The Romantic Adventures of Spike Drake

by HeySpike

Chapter 2: New Friends and Enemies

Spike walked through the hallway filled with students to get to his first class of the day. Along the way, many of the female students would wave, wink or lick their lips whenever Spike looked their way, making the green haired boy feel flustered. However some of the male students were either shocked or jealous of all the attention that Spike was receiving from the girls. After a few minutes of walking, he finally reached the science classroom and walked in. As soon as he walked in, he was eventually approached by three teenage girls. The first girl had lavender eyes and red colored hair with both light and dark purple streaks tied up in a bun. For her attire, she wore black glasses with thick frames, a dark gray turtle-neck sweater with two pink buttons, a teal skirt, purple knee socks and dark blue shoes. The second one was a Goth girl who had hazel eyes and dark blue colored hair. She was wearing a black shirt and skirt, dark gray knee socks and black boots. The third one was a cheerful girl with blonde hair and lime green eyes. Her clad included a white shirt, blue jeans, white socks and yellow shoes.

“Are you the new boy that we heard so much about?” the girl with glasses asked.

“Yes, my name is Spike Drake,” he answered.

“Nice to meet you, Spike Drake. I’m Moondancer,” the girl with glasses spoke again.

“I’m Sunshine Smiles!” the girl with blonde hair beamed.

“I’m Moonlight Raven,” the Goth girl spoke in a neutral tone.

“It’s nice to meet all three of you too,” the green-haired boy smiled.

“You have a cute smile!” Sunshine grinned.

“Thank you. So, do you have any certain hobbies?” he asked out of the blue.

“I like to study,” Moondancer answered.

“Study what in particular?”

“I focus on researching science, mathematics, history, economics, literature, physics, pottery; things like that. If I continue to do well, I’ll most likely end up as a professor at Canterlot University someday.”

“I like to paint pictures, watch movies, and roll around in flowers on a sunny day,” Sunshine explained.

“I like to wear black and go to the place inside me where I feel no shame,” Moonlight Raven spoke.

“Hmm, you all have very interesting hobbies,” Spike smiled and started to walk off. “Well, like I said, it was nice meeting all of you.”

“Bye,” the three girls waved before they all sighed lovingly behind his back.

Spike took this time to take a good look around the room before his eyes fell upon a familiar girl with lavender colored hair.

“Twilight?” Spike asked, getting the lavender-haired girl’s attention.

“Spike!” Twilight squealed as she zipped over to him. “Why didn’t you tell me this is your first class period?”

“You didn’t ask,” Spike shrugged.

“Touché,” she giggled.

“So, this is the science class?” Spike asked, impressed with the layout of the classroom.

“Yeah and we also get to pick partners for the whole semester,” Twilight explained. “I was just wondering, if you wouldn’t mind—”

“TWILIGHT SPARKLE!” a shrill female voice suddenly called out.

Twilight cringed when she heard that all-too-familiar voice and both her and Spike turned around to see another teenage girl standing at the entrance to the classroom. This girl had white hair that was curled slightly and had violet colored eyes. She also had the same cup size as Twilight and Sunset. This girl was wearing a purple shirt and skirt underneath a blue jacket that went up to her midriff, purple knee-socks and blue go-go boots. On the left side of her head, there was purple-and-yellow star shaped barrette holding up a small bang of her white hair. And there was a star-shaped magic wand symbol on her skirt. Twilight put a comforting hand on Spike’s right shoulder as the white-haired girl strutted up to them.   

“Hello, Trixie,” Twilight squinted her eyes.

“I much prefer that you call me the Great and Powerful Trixie!” Trixie announced dramatically before her eyes fell upon Spike and a huge smile crept onto her face. “And who might this little cutie be?”

“I’m Spike Drake,” Spike answered nervously.

“Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Spike Drake. I am Trixie Lulamoon, but you can just call me Trixie,” the white-haired girl introduced herself to him.

“Oh, so Spike can just call you by Trixie, but everybody else has to call you the Great and Powerful Trixie?” Twilight asked skeptically.

“Pretty much,” Trixie nodded.  

“Why do you call yourself the “Great and Powerful” Trixie?” Spike questioned.

“Because the Great and Powerful Trixie is a talented magician, although sadly not very well known,” Trixie admitted.

“Big surprise,” Twilight muttered.

