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A Decade of Pony · 11:53pm January 1st

Ever since the 80's, each decade has had its own incarnation of My Little Pony. The 80's had My Little Pony Adventures, the 90's had My Little Pony Tales, the 2000's had the series of direct-to-video movies, and the 2010's belongs to Friendship Is Magic. The success of the show could not be overstated. It is the longest running show Hasbro has ever had, with 222 episodes, two direct-to-video movies, one theatrical movie, dozens of comics, Equestria Girls, and of course we got Pony Life to look

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i liked the muffins fanatic that you did

i lost my grandpa to i know how this feels to i miss him to

I added Equines and Enchanments to my group Twist :twistnerd:

okay, if SMLP is what you get when you don't try, I sincerely encourage you to read my comment at the end of it, and if you think it's still a piece of crap, edit it to your satisfaction and repost, because it most certainly has potential.:trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::scootangel::scootangel:

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