• Published 20th Oct 2019
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Anarchy: Pony of Chaos - Ninjadeadbeard

Fluttershy and Discord decide to have a child. May the Gods have mercy on their souls.

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4.5 - BONUS SCENE: Flurry Heart's Shame

Author's Note:

A little side-story that just didn't fit in the main chapter. Enjoy!

Luster Dawn and Celeste had remained by the side doorway throughout the entire exchange between Flawless’ parents and Fluttershy, the two unicorns standing beside the Crystal Princess herself, Flurry Heart. They’d seen the whole ordeal from beginning to end from when Flawless’ parents came in to when Ann and she shook hooves, and were thoroughly heartwarmed.

“Fillies are so cute when they’re that age,” Luster sighed.

“Yeah,” her former foalsitter agreed, “Well, except you.”


“I’m just saying, if somepony could make an ugly baby, it would be Uncle Sunburst and Auntie Starlight!”

“Well,” Luster smirked, “Your dad’s like, eighty-percent beard. How do you get rid of your chinhairs? They must be awful…”

The two giggled like a couple of fillies themselves, the bond of foal and foalsitter not being one to easily…

Flurry’s head settled down in between Luster and Celeste, startling both unicorns suddenly.

“Who is that!?” she pointed towards the party with one wingtip.

Luster eyed the… slightly sweating, definitely panicking alicorn Princess… and then looked to where she was pointing. If she lined it up right, Flurry was pointing right at…

“The filly or the colt?”

Flurry’s eye twitched, “One’s a colt?”

Celeste nodded, “Ah, you’re pointing at Little Cheese and Anarchy. The two yellow ones, I presume?”

Flurry whispered, “Cheese is a colt? He’s… so adorable!”

Luster glanced over towards Celeste… who now wore a frown almost as worried as Flurry’s manic gaze did. “Um… what’s the problem with…”

She didn’t get to say anything else. There was a pop, and a flash of golden light. Within an instant, Luster felt the floor shift under her. It was still crystal, before and after, but the lighting had all changed. In fact…

“Why are we in my room?” she asked… and then gaped as she watched Celeste conjure a set of glowing green manacles, with which she snapped onto Flurry Heart’s hooves.

“Well, it was nearby,” Flurry said without a hint of worry or concern, “And if Aunt Trixie is napping, I wouldn’t want to wake her right now by teleporting into her room.”

“Really,” Celeste nodded vigorously, “Mom is a beast if she doesn’t get the same sleep cycle as a cat.”

“Guys?” she asked again, about ready to back out of the room.

Celeste waved her down with one hoof, “Hang on a second. Gotta follow procedure.” And with that, she shackled the Crystal Princess to the wall, narrowly avoiding Luster’s bookshelf and her novelty lamp in the shape of Princess Twilight. The magical chains seemed to hold onto the crystal walls like they were magnetized to one another.

“Thank you, Celeste,” Flurry sighed, contentedly. “Sorry you had to see that, Luster.”

“What…?” Luster felt a headache coming on, “What was that!?”

The two older mares stared at one another for a moment, silently measuring which response was warranted under these circumstances.

Finally, Flurry nodded towards Luster with her horn, and asked, “Luster? Dear? How would you describe Aunt Twilight in… say, one word?”

Luster fidgeted. “Um… one word? Why… there’s so many!”

She began pacing across the floor of her room, “I could say she’s kind, and wise, and… and generous! She’s loyal and brave and…”

“Kid, Kid!” Celeste stomped her hoof on the crystal floor, halting Luster in her babbling, “We’re not grading you or anything. Just… one word.”

Luster scrunched her face up, seemingly deciding whether or not this was a secret test… before she finally sighed and said, “I… I guess if I were to say one word to describe my… my wonderful teacher… it would be…” she winced, and whispered, “Obsessive?”

“Bingo!” Flurry Heart chortled, “And she got it in one!”

Celeste lit her horn again, and the magical chains shortened, pulling the Princess closer to the wall. “Yeah, ‘Obsessive’ is a good one.”

Flurry noted Luster’s continued confusion, and tried to explain. “See, we Princesses all have our own… Domain, let’s call it. Celestia and Luna have the Sun and the Moon, obviously. And my Aunt has Friendship,” she frowned, “Also, Magic… so that’s kind of a hack…”

Celeste kept the flow going, “Anyway, Flurry and her Mother are from a long line of Princesses who ruled over the Crystal Empire. And they all share the same Domain; Love.”

“That makes sense,” said Luster, her initial fears and concerns bulldozed by a fascinating bit of new lore, and potentially new magic dangling in front of her, “But what…?”

