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At first, Twilight doesn't understand why Princess Luna wanted them to watch the coming eclipse together - but as it turns out, Luna has something very important to ask of her. For Luna fears always being known as the cold and distant Princess of the Moon, incapable of forming true connections. Can Twilight help her, or will Luna be forced to grow resigned to what appears to be her fate of eternal isolation?

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So, yeah. A Lunafic. Melancholy and repetitive and meaningful and stuff. This is probably the closest I'll ever get to writing Twiluna, so enjoy! :pinkiehappy:

. . .
. . .
. . .
That just came out wrong.
. . .
Anyways, I shall go on to say . . .
THIS IS F*ckin' AMAZING! I never would've thought to make these connections the way you did.
Very touching.

inb4 featured...

Yeah got in an early post number!!!!!! Also yeah a luna fic!!!

11 thumbs up

:applejackconfused: Wut?

Edit: Scratch that, now it's up to 37 views. Carry on

The world is upside down. Dash in my fics and Twi and the Princesses in yours...

Lovely work. You picked good language to convey the mood and the text had a solid lingering melancholy that is very good at giving the impression of quiet introspection.



You're pretty cynical about that, aren't you? Not that I can say I blame you.

Oh this is good.

Wow... that was just amazing. Such beautiful portrayal of Luna's loneliness deserves some sort of award. (Perhaps a favorite?)

"painting her sky with stats" I wonder, how does one paint with stats?

Trying not to be biased with my obsession for TwiLuna. :twilightoops:


Very cute.

I know, right? WHAT A WORLD! Next I'll be writing Twidash and Flutterpie, just you wait.

Nothing will interfere with my Rarijack, though.



It was a very nice story, and so was yours.

I'm not sarcastic.
I think you've misunderstood me.

NIce avatar lol.
Good story though :rainbowdetermined2:

...Where's that MoonPie fic, huh?
Stashing this in my RIL list; I have to write a few journals for my English class.

I. Love. Luna five and you have captured my perspective of her in such a way, that words cannot express my extreme compassion you made me exhibit during this fic. It stuns me how well you can capture exactly how a character would truly act.

What we should do

Is I'll write a cutesy but thoughtful Dash/Pinkie fic and you write an overwrought cosmic melodrama of Twi and the Princesses, and then publish them under the other's name and see if anyone notices.

Anyways, "Cold Light..." jumped right up towards top of my favorites on the site immediately. Very well done.

So, what, you're saying my Pinkiedash isn't overwrought or melodramatic? I'm insulted. Obviously I haven't been doing my job right.

Wow; absolutely loved this story.

Your Mare-Do-Well/Dash certainly is :trollestia:

MDW/Dash is best ship. There should be more fics of them. And thank you for acknowledging my melodramaticness. :trixieshiftright:

Princess MAC would be proud of this AA. :trollestia:

Good fic. I loved the way you portrayed Luna. With that said, GET TO THE PRINCESS MAC FIC!!!!

Even if this doesn't go to full on shipping and stays as best friends, I must say this is a very beautiful work of words.

And then I realized it's complete. Oops.

Reading this at night made me feel very calm. The imagery and ideas of coldness with such a beautiful nightly sky scape definitely made this a nice, chill read. Also had me thinking about how many things I've acted cynical towards, when in actuality they were more than I gave credit for. All it takes is a new perspective.

Very good, thank you for this.

A fic by AbsoluteAnonymous that isn't about Rainbow Dash OR Pinkie Pie?


Very nice!

Now back to reading TGWP...

Scratch that, Anthropology just updated, first that and then back to TGWP.

Awesome! I've been interesting in reading a fic that dwells into Princess Luna's loneliness not only after being imprisoned on the moon but after returning and not being able to fully deal with the new world around her and everypony rejecting her because of it. I'm sure there are other fics like that on this site but one thing keeps me from reading them...

...I fear they might be too depressing. I suppose I'm holding myself back, in that sense. I'm almost afraid to let myself get too emotional about a story, I don't know why. This provides a perfect balance though, between sadness and happiness. Also, TwiLuna is a shipping I haven't seen much of yet have always liked.

Now I'm just rambling though, aren't I?

I'd like to see you continue this story and perhaps get a bit more romantic between Twilight and Luna? Not that it isn't, it's just everytime they get close they step back to normal again, almost as if afraid to pursue their implied feelings. I'm picturing in my mind a romantic kiss under the stars. (I'm so sappy.) :twilightblush:

Meanwhile in Cepestias's personal chambers...