Trixie ignored the ill comment as she kept her attention on Spike. “So would you like to be my partner for this class, Mr. Drake?”

“Well...” Spike started to talk until he got interrupted.

“Hold on! I was going to ask Spike to be my partner!” Twilight yelled.

“Too bad, I got first dibs!” Trixie argued.

“I met Spike before you today, so I should be his partner!”

“Well, then get in line!”

“Is everything alright over here?” another female voice spoke up.

Almost instantly, the squabbling stopped. When the three turned around, they spotted coming toward them another girl around Twilight and Trixie’s age. The girl had light purple eyes and purple hair with a few teal streaks. Her outfit was a dark purple shirt, a dark velvet jacket, a light purple skirt, and dark lavender boots. She also wore purple pants that ended about halfway down the legs, her shirt had a glimmering purple and pink star symbol on it, and her hair was tied up in a pony-tail.

“Hey, Starlight!” Twilight exclaimed happily.

“Hey, Twilight!” the girl greeted back before they shared a nice embrace.

“Don’t forget Trixie!” the white-haired girl whined before Starlight broke off the embrace and gave one to Trixie.

“It’s so nice to see you both again! It’s been so long,” Starlight laughed.

“Starlight, we’ve seen you all summer. Remember, we went down to Sugarcube Corner for some milkshakes?” Twilight raised an eyebrow.

“Wait, when did we do that last?” Starlight asked.

“Yesterday,” both Twilight and Trixie answered.

“Oh, that’s right. Sorry, I guess I’ve got a lot personal issues to deal with that I don’t know where my head is today,” Starlight chuckled awkwardly until her eyes fell onto Spike. “Oh, hi there! Who might you be?"

“I’m Spike Drake,” Spike introduced himself again for what felt like the thousandth time so far today.

“I’m Starlight Glimmer; nice to meet you,” the girl with the pony tail answered as she shook his hand politely.

“It’s nice to meet you too,” the green-haired boy nodded.

“And you’re a new student?”


“Hmmm...If you weren’t, I definitely would’ve remembered you.”


At that moment, the teacher of the classroom came in. She had a dark skin tone, dark teal eyes, and black and white striped hair styled in a Mohawk. Her attire was a black shirt, an orange skirt with African patterns, dark gray socks and bronze shoes. She was also wearing dzilla neck rings around her neck and wore golden earrings on her ear lobes.

“Okay, everyone, settle down,” she spoke with a strong African-esque accent.

“Who is she?” Spike asked.

“She’s Zecora. She’s the school’s teacher of science and chemistry. She is the master of chemicals, although she sometimes calls chemicals “potions” for some reason,” Twilight explained.

“Now this class just got awesome,” Spike commented.

“All right class, we have a new student, who surprisingly I like; and I do believe that his name is Spike?” Zecora rhymed while looking at Spike with a smile.

“What does that mean?” Spike whispered to Starlight.

“It means that she is greeting you,” Starlight answered. “Also, she tends to speak in rhyme from time to time.”

“Oh, uh, yeah, I’m Spike Drake,” Spike quickly answered the teacher.

“Nice to meet you, young man,” Zecora nodded her head and walked over to her desk and set her purse down. “Now, who would like to have Spike for a semester long partner?”

“ME!” all the girls shouted simultaneously before they gave each other envious glares.

“Spike, who would you want for your partner?” Zecora asked the new student, giving him a fair say in the matter.

Spikes took a good look around and noticed that all the girls, even Moonlight Raven, were giving him puppy dog eyes. “Well, I pick...Twilight Sparkle as my partner.”

“YES!” Twilight cheered before she chuckled nervously when she realized that everyone in the room was staring at her awkwardly.

“Okay, everyone else, please find your partners and get set up at a lab station,” the teacher ordered kindly.

While Spike and Twilight took a seat at one of the lab stations in the front row, Trixie got together with Starlight, Moondancer with Micro Chips, and Moonlight Raven with Sunshine Smiles. Trixie and Starlight occupied the station behind Spike and Twilight’s station, Moondancer with Micro Chips occupied the one across from the latter’s, and Moonlight Raven with Sunshine Smiles occupied the station across from Starlight and Trixie. Unknown to Spike, the two girls behind him were gazing at his figure with interest.

‘Oh my god, Spike is SO cute! I really hope he’s single!’ Starlight said in her mind.

‘That boy is definitely my soul mate. I will not lose him to the likes of Ms. Sparkle!’ Trixie smirked wickedly and licked her lips.

