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Short bio huh? I didn't know there was such a thing


I'm not sure who sent you, but it's nice to see another face trot by.

I am an expert-class proof reader for hire from The Proofreader Group
find my proof-reader profile Here!
Of course, a profile can't tell you the whole story...
And I do like to know a little more about a story before I sign on willy-nilly...
For the love of Luna, DON'T judge my proof-reading skills by my own stories.... They're hopeless at best...

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Thanks for the fav.:twilightsmile:


I managed to snag the Underworld skin awhile ago, it's really cool. We just need a pone Orianna, then I'd make that my icon.

2073237 Yeah, been looking for a replacement of him for a while... But can never find an image that'd fit well enough... So, yeah... Let's leave TF there...

I still have no idea who drew it though

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