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Berry Punch and the rest of her family look back on their life and all the troubles that Berry's alcoholism has caused and decide how to deal with it.

It turns out having an alcoholic family member isn't terribly funny. Also Happy Mother's Day!

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Good work Pacce! Always hitting the right notes! :pinkiesad2::twilightsmile: Love it!

Manly tears. I await more.

At long last! Someone else who realizes that alcoholism isn't a joke and should be treated seriously before it irrevocably harms relationships.

This is, hooves down, the best Berry/Romana story ever. And I saythat as someone who wrote one that I thought was good :twilightsmile: You are a true visionary.

This is good, leziban couples are something I'm always on the fence about but I still enjoyed this. :pinkiesmile:

why is it that berry punch is always the town drunk???

Glad you liked my classic repost!
I regret to inform you that unless you came across a burning village, those aren't manly. Also the last bit is scheduled to drop... sometime.
Glad you enjoyed it for me trying to seriously deal with the very real issue of cartoon pony alcoholism.
That's stupid. Lesbian couples are just a couple that are two ladies, nothing terribly noteworthy in my opinion.
Because the story board artist of Call of the Cutie tried to sneak in a "drunk joke" and used a pony who's cutie mark is two things that can be used in alcoholic beverages and this fandom likes to take one joke and make it a catch phrase or the central core of a character.

Also, please don't argue about the fandom on my fic comments section or post big stupid pictures. There are other places for that. There are LOTS of other places for that.

This is a good place to discuss the story you just read or offer me critique.


Well, I accept the snark and subtle disdain, but retain all my compliments. A persona's personality has no bearing on their creation; it stands on its own. :twistnerd:

Nah, I was just making a joke. Sometimes people tell jokes about things that are actually serious and sometimes I like to say, at length, why it's not funny.

This isn't one of those times. A friend asked for a story dealing with Berry's alcoholism tearing her family apart and here we are. That said, I did end up using a cartoon character to talk about some very real situations.

And I DO like that you appreciated the serious approach to the issue. It's just, ya know, a cartoon pony alcoholic is kinda silly if you take a step back.

Man, Overly Protective Parent Pony. It's been a while since I've seen Berry characterized that way.

Oh, yes, of course. But I've often found that, at a certain level of magnification, most things can become ridiculous; it seems to be the way of some mindsets, which can very often be healthy, to keep things from getting overpowering.

Yes, serious looks at things can be helpful. I did a similar thing to you. And I will be the first one, out and very gracious, to say you wrote the superior story. there was a touch more emotion, and the consequences more obvious. I copped out a bit with very, very well-managed alcoholism that teetered before it exploded. Your "embarassinglush" frayed the threads more harshly, and made for a more impactful climax.

Yeah, folks forget about that these days.

This is and always will be pure, simple win and beauty. You have created art of the highest order. You deserve much but all I can give you are these :yay::moustache::eeyup::eeyup::moustache::yay::twistnerd::twistnerd::yay::moustache::eeyup::twilightsmile::raritystarry::rainbowderp::rainbowdetermined2:

588814 I never said I didn't like them, I meant that I don't really like or hate them I'm netural, if people think two girls or boys make a good couple then who am I to complain? :twilightsheepish:

awwe so sad:pinkiesad2:

This is one of the reasons Berry is one of my favourite background ponies. The character and her habit are versatile and can be interpreted a great many ways. Is can be silly and light or deep and introspective.

Thank you for all the wonderful stories. You've been with us since the early days in 4-chan, and I hope you stay.

Someone linked me to this today, I rather enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

daa, becuse her cutimark is for liking win and berrys!

“My mom’s the coolest pony in town,” :derpytongue2:


the last bit is scheduled to drop... sometime.

Is this still true? I like to wait til stories are finished before reading them; or at least complete enough to stand on their own.

I mean, you CAN read it now. The still hypothetical third chapter is more of epilogue that shows how things are going some time after and tells more about Romana's (I wonder if there is anyone in the fandom who still calls her that) life before Berry.

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