“Okay, children, all eyes up here; for we are ready to start the school year,” Zecora rhymed again before she started the lesson on chemistry.  

When the first class was over, Spike went back to his locker, grabbed his history book, and walked off to find his History class. He walked up the main staircase, turned a few corners, and eventually found the History classroom. When he entered, he looked around and saw some students that he hasn’t met yet. One of the students was a boy around Bob’s age and height. He had long green hair while wearing a brown hat on his head and had light green colored eyes. He was wearing a brown vest over a red T-shirt, blue jeans and light brown shoes. He also had a button pin that had a recycling symbol on it. Another student was another boy who had orange hair and sky blue eyes. He wore light blue glasses, a dark blue sweater over a light blue collared shirt, dark grey pants, and orange tennis shoes with white shoe laces. The third student was a girl around Twilight’s age. She had shoulder length blonde hair and golden eyes, which appeared to be crossed. She was dressed in a blue collared shirt with a yellow necktie, a green skirt with bubble symbols, white socks and green sandals. Some of the students that he saw before were Lyra Heartstrings and Sweetie Drops. It wasn’t long before the young boy spotted Rarity, Sunset and Applejack in one corner in the room.

“Girls!” Spike called out, immediately getting their attention.

“Spike!” they called back as he walked over to them.

“You all have History too?” he asked.

“Yep, History is my favorite subject!” Applejack hooted. “Although, it is quite a shame that Granny Smith isn’t the teacher of this course.”

“I agree, if there’s anybody who knows the concept of History, it’s Granny Smith,” Rarity nodded.

“Yeah, the real downside to taking this class is that we have Ms. Harshwhinny as the teacher,” Sunset groaned.

“What’s wrong with Ms. Harshwhinny?” Spike questioned.

“Pretty much everything,” Applejack said flatly.

“If you’re only a few seconds late to class or if you whisper to someone else, she will not hesitate in giving you a week of detention,” Rarity acknowledged.

“Hmm, that’s pretty harsh,” Spike’s eyes widened.

“I heard that one time she suspended a student just for having an IPhone turned on during class. So, it is really important that you keep yours turned off while she’s talking,” Sunset warned him.

“Duly noted,” Spike nodded.

Seeing that Ms. Harshwhinny hadn’t shown up yet, Applejack took the time to tell Spike about the rest of their classmates. She told him that the boy with long green hair was named Sandalwood and he was a part of the “eco-kids” at Canterlot High. He could also perform a baton-tossing routine with ease. The other boy with orange hair was named Sunburst. He was one of the smartest kids in the school and he was planning on being an astronomer when he graduates from college. The blonde girl was named Derpy Hooves. Spike learned that Derpy had a big and strange fascination with muffins. At breakfast, and even lunch and dinner, Derpy would always have a muffin on her. The last two students in the classroom were of course Lyra Heartstrings and Sweetie Drops, the two girls that Spike passed by in the hallway. He learned that Sweetie Drops was given a nickname by her mother: Bon-Bon. And Lyra occasionally called her by that nickname whenever they were in good moods.

“So Lyra Heartstrings and Sweetie Drops have been best friends since preschool?” Spike said in wonder.

“Of course. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen them apart,” said Rarity.

“They even danced together at last year’s Spring Fling, cheek-to-cheek and all,” Applejack chuckled.

“There have been rumors that those two are actually lesbians behind closed doors,” Sunset put in.

There was only one thing that Spike could say in response: “Whoa!”

At that moment, they were approached by a different teenage girl about Fluttershy’s age. She had light sky blue eyes and bright cyan colored hair, which was cut about halfway to her shoulders. She was wearing a light purple shirt, red and peach striped skirt, and purple boots with red ribbons tied at the top.

“Hi, girls,” the teenage girl said softly.

“Ah, Miss Coco Pommel! It’s so nice to see you, darling!” Rarity squealed in delight and kissed both of Coco’s cheeks.

“You know her?” Spike asked in surprise.

“Why, of course!” Rarity exclaimed. “She works with me over at my Carrousel Boutique in downtown. She develops the best-selling clothes in the city, besides me, of course.”

“I used to work for another girl at Crystal Prep; Suri Polomare,” Coco said sadly. “Thankfully, Rarity helped me see that Suri cared for no one but herself. So I quit working for Suri, left Crystal Prep, got a job at the Carrousel Boutique, and transferred to CHS.”

