read a story when they know what's going to happen even before they start reading.This story could have been interesting, but now it's just boring :ajbemused:

544312 well, as my name states, i do.... (dramadic effect) STORIESATRANDOM! i range from comedy, dark, romance, life lessons, tragedy, you name it. i don't stay with one certain genre and stick with it, i go to what is of current interest. you know what? you seem like a wrothwhile guy to see again every now and again.:pinkiesmile:
my actselly first user i myself am following.

544332 i meant, are there other fics besides this that have Background Characters reviled to be changelings, is what i meant. i am very well aware of the canon show in question. your the one with their facts messed up.

If there's one thing I've learned on the internet, it's to never trust anything you find here :twilightoops:
And, I'm honestly quite flattered :twilightblush: I'm not actually that interesting of a person. Or pony. Dang nab it, which is it around here? :facehoof:
It was all so much simpler back in the 41st millennium ...

544361 it's no problem. just a small warning, i'm a bit of a canon loyalist when it comes to Celestia. i hate Tyrant Celestia, Molestia, and Trollestia with a passion, and i'm not too wild on fics that bash characters as evil unless they're ACTSELLY villains or popular memes (that aren't Celestia) either. though i won't hate you for doing an Anti-Celestia or character bash fic out of respect and, hey, your a nice guy, just don't expect me to read it.:ajbemused:

Aww.... But I love Molestia! :fluttercry:
Well, I at least think those stories are funny.
As for bashing canon characters, I can usually excuse that as alternate realities type thing. Stuff. Ish.
But for me, at least so far, I try to stay just in reach of the bounds of canon for the most part.
But expanding on it in ways others may not thing of, that's what I enjoy :pinkiehappy:

544400 and i respect you for it. sorry, i was just expressing my opinion. i did not mean to disrepect your fav, but again, abit of a canon loyalist. although, i confess i wrote some stories that are abit fanon and just as far as canon is concerned. again, i said "abit of a canon loyalist", not "complete full on canon loyalist that my stories follow canon law".

Hey, be nice, ok?
If you have a problem with someone, please, be respectful and take it elsewhere, ok? :trixieshiftleft:

544420 listen, this has nothing about love and tolerence, it's about our sun princess suffering a bad rep because of wrong ideals, as well of other characters getting a bad rep because of certain fics, like the likes of "Cupcakes" and "the Rainbow Factory". look, i confess i wrote some gorefics, but at least they don't end like a tradisional gorefic, with the victim dead. it ends on a good note, like Applejack seeing her errors on Trixie in "Applebuck Reptribution" and feels bad for it or Lyra regretting her sin in "Lyra's Revenge by fluttering blood". because, one, to avoid continuity confusion and pissed off fans of the victims (and not insulting the fans of the torturer much) and because, maybe i don't have the guts, but at least enough to express my opinions.

544472 look, just because i like the show, and follow the love and tolerence thing well, doesn't mean i should be mindless and like ALL forms of fandom. those Antic-celestia memes and imfamous gorefics like Cupcakes are hurting their reps and people like you don't seem to care. i do, and i'm sure there are others.
i can love and tolerate, i just have a limit how much i can put up it stuff like that.
sorry if i am not into "Popular memes" like that, but at least i seen those as the untrue and disgusting monsters they are.


Every description is spoiling something, wether it´s the info that it´s a sequel to something or a cross-over with something or just a very rough generalization of the plot.
Even if you are telling somebody, which characters appear or not appear in your story, you are, theoretical, already spoiling.
So much for that...

Let´s come to the author:
I really liked it, though the picture really is spoiling a lot...
It´s well-written and has no (fatal) mistakes. Just a few typos caught my eye, but... *dismissive gesticulation*
Anyway, I´m really looking forward for the next chapter and add this to my favs. :twilightsmile:

Heh, thank you :twilightsmile: As I said before, it's a bit overwhelming how well this has done on it's first day. I hope I can live up to everyone's expectations.

And please, I appreciate both of you, but if you want to continue your disagreement, I'd ask that you take it elsewhere, ok? Love and tolerance doesn't mean we have to like everything we come across, but it also doesn't mean we can denounce what we don't like. That said, I'd ask you both to show some respect, if not for each other, then at least for myself, as the author of this story, and please continue your disagreement elsewhere. :fluttercry:

544512 sorry about that. i hate it when i end up making a bad impression. exspiecally in front of someone who is new here.:ajsleepy:

Trust me, this isn't the first nor last time two fans have clashed over canon. You should see two 40K fans go at it :twilightoops:

holy fuck your pic is scary thumb down for scary pic im very DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD::raritydespair::raritycry::raritydespair::raritydespair::raritycry::raritydespair:

544596 i did, you thought i was talking about canon, i wasn't, i was talking about other fics with Changelings as background ponies.


Prepare thyself for a featured story:twistnerd:

Ok, so I lied. It's going to be more than two parts :twilightblush:

You guys have been great! Thank you all so much for enjoying my story this far. I hope this new chapter lives up to your expectations. I've just been so overwhelmed with the responses so far that I guess I got carried away while working on Part 2, so it's turned out longer than I had expected, and so you all will be getting at least another chapter before it's all said and done. :raritywink:

Again, thank you all! :twilightsmile:

Awesome story thus far. I really enjoy how deep you get into the depths of emotion, and the curious sort of fear and wonder that a creature without emotion feels at the sudden influx of, well emotion. A good read so far, and I'm looking forward to your updates, my friend. c:



I really enjoyed this chapter, and I hope this will continue for a while.:twilightsmile:

Sudden horrible thought of a Romeo and Juliet style ending...
Made even worse by the fact that it would actually work well as a possible ending so far...

Id change the pic if I were you....gave away the "Secret". :pinkiegasp:

The secret isn't the point of the story. It's the journey to the truth. *sage nod*

Kay, just makin sure. (Havent even looked at the story, but im glad its deeper then that. :pinkiehappy:)

"OMIGODBONBON'SACHANGELING!" #The End# :twilightoops:
Yeah, that does kinda make for a crappy story :twilightsheepish:


Well, thy must say was most splendid indeed.You nearly made thy spill my most perfect mint tea over my crumpets!

dammit man don´t you dare make this a short story this is awsome keep writing and :moustache: to you

Im not sure I have the focus to make it anything but a short story. :fluttercry:
Well, at least not in one go :twilightsheepish:

Im still amazed at how well this has been received by everyone. So amazed, I may just consider doing a sequel once this is finished :twilightsmile:

dude stop consider and do it lol, you are one of few good writers that i follow now.

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