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Heya! I'm a gaming philosopher of some kind and like making crossovers mostly. My to-do list seems to multiply every day though...

Fic Ideas Horribly Long In the Process:

- A Fallout Equestria (It's legitimately different. I guarantee that.)
- Dark Souls
- 3 Mario Ideas perhaps
- Cake
- Scorpions
- Last of Us Crossover
- Tartarus
- Sombra Revenge Fic
- Something Adorable I'm not going to Spoil
- Changeling Fic
- 50+ other ideas I'll list later when I get used to these layouts

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Hiatus is over? Sorta. Not quite there yet. · 7:58pm Apr 11th, 2015

Edit Nov 2017: Uni sucks lol

What's up everypony, how have you all been doing?
So it's been a heck of a long time hasn't it? Well... not really. What if I said that I still made an effort to check back in roughly everyday to check in with messages, group stuff, and the ever expanding list of chapters I haven't read as of yet?

2308 unread chapters doesn't seem so bad. :trollestia:

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Thanks for adding Equestrian Horizon to your bookshelf!

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Thanks for adding "Changing Desires" to your favorites.

Thanks for the favourite

Thanks for the fave on The Celestia Code! :twilightsmile:

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Bio Before the Site Change

Assassin Principal? Oh yes, it has been decided.

Hey, I'm doing comedic video-game crossovers particularly with the AC Series
and even though I'm not as a strong writer as many of the other artists I've seen
I hope to learn better from my experiences and better improve my writing.

I'm also an artist by which I`m also improving quite a bit.
Upgrading MS Paint to Paint Sai helped...... I HATE THAT INFERNAL PROGRAM:rainbowlaugh:

Gamer Extraordinaire, no need to explain that one.
I'm very approachable and have a knack for planning and observation.

Current Projects
A Shadow's Creed
A whole list of Art
(Roughly 50 more Projects of 'Other' including art)

About Me: My mind itself is what many people think is "balanced" for you see my personality is made up from many others:
e.g I'm usually a monotone chilled dude, but if you've read my work/comments/etc then you'd see examples of my personalities. Basically just how crazy to morbid I can be in a matter of seconds.