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Vinyl and Octavia have finally come together, this is the story of their relationship as the popularity of a certain DJ increases.

Rated Teen and Sex for language and mild references!

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This is going to be good. You had me laughing at the end there. I felt the references/parallelisms were distracting at the first part, but all together I like this. Hope to see some great stuff coming. :raritywink:

Just a warning, you may get bad results with that typo in your title. Or, what looks like a typo.

One thing I noticed. You kept saying him when you were talking about Vinyl.

Ooops, yeah... that might be something to fix


Also: flankbook, heh

Ok, I fixed the Stallion version of vinyl inserting himself into the story!

A good story so far, it does feel like the relationship starting is a bit rushed but since you stated that's the main focus not too surprising looking forward to more

finish it finish it finish it

I got one negative comment. Please please please! Put thoughts in Italics. When thoughts are in brackets it doesn't look or feel right. Other then that keep it up! I defenitly enjoy this so far.

While it still feels a bit rushed i am utterly and completely loving this story, looking forward to more

i loooooove it pleas hurry pleas pleas pleas please

What ever your doing keep it up its amazing

Guys... almost finished with the third chapter:pinkiehappy: expect it either tonight or tomorrow

Well if you want to add another character add Derpy! Might as well us the background six. I see you took my thoughts on italizing things to heart. May I make a few more suggestions? Indent your paragraphs and treat your thoughts as if they were speech. It helps to seperate things. Along with the added benefit of making your chapters appear longer and making then format not look as if it were a wall of text. As for this story I really am enjoying it and I'm glad I stumbled upon it. Keep writing ^-^

Oh! One more thing, you got a little choppy towards the end, i don't mind in the least. Though if you wanted to write more details into things I'm sure no one would mind the extra wait on chapters.

This is an amazing storie makes me feel like any thing is possible. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEASE go on. Like i said its an amazing storie. I might try to wright a story

Brace yourselves. HERE COMES A NEW CHAPTER!:derpyderp2:

awesome chapter sky twas worth the wait :twilightblush:

I really like how cute this story is :twilightsmile:

Oh ill stalk u alright. ... jkjk its gettin good man keep up the good work

Okay I now have no more gramatical problems with your story ^-^ So naturally this means I go into the "Loving this story more than life" Mode. Seriously you got some talent. Though how dare you say you make PMV's and not link us to this, so we can enjoy it with our eye balls.

On a side note.. You RP? Gewd.. This website I am in is always looking for new RPers to join. If you would like more details feel free to PM.

Sorry Tavi Scratch I'm making a blog post about the PMV now!

A very enjoyable chapter!

:rainbowkiss: im so exited i just cant hide it

ummm what took so long? for the chapter I mean

Muffinator! I couldn't post the chapter because my internet was down! :raritycry:
How many times will I have to repeat that?? :facehoof:


Vinyl's spell is OP. Solid fic so far, interesting take on Vinyl's career.

protip: Italics are a great way to show thoughts


I know... I am using them in the newer chapters

confound all these horrid puns :facehoof:
well *ahem* that was another great chapter "Goddamn she's beautiful!" my sides are dead :rainbowlaugh:

Bumazing thas ducking and amazing rogether. In one word. Keepup the good work. Muffinator approves:derpytongue2:

Okay, I am not a Vinyl/Octavia shipper but I decided to give this story a try and I'm glad I did! You really made me laugh Mack! :rainbowlaugh: I have really enjoyed the first chapters of this story. I'm excited to read more of this story.
Hopefully you can update soon. :raritywink:

Vinyl sighed and told the crown to have a great night and that she would be at the bar to talk for the whole nigh.


I liked this chapter, but you forgot a T in that sentence.

coffee does, indeed, fix everything :moustache: by the way, does this smell like chloroform? :derpytongue2::rainbowlaugh:

4040102 yes sir it does indeeeeeeeee......*passes out*

4040100 wow that gave you ocd did int it

4040100 and its crowd not crown.

Pretty good chapter I guess. Still kind of wondering how Octavia was able to just head down casually to Canterlot with her parents asking basically zero questions.


Looks promising :twilightsmile: A lot better than some mindless clopfic that's *ONLY*used for porno.


MOAR PUNS!!! :flutterrage:

Comment posted by Mad deleted Mar 13th, 2014
Comment posted by Mad deleted Mar 13th, 2014

Since when did Lyra turn into Berry punch? :derpytongue2:


SPOILER ALERT!!! Derpy looked into the Tardis!!!


Seemed kinda rushed, but altogether a bloody brilliant story :twilightsmile:

It was a great chapter. It feels like the story isn't over. If it isn't can't wait. :rainbowkiss:

No, the story is not finished. There will be about 2-4 more chapters before it does. I might even consider a sequel

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