“Whoa, it sounds like you went through all lot over time,” Spike said in awe.

“Yes indeed, but I have to admit that everything worked out in the end,” Coco nodded.

The door to the classroom suddenly slammed open and there stood Ms. Harshwhinny. She had dark blue eyes and golden hair. For her attire, she wore a dark purple jacket over a white shirt, a light purple scarf around her neck, black pants and shoes. The current expression on her face seemed to match her identity; harsh.

“Sit down and pipe down at once!” Ms. Harshwhinny shouted boldly.

Almost instantly, any student standing up found his/her way to a desk and sat down in the chairs. The grumpy teacher strutted over to her desk and began to set up for her lecture of the day.

“Wow, she really IS harsh,” Spike whispered to Applejack.

“Exactly; and trying to reason with her while she’s in a foul mood is like poking a stick into a hornet’s nest,” the country girl whispered back.

“NO WHISPERING!” Ms. Harshwhinny snapped, making the students jolt back in their chairs at the sudden outburst.

While the teacher began the lesson, all of the students had the same wish in mind: they couldn’t wait for this class to be over.  

After History was thankfully complete, Spike once again went back to his locker to change cooks and headed off to Algebra. However, his path was soon blocked by three male bodies. When Spike looked up, he saw three teenage boys dressed up like a biker gang looking down on him with vicious green eyes. The first boy was over Bob’s height, he had spiked dark blue hair, was wearing a white T-shirt with a red vest over it, blue jeans, and red and white tennis shoes. The second boy had black hair, was just around Spike’s age and height. He was also wearing a vest over a white T-shirt, but it was gray instead of red. The rest of his attire was brown pants and dark gray tennis shoes. The third boy had orange hair and was at least a few feet taller than the first boy. Like the other two, he was also wearing a vest over a white T-shirt, except his was light gray. He also wore light blue jeans and light gray tennis shoes. All three of them were wearing spiked collars around their necks.

“Well, look what we have here, boys,” the one in the red vest spoke.

“A newbie!” the short one sniggered.

“Yeah, a little runt!” the tall one chortled.

“Who are you guys?” Spike asked as nicely as he could.

“The name’s Rover,” the boy in the red vest replied.

“I’m Spot,” the short one put in.

“And I’m Fido,” the tall one finished.

“Can I help you guys?” Spike asked, trying his best to be polite.

“We’re here to give you an official CHS welcome,” Rover announced.

“Oh, that sounds nice,” Spike started to smile.

“How do you want to start, Rover?” Spot inquired.

“I’m thinking we can start off with a painful wedgie, follow with a wet swirlie, and top it off by throwing him into a garbage can,” rover chuckled wickedly.

“Yeah!” the other Diamond Dogs boasted.

Before Spike could even react, Rover grabbed him from the back of his underwear and got ready to pull the underclothing up.

“Can’t we negotiate this?” Spike asked nervously.

“Tempting, but no,” the bully replied.

“Let him go, Rover,” came a male voice from behind them.

The three bullies turned and saw an angry Bob Nightwalker standing there with his arms crossed. Spike seemed to notice that Patrick wasn’t with them. The Diamond Dogs all recoiled in a mocking way, obviously not scared by the interference.

“Bob Nightwalker, what a surprise! We would’ve said “hello” had we seen you,” Rover let go of Spike’s underwear and walked towards the rich boy.

“You ought to watch this kind of behavior in a high school, Rover,” Bob growled in anger. “Especially when it comes to new students.”

“This new student’s just a runt,” Rover glared at Bob before he tried to swing a punch at Bob’s face.

However, Bob managed to dodge to punch and the bully went flying face first into some of the side lockers. The other two Diamond Dogs both winced at the impact while Spike started to snicker at Rover’s unfortunate collision. Rover got back onto his feet and rubbed his forehead with his hands.

“You’re so dead, rich boy,” Rover roared and swung his fists once more.

Bob dodged to the side again and stuck out his leg. Rover tripped over the stuck out leg and once again fell into the lockers. Spike started to chuckle at this misfortune. Rover and his two colleagues couldn’t say the same.

“You never give up, do you?” Bob asked, only to be grabbed from behind by Fido.

Spike tried to step in, but Spot grabbed onto his hoodie and pulled him into a headlock. Rover got back up onto his feet and cracked his knuckles and walked towards the trapped boys with an evil smirk on his bruised face.

