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Reflecting on Magical Mystery Cure. · 3:28am July 19th

This week's Episode Rewatch is Magical Mystery Cure, and it seems even Equestria Daily is still lamenting the huge controversy that occurred when this episode dropped. Despite seven years since, people still resent Twilicorn but why? From what I understand, people hated this change because we now had a fourth alicorn in the show, this change was done without input from Faust, and people thought this

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i liked the muffins fanatic that you did

i lost my grandpa to i know how this feels to i miss him to

I added Equines and Enchanments to my group Twist :twistnerd:

okay, if SMLP is what you get when you don't try, I sincerely encourage you to read my comment at the end of it, and if you think it's still a piece of crap, edit it to your satisfaction and repost, because it most certainly has potential.:trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::scootangel::scootangel:

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