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Spike Drake is a fifteen year old high school student who transferred to Canterlot High School. It is not long until he catches the eyes of almost every female student in the school, especially seven extraordinary girls who all fall for him at the same time. Not only that, but some of the female faculty of the school develop feelings for him as well. The question is will he be able to handle all of the attention that the girls and women at CHS give him or not?

Inspired by both The Girls of My Life and Ladies Man On Campus by Wildcard25.

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Ah, so an AU in which he is not a puppy. I thought you were perhaps writing about bestiality. Carry on.

Will he get an animal companion?

This is intriguing. I'm glad to see my fics were such an inspiration. Well, I look forward to seeing where you go with this

Why do I feel that 'love nector' is going to be a running gag?

Not a bad start man, I'll see where this goes.

Though I have 2 questions

1.are other girls such as the Dazzlings, the Shadowbolt girls, Starlight, and Ember going to appear? And will they Fall for Spike as well?

2.What kind of enemies is Spike going to make in this school? (though if I have to guess its either Blueblood and/or Garble)

I want to like this story, and I kinda do, but there are just a few things that kill this for me.
Spike is apparently the most handsome dude on the face of the earth because with barely anything more than "hello" and "oh that's cool" he has a grand total of TWELVE GIRLS AND FOUR GROWN WOMEN (one of them married) making googly eyes and shighing and wanting to kiss and/or bang him oh my is he handsome and cool and cute and kind and are you seeing where I'm going with this ? I get that this a harem story, but it's the first fucking chapter and Spike has no personality.

Also the descriptions are just kinda...meh. I don't need to know what they're wearing from head to toe and what color their fucking shoelaces are, we all know these characters, and I can fill in some blanks when imagining your OCs. And thank god I know their cup size, honestly I really needed to know that.

I'm sorry for shitting on this story so much, because it's nicely written and some aspects are well handled (I like your OCs, especially Patrick, more than anything else in this) but, but the bad elements are really bad. All I'm saying is this story needs more meat to its bones.

i love the spike historys, but i like more When it is anthropomorphic.

Update soon

Very nice, I enjoy spike the ladies man stories, continue my good man.

Chrysalis too? I'm so blaming Wildcard25 for making Chrysalis stalking Spike a trend.

I am very intrigued cant wait for more.

Cool first chapter cant wait to see more

you know I think I'm gonna like this story as well!

Well, to answer your first question, yes, the Dazzlings, Starlight Glimmer, Ember, and the shadowbolt girls will be included into this story.

And to answer your second question, Blueblood and Grable will be some of Spike's enemies in this story.

8066925 what of the cmc will they be there?


To answer your question, yes the Cutie Mark Crusaders will be included as love interests for Spike, so that way their friendship will be tested.

8071838 One more thing, giving the sex tag will there be some... offscreen action like Wildcard25's Ladies Man On Campus?

when will the next chapter be

will trixie be apart of this too

Dude, this is amazing please post most. Havent read a good story in a while. About to read this again! ;-)

You are gonna do more arent you?

Keep this going! Must have more!

Comment posted by bluedraco2000 deleted May 6th, 2017

Good work, looking forward to the next chapter.

I'm interested where you're going to take this.
Also, seems as if our boy Spike has Harem MC Syndrome.

This is getting more interesting than I thought. Grammar seems nice along with the punctuation. Storyline makes alot more sense and last but not least spike having a HAREM man I'm more looking forward to this story more than ever especially with Twilight,Rainbow...........and also Celestia,Luna and Cadence mostly keep up the good work man it's getting really good:yay::yay:

“Well, then let’s go,” Bob spoke as he led them down the hallway that he and his brother came in from. “We so much time and so little to do—wait a minute! Strike that; reverse it; thank you.”

Love the Willy Wonka quote!

Comment posted by bluedraco2000 deleted Jul 7th, 2017

sorry If I offended anyone didn't mean to pressure anyone

Comment posted by fluttercord shipper 23 deleted Oct 19th, 2017

While everybody waits patiently, please enjoy this footage of Mr. Krab's Robot Dance. :raritycry:


Ah. Ember is making an appearance here, too.

Comment posted by fluttercord shipper 23 deleted Oct 16th, 2017


Over 16,000 words? No wonder it took you so long.

*dives in to enjoy reading*

KO awesome chapter, well looks like Spike may find himself to gain a harem unexpected and surely he’ll enjoy it. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:

*after reading*

Very good. Well written. Though I did find a few misspelled words and such, it was a decent chapter, and definitely worth the wait.

“I accidentally walked in on my mom in her birthday suit once,” the green haired boy shuddered at the memory.


I’m going to try and upload a different chapter once every month from this point onward.

Hey! No rush! Just take your time. This ain't a race.

I’m NOT criticizing any of the authors of the other Spike Harem stories, I’m just saying that I want to try to avoid clichés and still make this my own story.

No offense taken. You do stories your way, we do stories our way.

Okay, let's see who we go so far:

1-7. The Mane Seven

8. Trixie Lulamoon

9. Starlight Glimmer

10. Moondancer

11. Moonlight Raven

12. Sunshine Smiles

13. Coco Pommel

14. Derpy Hooves

15. Ember

16. Applebloom

17. Sweetie Belle

18. Scootaloo

19. Diamond Tiara

20. Silver Spoon

21. Lightning Dust

22. Flitter

23. Cloudchaser

24. Adagio Dazzle

25. Aria Blaze

26. Sonata Dusk

27. Photo Finish

28. Octavia

29. Vinyl Scratch


Wicked job. I can't wait to see what you do next.

Very good! You wrote a lot and are in quality. Nice.

Love this story you allot. Like really. Of course my brain being the curious and some times stupid thing it is keeps putting scenarios for my oc dealing wit in this and it’s really aggravating me, practically yelling at my brain to stop. Sometimes I really hate my mind. Anyways awesome story can’t wait for the rest.

Nice chapter! I'm glad this fic is continuing! I was afraid it was abandoned!

“Yes! Yes! You are a knight in shining armor! You are the chosen one for the damsel in distress! You are the Tarzan of Canterlot’s concrete jungle!”

:rainbowderp: That’s…a new one… I’ve actually never heard that analogy before…

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