“Now you’re gonna get it,” Rover sneered as he raised his fist to strike the gray haired boy in the face, until...

“ROVER!” a female voice shouted from behind them.

The bully froze with fear. He knew that voice all too well. When he turned around, he came face-to-face with none other than Principal Celestia, who of course had an angry, intimidating expression on her face. Standing beside her was none other than Patrick Moonbeam, who, in contrast to the principal, wore a playful, smug expression. Spot and Fido each let go of Bob and Spike upon instinct.

“Principal Celestia! I-I-I was just trying to make friends with the new kid,” he chuckled nervously.

“Oh, really?” Celestia squinted her eyes as she held up a tape recorder in her left hand. “That’s not what this tape recorder from Patrick says.”

She pushed down on a button on the recorder and Rover’s voice could be heard from when he first threatened Spike. “I’m thinking we can start off with a painful wedgie, follow with a wet swirlie, and top it off by throwing him into a garbage can.”

“It looks like the three of you just got hustled,” Patrick mocked them.

“All three of you in my office, now,” Principal Celestia ordered.



Rover sighed in defeat and motioned for the other two to follow him, and they all walked off to her office with their heads hanging in shame. Bob and Spike started to straighten out their hair and clothes as the principal approached them.

“Are you both okay?” Celestia asked in a caring tone.

“We’re a little shaken up, but we’re fine,” Spike answered.

“Bob, you didn’t punch Rover, did you?” she asked, since she realized that Rover’s face was all bruised up.

“I honestly didn’t punch him, Principal Celestia. I simply stepped to the side and he injured himself in the process,” Bob confessed.

“I can vouch for him, Principal Celestia,” Spike defended his new friend.

“Very well then, you’d better get to class before the bell rings,” Celestia said in relief before she handed back Patrick’s tape recorder and headed off towards her office to pass sentence to the three bullies.

“What class do you have next, Spike?” Bob asked.

“I have Algebra next,” Spike took a look at his class schedule.

“Great! I have that next as well,” the gray haired smiled.

“Aw, man! I have History with Ms. Harshwhinny next! Well, I better get going so I can get it over with,” Patrick groaned and he headed off in the direction that Spike came from prior.

“Good luck, Patrick!” Spike called out after him.

“Come on, Spike, let’s get to class,” Bob beckoned him as they both walked off in a different direction.

Bob and Spike walked until they reached the Algebra classroom. Spike looked around and once again saw new and familiar faces. He noticed the three girls, Minuette, Lemon Hearts and Twinkleshine, that he walked past earlier when he first arrived at CHS. They appeared to be gossiping about some sort of private matter, which Spike shrugged off. However, as he and Bob walked by, the three girls secretly looked after Spike and sighed with passion. Spike looked ahead and spotted Fluttershy sitting near the back, talking to two students that Spike had never met before. One of them was a girl about Applejack’s age; she had auburn eyes and dark blue hair. She was dressed in a cyan jacket over a blue-green shirt, dark blue pants and light blue boots. The second student was a boy around Patrick’s age; he had green eyes and black hair. His outfit consisted of a black T-shirt with a green stripe down the middle, blue jeans, and black tennis shoes with green laces.

“Hi Fluttershy, Ember, Thorax,” Bob called out to them.

“Hey, Bob,” Ember waved.

“How’s life treating you, bro?” Thorax asked.

“Same old, same old; and I escorted my new friend here,” the gray haired boy stepped aside and allowed Spike to be seen by the others.

“Oh, hello, Spike,” Fluttershy blushed upon seeing the younger boy again.

“So, you’re the famous Spike Drake that Bob and Patrick told us about? Well, it’s nice to meet your acquaintance,” Thorax said nervously.

“You’ll have to forgive Thorax. He can be a little insecure at times,” Bob spoke.

“That’s because I grew up in a family with a lot of siblings; five sisters and one brother. They sometimes boss me around and tell me what to do, despite the fact that I’m the second oldest kid in the family, just under my brother,” Thorax explained shamefully.

“And that’s when I assured him that the way he can gain more respect from his siblings is to be more assertive. Once he did that, it changed things for him,” Ember put in.

“Whoa,” Spike said in awe.

“Yeah, all of my sisters now respect and listen to whatever I tell them, except for my brother, since he is a stubborn piece of work at times,” Thorax added.