:trollestia: :...And now... kiss *said watching Twilight and Luna with a telescope*

Not too bad. A little info-dumpy in places, but some nice description made up for it. Overall, it did feel a little flat, but I suspect that it may have been the premise that caused that.

Again, not too bad. Not too bad at all.

Ah, I love stargazing. It's so relaxing.
Great story overall.

That was very beautiful, you capture emotions very well in your writing. I loved Lunas feelings and the raelism of how hard it is to change your image after being gone for so long. Excellent work.

It's been stated before and it WILL be many more times: This is beautiful. :fluttercry:

AbsoluteAnonymous, thank you again for another wonderful storytelling! Such a lucid, painstaking portrait of sky, of loneliness... a heartfelt bravo!

I find your writing is impressively provocative. There is a shimmering, whimsical way you weave these elaborate tapestries, yet they're bordered by gripping dramas and unrelenting desperations - I laugh, I cry, and so on. Brilliant. You never seem to repeat a stitch, to overkill a metaphor.

I can't wait for your next work! Yay!


536472 - Anthropology over TGWP!? Hm. I never found Anthropology gripping, just a fun little story with ALOT of short chapters. TGWP is a sweeping masterpiece! I... er. That is to say, um. Hm. Ah, it's only my opinion. Just ignore me. What can I say? AA made me a Mare-Do-Well maniac. Thankfully!


Beautiful indeed. I've been hoping you'd write a fic (shipping or otherwise) about Twilight and Luna, and this didn't disappoint. Not that I expected it to, but... yeah. Good stuff.

Oh, this was just beautiful. I love that despite Luna's sadness and loneliness she's not really (to my mind) pitying herself or blaming the world - she understands why she's viewed the way she is. She accepts it. Even though it still makes her sad, she knows that it's the way it has to be and she'll have to work for it. This is excellent. Hm. I'm not, personally, hugely fond of Luna in general except for her snark and hilarity, and there are very few stories i've enjoyed about her -which isn't saying there aren't a lot of great Luna stories, because there surely are - but this? This is excellent, and I loved every word.

Not only that, but you captured Twilight's voice - internally and externally - exceptionally well. I hear her voice reading her lines and I can picture the story unfolding in my head. I've said it before, and I will again - I love your writing, and as long as you keep writing i'll always read it. Amazing work, boss.

Flirting with Twiluna, hmm? Go for it! :twilightblush:

7th paragraph from the end (starts with "Are you cold?") seems to be cut off.

Lovely fic! I love the history you have given Luna. It fits her perfectly, not to mention explains why she has been distant throughout the series. Great job!

I am here because device heretic said it was good.

And so it was. :trollestia:

That was absolutely beautiful. As somepony who has spent many a night silently beneath the stars with a telescope, or binoculars, or just with my naked eyes and the quiet sounds of the night, I think you captured the mood perfectly with this piece. There's both an essential loneliness and an essential greatness about it.

Thank you!

My blood just caramelized.

Came here by way of "...Ultrasounds"! This fic is highly relevant to my interests, and it's amazing how similar our respective Twiluna wellsprings are, except yours is keening and lonely, and mine has, um, giant bear attacks.

You've got a good hand with the prose. If I had one wish for this story, it's that we could have seen more of the long narrative exposition passage come out in the form of interaction between the two principals. My critical bias is to say that something happening is usually preferable to merely being told things, and you started out the fic so wonderfully immersively that I was disappointed at being taken out of the scene you crafted so quickly in favor of background exposition. By contrast, if it had been Luna doing the talking, I wouldn't have had to leave the scene at all. I think it's a testament to the strength of your scene-setting that I didn't want to leave it. Also,

Somehow, I'm not surprised to see you drawn to this one as well. Some things never change, eh?

I wanted to read this earlier. Put it away at first, wasn't feeling in the mood. Turns out I only needed to complete some school work, sleep and murder people with my USAS to get in "the mood"!

And so I read it. Very good piece of work indeed! I'd cry for more, but there really isn't else to add to this story. You're good at one-shots, aren't you?


I PROMISE I'LL READ TGWP ONCE SCHOOL IS OVER! ... and after my MLP marathon that I oh-so desperately need right now.


have all my brohoofs /)(\

this is sincerely one of my favourite stories I've read on the site so far :twilightblush:

This is one of the best stories I've read so far :pinkiehappy:

A fantastic story! Needs to be continued, more TwiLuna!:trollestia:

Beautiful, like the night sky.

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