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Shipping Ideas and Chapter Update · 10:47pm Jun 17th, 2012

I'm actually gonna cut to the chase here with the first part of this blog post. Like most HiE fics that I had found, there usually involves some shipping between the main human character and one of the ponies (Griffin the Griffin not really included; brilliant fic though). Needless to say, I may actually be doing that as well.

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When are we going to see an update?

Thank you for the favorite!

173874 Okay, thank you for informing me.:twilightsmile:

172999 Nah, it's fine. :twilightsmile: With college and doing "trained monkey work" for my mother, I don't really have a lot of time to work on the story. Nonetheless, when I do find time, I'll make sure I use it wisely and actually write.

Hello friend, I happened to notice the lack of activity on your story.(Which I enjoyed very much.) I was just wondering if/when you would be posting the next chapter. If this somehow comes of as rude or impatient, I am truly sorry.:twilightsmile:

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