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Farmer Lars

Will critique for ̶f̶o̶o̶d̶ good reads and rides in the TARDIS!

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Well I was going to nominate you for the hunger games but...151 weeks is a long time

Vortex! Oh, I loved writing that chapter although now that I look back on it I cringe a few times..... But that ALWAYS happens to me when I write! :facehoof:
Whoa, what kind of movies are we talking here? This is serious business. :derpyderp2:
Well, if they don't love me I will blast them with RARITY EYES :duck: :raritystarry: They will not be able to resist :pinkiecrazy:

Well, now that I've been entirely too weird to a stranger, have fun at the movie marathon and thanks again!

D'aww! Thank YOU very much! I loved reading your prologue, and I just started Vortex, but I have to leave for a party (okay, well, a movie marathon). JFkjlsk:twilightangry2: I LOVE IT. CLIFF HANGERS FOR LARS.

And of course I'll love you! I love EVERYBODDYYYY! Particularly fellow Bronies and Pegasisters! :pinkiecrazy:

Happy writing! :ajsmug:

Heeey! Just saw you tracked my story and I decided you know what? I'mma be one of THOSE authors! The ones who thank people for just tracking and commenting and stuff..... Yup, it's gonna happen. I mean, I've only got four tracks BUT I will thank this four people from the depths of my soul!
Wow, kinda got off track there. I should probably make a form letter for this.... What I meant to write was, thanks for tracking my story and sorry if there's any super long gaps in update times as I occasionally become a very lazy filly...... But you WILL love me anyway! :raritystarry:
Okay, sorry for that rambling way too long comment. Hope I didn't scare you away!

Thank you SO MUCH for criticizing my story! I know that I still have my limits as an author, and will edit the existing chapters as you've suggested. I'll also try to have better grammar in future chapters, since that seems to be my biggest enemy at the moment. If you write a story, I'll gladly do the same for you. Thanks again!

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