“I’m getting there,” Flurry smiled… despite being chained up to a wall. “I have a natural attunement to the concept and bonds of Love. So, I can see the nature of emotions and relationships between ponies. It’s what allows my mother to be such an amazing diplomat and counselor. We can literally see into anycreature’s heart.”

Luster Dawn’s eyes shimmered, “That’s… so cool!”

Celeste rolled her eyes, “Yeah, it would be… under different circumstances.”

“What do you mean?”

Flurry blushed. “Well… that ‘Obsessiveness’? It’s not just something my Aunt has.”

Luster felt like she should be taking notes, “It’s not?”

Celeste smirked, “Nope! That obsessive compulsiveness is the defining Sparkle family trait. And Flurry here’s got it baaaad.”

“Yeah,” Flurry frowned, “Thanks, Celly.”

“It’s what I do.”

Luster coughed once, “Um? So…?”

Flurry shook her mane out, and sighed, “I… I’m a…”

“Come on, out with it,” Celeste hopped up on Luster’s bed, “Can’t be here all night.”

Flurry Heart hated what she had to say… because of how true it was.

So, she whispered.

“I’m a shipper.”

“What?” said Luster, perking an ear up.

“I’m… a shipper…”

“Do I need to cast a Royal Canterlot Voice Stimulator Spell? Just tell the filly…!”

I’m a shipper!” Flurry cried out. “I’m a monster!”

Celeste chuckled and rolled about on the bedsheets. Luster was… suitably confused.

“A what?”

But it was flowing now, and Flurry could not stop, “I… my magic shows me the hearts and feelings of others. So, when I see connections, I know if ponies or creatures are compatible with each other… but those darn Sparkle genetics take over and I can’t stop!”

“Can’t stop what?”

“When I see two creatures together who… who might be a cute couple,” she sighed and hung her head as low as she could, “I can’t help it. I have to get them together! It’s like a disease, I can’t help it!

“I had to extend the interior dimensions of my castle just to have more space to diagram all the relationships I’m keeping track of!”

“Okay,” Luster sat down on the floor, “That’s… okay, that’s not great, but then why…?”

Celeste beamed, “Go on! Tell us!”

Flurry glared at her foalhood friend. “Those two fillies…”

“Cheese is a colt,” Celeste interrupted.

“Those two foals,” Flurry snorted, “are super-cute. And… they’d be even cuter together.”

“Your Highness,” Luster frowned, “One of them is, like, ten. The other’s only a month old.”

“It’s not like I want them to get married now!” the Princess rolled her own eyes, “I just… I just want to make sure that, years from now, I get to officiate their wedding. And then I get to watch over their little one, and theirs, and theirs, making sure that everypony in my Empire pairs off with somepony who fits them perfectly! I just want good matches!”

She sighed, “At least Fizzlepop and Flash Sentry aren’t here. As well as that all turned out, I still hate letting them see me this way…”

Luster stared. “Wow… you do have it bad.”

“My Dad obsesses over his comic books and wargames,” Flurry said, catching her breath, “My Aunt obsesses over… well, everything. Grampa Night Light has a thing for spreadsheets, and Nana Velvet is a mystery writer known for never once creating a plothole. I was doomed before I was even born!”

“Okay,” Luster glanced back to the chains, “So, how long are you going to be chained up to my wall?”

Celeste rolled onto her back and looked to be getting herself comfortable. “Oh, this is just the initial phase as her shipping senses lock onto a new target. Give it a few hours, and she’ll be able to control it again.”

Luster nodded along, largely satisfied with that answer. Though… one more yet remained.

“So, if you’re going to be shackled to my wall for a few hours… how is Spike supposed to get you your pizza and hayburger?”

Suddenly recalling their dinner plans, Flurry Heart’s eyes snapped wide open. Her voice was low, and hushed, “Celeste, get me out of here.”

Celeste snored, in response.

Flurry Heart turned her gaze back towards Luster. “Twilight didn’t… happen to teach you any of the Marquis de Stable’s Lock-spells?”

Luster was already walking out the door.

“Luster? Where are you going?”

The pink and orange unicorn didn’t slow down, “Going to get the Princess. Waiting until something silly happens before we all learn a lesson is just… silly.”

“Celeste,” the Princess hissed, “You let me out of this right now!”

Celeste yawned, “Or what? You didn’t set my folks up, a Table did, so you ain’t got leverage here, sister.”

Flurry Heart hung her head again.

“… It’s just like last Hearth’s Warming all over again…”