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Seeing the trailer to the G5 movie · 3:51pm August 13th

I just watched the G5 movie trailer and it is pretty cute. Right away, the characters and animation looks really good with their fluffy coats, detailed hair, and gorgeous colors. If you want an example of how bad G5's character designs could have looked, look no further than Filly Funtasia with its ugly character proportions and creepy faces. If you don't know what Filly Funtasia is,

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i liked the muffins fanatic that you did

i lost my grandpa to i know how this feels to i miss him to

I added Equines and Enchanments to my group Twist :twistnerd:

okay, if SMLP is what you get when you don't try, I sincerely encourage you to read my comment at the end of it, and if you think it's still a piece of crap, edit it to your satisfaction and repost, because it most certainly has potential.:trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::scootangel::scootangel:

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