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(Alternate Universe of Equestria Girls)

For as long as anyone could tell or went to Canterlot High they would tell you to stay away from the Sinister Six. Who are the Sinister Six you ask? They were a bunch of nobodies who were made fun of until they worked together and now were the most powerful group in CHS as well as the Student Council. For the last 3 years after the Main six left from graduation the Sinister Six has kept CHS under their thumbs. But what they didn't expect was a transfer student from an unknown island in the middle of nowhere to come in and throw a wrench into their plan. Now the Six will have to get rid of the new student. But will they succeed or will emotions that they've never felt before rise up and change them?

Find out in the story of The Sinister Six meets the boy who was raised by Dragons!

(Authors note: Spike is human in this story and there is no portal to equestria Also no Sunset Don't kill me)

(Updated AN: Now Rated Teen for some sexual references and abit of language)

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Comment posted by Valen Machina deleted Aug 3rd, 2016

I'll fav for now and see where you go with this

This looks interesting especially with Spike being French and all

Those girls look like they got plans for him

Putting him in the hospital, that's gonna lead to stuff

7460837 Hey not all stories can be sunshine and rainbows got to have a little bit of drama and action in it.

7460840 I know. I just wonder what the Sinister Six or at least Trixie will feel now

7460893 well you'll have to stay tune and find out in the next chapter~ :ajsmug:

that escalated pretty damn quickly.

Comment posted by The Silent King deleted Aug 13th, 2016

Hello! How come this is in Hiatus?

7539507 To all friends on FIMFiction I ,the admin of Demon Baron Astaroth, am putting the story The Sinister Six meet the Boy who was Raised by Dragons on hiatus until further notice. This is due to the fact I am still trying to adjust to moving and then finding out 3 days of after moving into my new place I get robbed and my computer and laptop gets stolen.

7539581 hey man I hope everything is getting better with the new move and I'm sorry to hear that you got robbed I hope everything turns out ok

7604506 thanks I found the thief and I am now dealing with court and other things related to it. I do not know when I will be able to continue with the story but I will let everyone know. Also I wish to thank everyone who is patiencely waiting.

7604835 Your welcome glad you found the Thief I hope everything goes well in Court and your welcome I understand the problem you went through and I've been Patient on when this will continue

Thanks for following me! By the way, what was your favorite monster in yugioh? My favorite is the Blue Eyes White Dragon! I even used him as my user name! By the way have you checked out any of my stories yet?

7645848 to answer your first question I have three favorite monsters and they are Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, Clear Wing Synchro Dragon and Dark Rebellious XYZ Dragon and to answer your second question I am currently read EQ Story #4 and I've already read 1,2 and 3 and the cyber game story of yu-gi-oh EG. I've favorite the stories I've read but I just wish the duels were a bit longer and the main characters didn't OP the opponent in 3 to 5 turns.

I can understand that. However I had trouble trying to make the duels long because I didn't want readers to get bored. Also I wasn't a big fan of when a single move took ten minutes in the anime. But I'm glad you enjoyed them all the same! And sweet picks for favorite monsters!

Spike goes French? Batten down the hatches!!!!!

Ain't no stopping Spike now!!!

7705644 Well I wanted to be different from the other Spike going To CHS and most people say he's from canterlot or ponyville and that his last name is Drake or some kinda reference to a dragon. But not me I decided to have Spike come from France and to have an actual mom and dad instead of being adopted or related someway to Twilight.

Comment posted by MLPFan1 deleted Dec 1st, 2016

7815191 Yea its been awhile since i was able to work on the story so I kinda had to send out a chapter real quick so people wouldnt think it died like other writers do when they don't upload a new chapter to storys that are like 2 or 3 years old.

7815410 Again this is a Alternate Universe Story where there is no portal to Eqauestria and thus Sci-Twi never had a reason to show up nor did Princess Twilight due to this. and as i stated in a previous comment "Spike has actual parents and is in no way shape or form related or raised by Twilight or anyone related to her."

Thank you for the second upload.

The biggest question of them all should be: Which girl will sneak in half naked in Spike's bed?

7815670 this isn't a M rated story bud so that won't be happening.

7817453 I kinda figured that and after thinking about it abit I guess I could bump the story up to T and give a warning of some things like you said...but make it so its not in the M

I like how Spike is making CHS better, though I fear his thoughts on Crystal Prep and how he will handle should he decide to join them in the games.

7855483 Mmmmm very interesting but do not worry I shall make it very entertaining in the next few chapeters

Is there a rule that SC President competing in the Friendship Games?

After Spikes little outburst about his step-aunt I cant help but think that those family get togethers must be pretty awkward huh?

7815422 Well, you pretty much covered your basis with the description. Yet I'm curious. I reread who his parents were in the first chapter. Is his father supposed to be an R63 version of Celestia?

His father is the head of the biggest wine company in Prance... maybe the world.
His mother is an international model.
His uncle is head of the school board.
And his (step-) aunt is principal of the most prestigious school in the city.
Is everyone in his family famous for something?

8091493 no thsts not a spiderman refrence i didnt even know that was a SM thing.

Can't wait to see how they deal in the Friendship Games

KO awesome chapter, gave a good talking with his fellow students lightening up their spirits for the big Friendship Game coming soon and it maybe bigger than he can imagine. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:

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