“Like my father always says: ‘Push past the pain!’” Ember

“You’re dad sounds fun,” Spike commented.

“Yeah, well anyway, it’s really nice to meet you, kid,” Ember smiled before she continued in her mind. ‘Wow, he’s even cuter than I thought he’d be!’

“It’s nice to meet you, too. So this is Algebra?” Spike questioned.

“Yeah, although it’s much more merciful than History,” Bob nodded.

“Yeah, I’ll bet it is,” Spike said.

“Where’s Patrick?” Ember asked.

“Let’s just say he’s brushing up on his History,” Bob smiled weakly.

“You don’t mean—?” Thorax gasped.

“Yep, he’s stuck with Ms. Harshwhinny right now,” Spike confirmed.

“Alas, poor Patrick! I knew him well!” Thorax cried dramatically.

“Don’t worry; if I know Patrick, he’ll be able to hold out 45 minutes with that grumpy woman,” Ember responded.

The door to the classroom opened again and the teacher entered. Her name was Ms. Cheerilee and she had lime green eyes and moderate cerise colored hair. She wore a brown vest over a white shirt, a dark green skirt covered with yellow flower symbols, light green knee socks, and brown boots. Her eyes and face just sparkled with attractiveness. Spike seemed to be marveled at her beauty.

“Okay, let’s quiet down please,” Ms. Cheerilee politely ordered. “It’s time to take roll call! Spike Drake?”

“Here,” Spike raised his hand.

“Bob Nightwalker?”

“Here,” Bob responded.


“Here,” she replied.


“Here,” he confirmed.


“Present,” Fluttershy said delicately.

After taking role with the rest of the class, Ms. Cheerilee turned to the chalkboard, picked up a piece of chalk and began to start the Algebra lesson. As Ms. Cheerilee was going over the lesson, she would occasionally take glances at Spike and a light blush would appear on both her cheeks.

‘Whoa, just looking at Spike gives me chills,’ the teacher said in her mind.  

Soon the lunch bell rang and the students were making their way to the cafeteria. All of them were anxious to see what was on the menu today. Today they were serving cheeseburgers with a side of French fries, a small bowl of fruit, and a piece of chocolate cake for dessert. Spike helped himself to pretty much everything on the menu and picked out a can of soda pop for his drink. He then looked out into the seating area and saw the other students going about their own business. After taking a good scan around the room, he spotted a vacant table in the center and started to walk towards it.

“SPIKE, OVER HERE!” a familiar shrill female voice suddenly shouted across the room.

Spike looked over and spotted the mane seven, Bob and Patrick sitting at a table on the far side of the cafeteria. Without hesitating, he began walking over to join them. As he was heading for the table, many of the female students began looking at him with lustful expressions. Lyra and Bon-bon licked their lips while Derpy panted heavily like a dog on a hot day. Minuette, Lemon Hearts and Twinkleshine all had bedroom eyes. Trixie and Starlight were starting to rub their arms nervously and passionately. And most of all, Ember was starting to feel wet just by looking at the green haired boy.

“Hey guys and girls,” Spike greeted his new friends as he reached the table and took a seat in between Twilight and Sunset.

“You didn’t think we were going to let you sit alone on your first day, were you?” Rainbow asked skeptically.

“Well, I never had any friends to sit next to at my old school,” Spike admitted.

“That’s really sad,” Fluttershy said sympathetically.

“Yeah, not a lot of fun!” Pinkie whined.

“Well, at least you’ve got some friends to sit with now, Sugarcube,” Applejack smiled.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Spike shrugged his shoulders.

“For the record, having a few friends can make a difference from no friends at all,” Bob spoke.

“Truer words were never spoken,” Twilight agreed.

“So, Patrick, did you like History?” Spike asked.

“Ugh!” was the response from the plump boy.

“I’m gonna take that as a no,” Spike nodded.

“I feel violated,” Patrick wheezed. “It’s like she was interrogating me for information, and I wanted to give it up, but I didn’t even know what it was!”

“Would you get over it already? You’re still alive,” Bob groaned.

“So, how do you like CHS so far, Spike?” Twilight asked.

“I’m really enjoying it, although I almost got bullied by some older boys,” Spike confessed.

“WHAT?!” the girls shouted in shock, causing everyone in the cafeteria to look their way in bewilderment.

