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You don't think Rarity risked getting cement in her mane just to repair a dam, do you?

This is the short tale of a frustrated white unicorn and an oblivious orange earth pony.

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Lol, loved it! Did you get my pm? Im sorry i havent gotten around to preteading yet, i had finals this week and right now im on a bus to Band Festival. Go band geeks! So, sorry i havent been able to pretead and correct mistakes and such.


This is extra super amazing because this is how I got my first girl in bed. If you got the touch, you got the powah!

That was pretty funny, DawnFade. I think it's better this way. But, you could always write another chapter as to what happened if you feel like doing so. Honestly, I'm a bit curious as to how it would go.

Well done! :twilightsmile:

lol dat ending. Good work ol chap

That's fine, real life comes first!
I haven't received a PM from you recently, no.

It was fun to read, though you could have done SO MUCH MORE with it, and I'm not even talking about the more mature stuff :twilightoops:

Damn that was a good Rarijack story.

Oh Rarity, you silly pony. :duck:
This was hilarious and letting our minds fill in the blanks as to what the two were doing was perfect.

You know, I've waited for that fic to come. And you don't disappoint! Who cares clopfic or not? it's shipping, it's Rarijack and it's hilarious!

Lol! Lol! Lol, Lol!

You, my friend, can have my mustache. I approve a thousand times over. I can't give you more than a track, star, and a thumb so you get that.


P.S. my exclamation point had to go with something

You tricky pony you..... :trollestia:

Almost ROFL.
If not for this chair having arms, I would have.

Are you serius? Is fimfiction.net trying to get me drowned in unread chapters and fics this is #80 of tracked fics!
X-COM Commander Kim Fareseed over and out.

Nice job breaking it, Twi. And overreacting.


It could be a start of a beautiful relationship. :pinkiehappy: Regardless if it's clopfic or not, :ajsmug: + :raritywink: is my favorite shipping. And since that scene on the dam I consider it canon. :rainbowlaugh: I was waiting for a fic to build around it. Nicely done. Have a thumb. :pinkiesmile:

After one act of voyagerism Twlight wants to go back to Canterlot and the Princess.
"All according to plan...::trollestia:"

So, just what is Ponyville's unflattering nickname?

....How did this get featured??
Ayway, I imagined that Rarity was feeding Applejack one of Pinkie's 'cupcakes' :pinkiecrazy:

Very well written :twilightsheepish:

rainbow likes what she sees

I lol'd. And No, I did NOT expect a clopfic, I hate them. (my hatred is justified, I read one this morning and found it horrible and disgusting)
Anyways, great story! I literally couldn't contain my laughter. Keep it up! :twilightsmile:


This was bucking hilarious.:rainbowlaugh:
Your story=All of my love.:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
You know, it would have been funnier if when Celestia signed her name, It was Princess Molestia.:ajsmug::trollestia::raritywink:

I hear a evil, creepy laugh when Celestia writes "I’ll be waiting."

You know I *always* love your work, Dawn.
This is no exception.

...but I would love to see a sequel :yay:

Dat author's note!

Is Celestia called Princess Voyestia?

I think the image for the story says it all

Thanks for understanding. Ill see if I can get around to it this weekend lol
Oh, and gratz on the feature man! I told you youre a good writer!

All you ponies should look at my story! It's got everything......and i mean everything

Absolutely hilarious.

To be fair, people have had sex in stranger places. I could get list if you want.

Besides, I'm sure there's someone in the world with a fetish for sex on a piece of wood next to a dam.

Point being, great story! I enjoyed it, and was sad to see it end. Very fun, and dare I say, slightly sexy. Bravo to you.

When I got to the part Where Pinkie was smiling ear to ear :pinkiehappy:...
I clopped my hooves together and TOTALLY busted a gut :rainbowlaugh:...
No seriously, I clapped my hands, and I picked up my feet, and I clapped them too. :facehoof:

Hah. Pervity is best Rarity.

""He was cut off suddenly by three different coloured hooved in his mouth.""

Also Equines do not have "fur" they have hair. "Coat" is an acceptable substitute for "fur" or "pelt".

Also I agree that this wouldn't have worked as a clopfic. Not an explicit one at least. The only way I see it working cloppiness in is if Rarity had built to near orgasm from arousal alone. After the massage AJ notices Rarity's hindquarters are somewhat damp. Thinking this is sweat from the exertion of the massage, AJ remembers what Rarity said about this being bad for the coat and decides to return the favor by wiping her off. The unexpected contact in extremely close proximity to the source of the moisture sends Rarity both figuratively and literally over the edge, forcing AJ to dive after her to save her from drowning. This heroic act would then set the stage for a proper shipping sequel!

...that is if that's something you would consider...:fluttershysad:

Flat-out lol'd. Well done.



(Brohoof, starred, tracked, five-starred)

I was already having a good day but reading this made it better :rainbowlaugh:

Bow down to the power of Rarijack! :ajsmug: :duck:

you should totally do an after-story :D :D

Raity: me gusta

It's so funny i am going to die.
Why spamming like button no give you more likes :fluttershysad:
Epic job keep it up. :moustache:

I like it. Make it so!


The "save a drowning Rarity" is a little too similar to "Swayback Mountain" IMO but that's just how I see it playing out.

You know, I was thinking that exact same thing ("wait a minute, they're on the side of a dam, being held up by several other ponies, shouldn't somebody be noticing about now?")

What Rarity didn't know was that, nearby, the CMC's were waiting with a video camera.... :scootangel::pinkiegasp::rainbowlaugh::raritycry:

This was splendid! So bawdy, so ribald! Ooh, RIBALDRY!

You got your first girl in bed while you were both suspended half-way up a featureless cement wall, on a rickety plank, in plain view of everyone?:derpyderp2:

Where's the youtube video?:trollestia:

Oh lol, I wonder what Applejack'll do when she finds out what everypony was thinking?

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