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This story is a sequel to The Royal Ponyville Orchestra

Note: No knowledge of Royal Ponyville Orchestra is required to enjoy this story.

Hey, I'm Sweetie Belle, and this year at school is pretty much going to be the best ever. I mean, it has to be, since if it isn't, my friends will all leave me as soon as they get their cutie marks. Also, I have to deal with Diamond Tiara being in one of my classes, and she's pretty much as terrible as always. Plus, the teacher for that class is a big mean jerk. Oh! And apparently I'm not good at acting, making the list of things I am good at exactly zero. But besides the fact that my friends are probably going to leave me, my acting class hates me, and I'm not really good at anything, everything's great. It has to be. After all, this is the best year ever.

Now rated Teen for saucy kissing scenes.

Featured on EQD January 4, 2015

Special thanks to editors:
Alien Bronco
Muzzle_luvr and

Fully approved by Twilight's Library

Chapters (16)
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Comments ( 503 )

You may have some unresolved comments at bottom.

Still, another great story

4523834 Fixed it, thanks for the help. And also, aren't you supposed to be on vacation? Go on and enjoy yourself and stop reading silly horse words. They will still be here when you get back.

I took the liberty of doing those math problems. (Yes, I'm weird. Besides, it's your fault for putting them there.)
Anyway, for the trip Scootaloo would have to make (at her impeded skill level), she would need 2,500 bits worth of hotel nights. My only question to that is, "Where's she gonna get that kind of money?"
As for Sweetie Belle's payment for her performances, she's looking at a nice 176,000 bit weekly paycheck. (But why in Celestia's name does a play cost 800 bits a ticket?!)

On an unrelated note:

Vinyl looked through her class list, “It’s Melodious Sonata.”

“R-really?” she asked, finally speaking where I could hear her.

Was something supposed to go in that empty space?

“[/size=0.25em]I said, I’m Melodious Sonata.”

Maybe if you deleted that first "/", you'd get the results you wanted.

4524393 Thank you for pointing this out. To answer your questions on currency though, in my head, 8 bits = 1 dollar. I used this number because it's actually reflected in the English language (See the phrase 2 bits being used to refer to a quarter). The origins of the phrase are long and I can't accurately explain them, but it has something to do with the Spanish pieces of eight.

With that in mind, the ticket prices become a much more reasonable 100 dollars, and Scootaloo only has to bring about 300 dollars with her, still a bit (Heh) but more realistic than 2500 dollars.

I've missed your writing style so much and god it's good to see/read Musicbutt and Vinyl again.
I didn't realise just how much I missed Octavias... Um lets just go with views of Ponyville!
And MOLDY!!!!!
Geez, there's just so much from this story I've been craving!
Are you thinking of maybe throwing in Lyra and Bon? That could be interesting-
"Good morning students, your normal teacher is sick today so I will be your replacement for the near future. Now, who wants to learn about anthropology?"
:rainbowkiss: I wuv it!
(I apologise for my fangirl raving)

4526090 Thanks for the feedbacks. Hopefully you enjoy the OTHER story coming out in the next couple of days.

You also gave me a great idea.

If you really need something specific for cover art, your best bet would be to commission someone, I think. There's only so much you can do with clip art. :twilightsmile:

4526240 I thought about that, but A.) I'm poor and B.) I don't know anyone who could do that.

I didn't realize how long this first chapter was! :rainbowderp:
Cant wait for more! (well I mean I can, just don't rush yourself!)

Oh and if you want some cover art I could give it a try.
I'm no Picasso and if you don't like it you don't have to use it but yeah...
Just offering

4527895 I won't say no to the assistance, any help offered would be greatly appreciated.

I'll get on it!
You wanted Sweetie standing out side a school, right?

4528463 With saddlebags! And yeah, in front of a big university like school, not the old schoolhouse. Thank you. :twilightsmile:

Is necessary to read the previous story to understand what happen in this story?

4567437 Some of the character interactions would be enhanced if you read the previous story and obviously I would recommend it, but I tried to make it be mostly understandable to a new reader.


thanks, I wanted to be sure.

Ok, Massive size of the first chapter aside I found this very enjoyable. And even the chapter size just meant that it took me a while to find the time to read it.

its all just a bunch of Wibley wobbly timey wimey stuff.

Great stuff as always. I really enjoyed Raritys little lesson on Cutie Marks and her reactions to that bastard Marelon. Very in character that second as far as I'm concerned. But would you mind explaining that [center[*** in the text? It was rather late in the chapter but to me it looked like a broken tag.

4617243 It is a broken tag! See, to get those three asterisks to serve as dividers, I have to center them and to center them, I do the

[/ center] thing. Obviously, the tag broke somewhere. Whoops!