“The Diamond Dogs tried to bully Spike today, just like they do to all new students,” Bob explained once the other students resumed their own business.

“Of all the rotten nerve!” Applejack frowned.

“Ugh, I despise those ruffians! They constantly pick on innocent students and smell like musky dogs!” Rarity commented in disgust.

“That’s probably one of the reasons why they got stuck with their gang name,” Patrick joked.

“They are pretty terrible party poopers,” Pinkie scowled.

“At least Bob and Patrick were there to help me, otherwise I would have gotten a wedgie, swirlie and a trash bath from those three,” Spike shivered at the thought of what he just mentioned.

“But remember Spike; Patrick and I won’t always be around to help you, so you’re gonna have to learn how to stand up for yourself in times of crisis,” Bob warned him.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Spike nodded. “But other than that, I think that I’m going to like it here at CHS,” he finished.

“That’s good to hear, Spike,” Twilight nodded.

“Another downside is that I’m not too keen on having all of the girls staring at me all the time. It’s really making me uncomfortable,” Spike continued.

“What’s so bad about it? I wouldn’t mind having the girls staring at me behind my back—” Patrick stopped in mid-sentence when he realized what the problem was. “Oh, I see what you mean.”

“Those girls are just doing some harmless flirting. They’ll tone it down eventually, darling,” Rarity clarified.

“And if they happen to get out of hand, then we’ll help you get through it,” Sunset said softly, while the other girls voiced their agreement.

“Are you going to eat that muffin, Lyra?” Derpy asked from their table.

“Oh, here they go again,” Bob groaned.

“Heh, classic Derpy,” Rainbow smirked.

“Hey, I kind of forgot; is Derpy the one who’s obsessed with muffins?” Patrick asked his adoptive brother.

“Derpy, are you sure you want my muffin? I mean, you already had one for breakfast this morning,” Lyra pointed out.

“Yes, please, just give it to me!” Derpy breathed deeply.

“Yeah, that’s her,” Patrick nodded his head.

Unknown to Spike, three girls around his age were also approaching the table. The first girl had a pink bow on her head, tangelo eyes and long red hair. She was wearing a light green shirt, blue jean shorts and orange boots. The second girl had green eyes and long purple and pink hair. This girl’s attire was a pink jacket over a striped T-shirt, yellow skirt, and pink boots. The third girl had purple eyes and lavender hair, which was cut up in a similar style to Ember’s hair. She was dressed in a black hoodie, green shorts and black boots. The three girls all had their sights set on the new boy.

“There he is, Crusaders. The new boy that Applejack told me about,” the one with the pink bow whispered.

“Oh, he’s so cute!” the second girl squealed happily.

“Yeah, he’s a decent-looking fella,” the third girl smirked.

“Just play it cool,” the first one said as they got closer to the table.

“Hey, little sis!” Applejack hooted to the red haired girl.

“Hey, big sis!” the first girl responded happily.

“Sweetie Belle!” Rarity squealed in delight.

“Hi, Rarity!” the second girl beamed.

“Hey, Scoot! What’s up?” Rainbow asked casually.

“Keeping it real!” the third girl crossed her arms with a smirk.

“Who are they?” Spike whispered to Twilight.

“They’re Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow’s little sisters,” Twilight answered.

“Is this Spike?” the red haired girl asked.

“Yup, this here is Spike Drake,” Applejack confirmed.

“Nice to meet ya, Spike. I’m Applebloom,” the red haired girl introduced herself.

“I’m Sweetie Belle,” the pink/purple haired girl put in.

“I’m Scootaloo,” the lavender haired girl finished.

“It’s nice to meet you all too,” Spike shook their hands politely.

“I’ll never wash this hand again,” Sweetie Belle whispered to the high heavens.

“Would you three like to join us for lunch?” Spike asked politely.

“YEAH!” Scootaloo exclaimed, until she forced herself to calm down and play it cool. “I mean, if it’s totally cool with you.”

“Sure, I would be honored if you would join us,” Spike smiled, while the others nodded in agreement.

