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This story is a sequel to Anarchy: Pony of Chaos

Part of the Anarchyverse. Reading the previous story is not required.

It can't be possible, can it? It can't. Not according to modern Equestrian Science, Magic, and Medical research, anyway. And yet, it's happened. Cross-species hybridization, and between a Pony and a Dragon, of all things.

So, why is Rarity freaking out so much over this?

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“Well,” Twilight shook her head, “Who did you… um, hang out with before then…?”

Rarity’s frown intensified. “What kind of mare do you take me for!?”

“Apparently, a pregnant one,” Twilight blurted out, before quickly clasping her hooves across her mouth.



You are an exceptionally quick reader. :rainbowderp:

What can i say? I love me some Sparity!

losing narrowly to Derpy Hooves, who wound up printed on every Bit by complete accident

I like this timeline.

You have the luxury of eternity…”
‘At the moment,’ Twilight silently mulled.

That's... strangely ominous.

And I'm hardly surprised that a dragon who plays O&O is capable of cross-species reproduction, even before taking the other factors into account. Lovely little slice of palace life... though that last bit may get a bit more exciting than the baseline. In any case, thank you for this.

This was very fun to read! I could totally see Rarity reacting like this, as well as older, wiser Twilight doing so. I never demand an author produce more work, but I would be super down to read about when Rarity tells Spike. :twilightsmile:

BEST LINE EVER!:pinkiegasp:

:trollestia: TOOK THEM LONG ENOUGH Twilight owes me 1500 bits
:yay: Discord, Our Anny has a play date mate
:ajbemused: and all I got was a dumb tee shirt
:rainbowlaugh: Rara got Spiked!
:derpytongue2: Bits is bits, Kibbles and bits

This story is going on my favorite shelf for safekeeping.

Not a bad short story, liked the line about Derpy.

Hilarious, loved it!

This was fun. Very fun.

I liked this. Always love the ship of Spike and Rarity.

I was actually expecting the answer to Rarity's..ah...bundle of joy...being just because of the magic of friendship or whatever. :rainbowlaugh:

Or that Twilight had secretly done something so to...dramatically improve their odds. :trollestia:

This works too, though. :twilightsmile:

Wanted to leave another comment for something I glossed over at first. The bit about Spike's egg not being an actual egg, but just a rock. This is... unique, to say the least. In my story, I went with Spike's egg had been in stasis so long, Celestia thought it was inert, or he did hatch, he'd be stillborn. So Tia would find a likely candidate for the Elements, and no living creature was harmed. But Twilight's little freakout infused it with so much magic that it actually hatched and Spike was born living.

On further consideration, I'm... not sure if I like this or not. Like I said, it's definitely a unique view of this, but it may be a bit much. Sort of the same issue I had with Georg's Twilight Sparkle Lays an Egg. I like Twily being OP enough to bring a dead thing back to life, but not so OP she can literally create life.

Bah, either way, it did nothing to affect my enjoyment. I just want to... uh, iunno, vent my spleen a bit, I guess. :twilightblush:


I like Twily being OP enough to bring a dead thing back to life, but not so OP she can literally create life.

She did it at least once or twice in the show. Turned some inanimate objects into eggs, which hatched into birds. I just... took that to another level. :twilightsmile:

Rarity paused at the door, and looked back to the princess, “Excellent! Oh… and should I start calling you, Mother, from now on?”

Twilight’s smile didn’t necessarily lessen. But, it did, suddenly, become quite waxen and strained, under the right lighting conditions.



Sooo... does this mean Twilight's a grandmother now? :derpytongue2:

Actually Spike's egg being fake/dead or otherwise not real or viable and Spike himself being all or partially a creation of Twilight's magic is something I've seen many times in stories that explore Spike's origins.

“Princess!” she cried, “The kitchens are on fire, Prince Spike is reporting that the Hippoboreans are under attack from a demonic invasion, and Pinkie Pie has somehow transformed into a monster known only as Nightmare Cake!”

WOAH WOAH WOAH!!!! How the heck is THAT going on? If this is what’s going on during Anarchy 2 than DANG we’re not holding back then.

That was.... weirdly sweet.


Damn, this is golden! High-quality Rarity's drama :raritycry:

Someone, please tell me how the hell this didn't get featured :trixieshiftleft:?!



Ah, more red tags? Maybe, Michael Bay-style:

"Mike! What do we do to get this story featured?!"

"Explosions! A shitload of explosions!"

... well, it worked for Transformers so maybe there is something to it :rainbowwild:

Love your profile picture, like Trixie and Tempest had a foal.:heart:

It has been featured for at least a day.
Still is currently.


I would think that Celestia would be a wee bit more impressed with Twilight actually creating a sapient living thing from an inanimate object.

Her first reaction would have been, "Holy me, I've found Pony Jeebus!"

And that Spike would have been the object of study for years.

Now, Discord CAN create life. And raise the dead! And make a small amount of food into lots of food and... wait... *Discord proven to be the 2nd Coming...* :twilightoops:


I would think that Celestia would be a wee bit more impressed with Twilight actually creating a sapient living thing from an inanimate object.

I mean... she did peg Twilight as her successor.



Hmm, you're right :pinkiegasp:! But it seems to be featured only if mature filter is set to off, that's why I didn't see it.

Still, this story needs more likes, IMHO :twilightsmile:

10213903 Pfft, Cadance got to be an alicorn off-screen, and then got tossed over to the Crystal Empire the instant it got back. Shows how important that is! :rainbowlaugh:

Lovely story. Nothing to say here but, 'Thumbs Up!'

The answer to '2 Across' happens to be:
Brick Joke :trollestia:

Ah yes, that one

Prince Spike is reporting that the Hippoboreans are under attack from a demonic invasion

Also do you want me to get him, or do you want to?

Never saw that before. A good implementation of the joke!

Prince Spike is reporting that the Hippoboreans are under attack from a demonic invasion

Well, at least that's something he can handle by himself. Except possibly for closing the portal. But adult Spike is buff as buck. I have no doubt he has the armour from 'Dog and Pony Show' somewhere, and Twilight would undoubtedly magically enhanced it to Artefact levels, and anything she missed, Starlight Glimmer would have added.

Not the biggest fan of the "it was actually a plastic egg" idea, as I LIKE Spike as an actual Dragon, but overall like this fic.

i love that this story is nigh-thoroughly divorced from its supposed base canon
as its base canon disgusts me, but the work itself is nice
edit: i really wanna see the aftermath

Wait, so, do you mean that you don’t like the show, but you still enjoyed the story I wrote?

Heck, I’ll take it! Thank you!:twilightsmile:

no, dude
the base story of the anarchyverse is disgusting
y'know, the other story you wrote?

Oh... oh. What was disgusting about it?

fluttercord is a horrendous ship, for a start
i mean, does my pfp not give away my tastes in regards to fluttershy romances?

>pegasus Trenderhoof OC
To each their own, I suppose. Glad I could entertain you a little bit, still! :twilightsmile:

why does everyone say he looks like trenderhoof
he looks nothing like him

such a nice story

This was pretty fun and funny, but will there be a sequel? I don't know about anybody else but I'd like to see Spike reaction to the news!

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