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Once, there was a little unicorn filly who was scared of many things. Almost every night, she found herself unable to sleep and could only be comforted by the singing of a certain lullaby. Years later, long after Rarity left home to pursue a career, Sweetie Belle tries to find a way to reconnect with her older sister, but that's proving to be more difficult than Sweetie expected. A tie-in with Ambition.

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Liked the story, part I found funny was "were going on vacation and leaving you here! Aren't you excited?":rainbowlaugh:

It's time to lay your sleepity head!
Should be sleepy.

Maybe she wouldn't been relieved.

I also have to wonder how Sweetie Belle wouldn't be living in Ponyville, considering how she goes to school there and embarks on various shenanigans with Applebloom and Scootaloo. Aside from that fridge logic, though, I really enjoyed this. There isn't a lot of Rarity-Sweetie Belle interaction anywhere, and seeing Sweetie Belle's psychological need to be loved, even though she resents Rarity for essentially abandoning her, is heartbreaking. Thank you for writing this.

The lyrics for the lullaby were directly copied from the wiki. When Sweetie Belle sings it, she actually says "sleepity."

Very nicely done. Very nicely done indeed.

Don't worry, Sweetie. She loves you. Trust me.

Goddamn. You are the only fanfic writer who can truly make me believe there is an undercurrent of angst and dramatic romance in MLP: FIM.



This isn't a story about Pinkie and Dash having a foal at all
I was expecting the clear, sweet tone of magic pony ultrasound
We're waiting

Damn, that massive pwn.

It makes sense if you read my blog. He wants me to write a story about Pinkie wanting foals in TGWP's continuity, and I'm, ah, considering it. :trixieshiftright:

Why is it that everytime you write about the Cutie Mark Crusaders they turn out to be your saddest and most emotionally powerful stories?
I mean seriously - I love all your stories, but this one wins an award for being both the most beautiful (in my opinion) thing you have ever written an tied for most soul crushing. It's amazing.

This is the reason I will never stop reading your stories.

Well, that and the fact they're just awesome. :pinkiehappy:

Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift started playing about halfway through... manly tears were almost shed.


To quote someone I respect and admire:


Almost? Dude, I was bawling throughout the whole thing. Maybe because I relate a bit too much, but still.


Oh, God. My soul... you've officially murdered it. This is the saddest damn thing I've read in months, and is even worse because your version of Rarity reminds me entirely too much of myself. Manly tears were shed. That said, I am now treating this as my headcanon and 'Sisterhooves Social' is that much happier because of this. So you've made a good episode better.

And in case my semi-comedic negativity conveys the wrong impression, rest assured that this was outstanding. When I think great pony fanfiction, AbsoluteAnonymous is one of the first names that comes to mind. Stories like this are the reason.

Can't leave the normal review, sorry. Feeling lots of stuff.

My brother was 12 when I went off to college. Our house was ... not a happy house. I was my brother's protector; I was always his protector. I chased away his nightmares, I made sure the bullies stayed away, I shielded him from our parents the best that I could. But then I was able to get the heck out of Dodge, get out of that unhappy home, and I took the opportunity. But he had to stay behind, for another six long, hard years.

Probably didn't go back as much as I should've. Could've. But I never stopped loving him. Never stopped worrying about him.

It's been over ten years since I left, and it's been many years since he himself has left, and I still worry. And I still feel guilty about the times I wasn't there, the times I failed him as his big brother.

I am ... overidentifying with a magic talking unicorn who is a fashion designer, right now, probably. *ahem*

This was gut-wrenching to read. I mean that in the best possible way. I'm crying at the moment a bit, and that's the first time that's happened to me while reading a MLP story.




Oh yeah, amazing story too. As always.

Augh. I've had this and Ambitions on my read-later list forever, because I knew I would be heartbroken afterwards, and I don't deal well with it. I get ... very involved with stories that are well written.
Same reason I've been putting off The Games We Play.

This was well written. :fluttercry:

You are a god at writing!

goes on to the ever growing read later list :facehoof:

This has been on my read-later list for a while now. I am glad I picked this one tonight. I really enjoyed it, and manly tears were on the verge of being shed....haha I was crying on the inside. Very well written, emotional story. I loved it!

Truly a beautiful story. There were some times when pony fanfics broke the shell of ice around my poor heart and caused me to feel. They were, however, mostly about separations (most of them about the final one all of will have to face sometime--death). And this one--it's quite the opposite. A fic about a difficult reunion, so to speak. And still, it managed to pierce my heart's defenses and hit it right in the feels. :pinkiesad2:

Magnificent story, both this one and Ambition in which you set the universe, so to speak.

It's such a loss to see you go. I will certainly miss your amazing writing. :pinkiesad2:

The relationships we have between a brother or sister is our first friendship, and perhaps the most meaningful. So when that relationship inevitably changes as siblings grow and mature can be simply heart wrenching, if they grow apart.

How have I not favorited this yet?

Out of all the fics on this site, this is the one that's come closest to hitting me in the heart. Not exactly a bullseye, but might as well be.

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