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This group is the ultimate of ultimate review groups for stories that are really awesome and deserve either more views and/or just need to be heard or further talked by all other readers and writers of the fandom! Come and post your new fics into the right section! We will analyze and review your story :)!!!

Rule 1: You can only submit two stories at a time for now until we get big enough to accept more stories.

Rule 2: Every story that is rejected can only be posted five days after the appointed time.

Rule 3: You must be patient. We put dedicated work into the review so you must be patient for the time it shows up.

Rule 4: Everything as far as behavior is concerned, use your logic and don't try any of it.

Rule 5: Do not make your own threads or else it will be removed, and you will have a two strike count for that. The only threads you are able to post on is the Question Thread, the Contributor Thread, and the Admin Thread when available.

Thank you for reading. Sit back, relax and watch out for our Reviews on M.L.Po-nami Review.

(Group currently undergoing some work)

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Comment posted by Changeling 27 deleted Jul 17th, 2014

Don't mind me, I read the opening blurb of this group wrong. I had just woke up. Disregard my previous question, I'm horrible at basic reading comprehension.

Would you care to define "Not a lot of views" for me? I'd hate to take advantage of the system.

Two more stories at the bat of an eye!


341152 And so are the new members! :pinkiegasp:

Wow..the stories came by REALLY fast.

Comment posted by DarkSonicTrail deleted Dec 20th, 2013
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