Find the word 'bed' and hopefully that's enough to point out the only issue i remember...

Once i found out there was more after the original story, i got excited. I'm now following these stories. Can't wait to see more.

Wait a second... Is this a chance to repeat the day over and over, again and again until it is perfect?! Oh, Octavia would absolutely love this!

i always been grown into the Octascratch ship, good story. also Vinyl as a teacher.. heh, reference to the humanized Great Teacher Vinyl? >w>

incidentally, Sweetie Belle would earn estimate 176,000 bits per week

Why is it that I cab totally see sweetie and Melody in a relationship when they are older?

50 Shades of Hay? :rainbowlaugh: Oh, Rarity :duck:

“Because she and AJ…”

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ damnit!

Rarity blinked, her eyes somehow going even wider. “And… uh-hum, just where did you hear about that Sweetie?”

She laughed nervously, her eyes darting away from me. “Yes, that’s quite enough Sweetie Belle, thank you. Just please promise me you won’t try to play matchmaker with anypony else. You wouldn’t like it if ponies started interfering with your love life, would you?”

Extra space, which looks like a line of Sweetie's got eaten between those two. Be careful with gdocs importing! :ajsmug:

4839030 Thank you again for pointing out the lines that got eaten. Next round I guess I need to read it after importing.

4839049 No problem! I sometimes miss em too, since i tend to skim over what I write and miss the stuff missing... :twilightblush:

A tip, if you do reread your stuff on fimfic before publishing: if you see a double space, like above, that wasn't intentional... that's more often than not a sign something got eaten!

4839057 I'm quickly learning that. Now I just need to figure out why the formatting for the last half of this chapter is broken. I want to edit it, but doing so will destroy the delicate editing patchwork I had made.


Well, you do have two broken spots.

She nodded. “I do, but I thought it was usually sung [i[a capella.”

“Thank you for reminding me,” she said before turning her attention back to the mana engine.

God damnit, its 5:20 am, let me sleep.

Hey, at least I persuaded him to split this chapter into three segments instead of posting it as a single 25K-word brick. :pinkiehappy:

And I thank you for that.

Hah! just read the first two parts on Friday! Perfect timing!

Ahhhh. Gotta love time loops...... at least until they start to break down.:pinkiehappy::twilightoops:

Melody and Sweetie bell sitting in a tree. I knew it!


But I kinda like the 10-15K+ entries....

More ponies and more great story :twilightsheepish:

As do I, generally, but 25K still seemed to be pushing it a bit... :twilightsmile:

4969144 Don't worry, I'll leave Chapter 4 in all of it's 16,000 word glory. Just didn't want to dump a 25,000 word update on you all unannounced. Instead, you get three lengthy updates in three dates. That's just as good, right?

God damnit its 02:38 let me sleep

I just started reading chapter 1, but I'm writing ahead of time to say: FINALLY SOMEONE WHO WRITES SWEETIE BELLE LIKE SWEETIE BELLE!
SB is IMO Best Filly, and I've read several FiMfics starring her... and they never seem to capture what makes her adorable. Some aspect of her child POV always gets lost in translation.
You, Sir Author, IMO has grasped her bubble-headed innocence perfectly. If The Demesne Of The Reluctant Twilight Sparkle is the best Twilight soliloquy I've ever read, then yours is the best Sweetie Belle soliloquy! Keep it up! thumbsup.jpg

“That would be ‘everypony here can talk well,’ Miss Bloom,” Octavia said

Uhhhh, no?
You can "talk fine", as well.
"Fine" can be an adverb indicating quality.

Is it because "well" has less in the way of extra possible meanings? Is Octavia just making her be clearer and more specific while acting like Sweety mispoke? If she is, then it would be "everypony here can speak well", since "talking" can also mean the act of transmitting information, but speaking refers specifically to the generation of words.


Of course, any amount is a good amount, in my eyes. Like i said, more pony!

*Finished chapter 1.*
Oh noes, the Cutie Mark Crusaders are drifting apart?!? While that's a perfectly realistic part of childhood, it just seems so sad. :applecry:

It also reminds me that realistically, the Mane 6 should have already drifted apart by now.
1. Twilight should have gone off and become a princess doing princess things, not stay in some hick town by the edge of a forest.
2. Rarity should have moved to Manehattan or Canterlot and started her designer career, what with all the successful connections with the rich and famous that she had made throughout the seasons.
3. Rainbow Dash should have gone off and joined the Wonderbolts by now, or be in the academy full-time.

The fact that after 4 seasons they are still stuck in stasis, all living together in some country town, is simply the natural result of having an episodic-format show where nothing must truly change or end.

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