So with that said, the three younger girls sat down at the table and Spike began to learn more about them. Applebloom was the younger sister of Applejack obviously, Sweetie Belle was Rarity’s younger sister, and Scootaloo was the adoptive little sister of Rainbow Dash. As it turned out, Scootaloo lost her parents in a car crash when she was only 3 years old and was put in an orphanage as a result. Rainbow Dash’s parents adopted her when she was 9 and she couldn’t have been happier. When the three girls met at Diamond Tiara’s 11th birthday party, they instantly became very good friends with each other. In fact, they became so inseparable, that overtime they became known as the Crusaders. They also mentioned that Diamond Tiara and her best friend, Silver Spoon, were not really friendly with other people, except for those who were either rich or in high-class standards. But other than that little nitpick, the Crusaders were good friends with just about everyone else, except for the Diamond Dogs as well.

“So you three really like it here at CHS?” Spike questioned after taking in all the information that he learned so far.

“Like it? We love it!” Sweetie Belle smiled.

“In fact, we love this school so much we even sing a song about it,” Scootaloo added.

“Song?” Spike raised an eyebrow.

“Don’t ask,” Patrick whispered to the green haired boy.

“What kind of song?” Spike asked anyway.

“What kind of song?” Applebloom repeated.

“We’ll tell you all about it!” Sweetie Belle smiled brightly.

“Just sit back and listen,” Scootaloo finished.

“You had to ask,” Patrick slapped his forehead while the three girls got up and started to sing their song.

"We're So Proud of our School"

When the three girls finished singing, Bob, Spike and the other girls clapped, but Patrick clapped at a slow pace.

“Wow! That was really catchy!” Spike said.

“Really?” the three girls asked hopefully.

“Yeah!” he nodded. “You should be in a band.”

“Don’t put crazy ideas into their heads, Spike,” Patrick hissed.

“Why didn’t we think of that, Crusaders?” Applebloom asked her two friends.

“Damn it,” the plump boy groaned.

“Patrick, watch your language!” Bob scolded.

“Sorry,” the striped haired boy hung his head shamefully.

At that moment, two girls around the Crusaders’ age just walked in with their lunch trays. They were Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. Diamond Tiara had light blue eyes and light purple hair. She was dressed in a yellow jacket over a black shirt, a light gray skirt, yellow boots, and wore a diamond tiara shaped hairclip in her hair. Silver Spoon had lilac eyes and light gray hair. She was dressed in a purple shirt, a pink skirt, and purple boots. She also wore a pearl necklace around her neck and light blue glasses over her eyes. Once the two girls spotted the Crusaders in front of them, they stopped and narrowed their eyes.

“Look, it those loser Crusaders again,” Diamond Tiara said disgracefully.

“We should avoid them at all costs,” Silver Spoon suggested.

“Bump, bump, sugar lump rump,” the two girls chuckled as they did their secret handshake routine.

The two girls were about to walk away, when they stopped after taking a glance at the back of Spike’s head.

“Wait a minute! Who’s that kid with the green hair?” Diamond Tiara asked in wonder.

“That must be Spike Drake himself!” Silverspoon gasped in realization.

“Spike Drake? The new student that every girl is gossiping about?!”

“The one and the same.”

“Silver Spoon, are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“That we should go over there, introduce ourselves to him, and ask him to sit with us over at the cool kids table?”

“Exactly, now let’s go.”

The two high-class girls walked over to the table and caught the attention of everybody sitting there, and all of them, save Spike, were completely shocked that Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon just approached them. All three of the Crusaders quickly frowned at their sudden presence.

“Greetings, Mr. Nightwalker, Mr. Moonbeam, girls,” Diamond Tiara said as politely as she could.

Now this was a surprise for Bob, Patrick and the girls, since Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon never had the courtesy to greet them in a friendly manner before. Knowing that it was rude to ignore a greeting from a female, Bob cleared his throat and responded to Diamond Tiara’s salutation.

“Uh, hello, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon,” Bob said hesitantly. “It’s nice to see the both of you today...I think.”

The others gave their own greetings, while the Crusaders only groaned at the twosome’s presence, until they were ordered to give a more polite greeting by Applejack and Rarity. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon ignored the three girls and turned their gazes over to Spike.

“And who might you be?” Diamond Tiara asked with flirtatious eyes.

“Oh, I’m Spike Drake,” Spike introduced himself once again.

“Spike Drake? That is such a handsome name for a boy like you,” Silver Spoon winked.

“Oh, uh...thank you,” Spike started to sweat.

“I’m Diamond Tiara, daughter of billionaires, Filthy Rich and Spoiled Rich,” Diamond Tiara introduced herself.

“And I’m Silver Spoon, best friend of Diamond Tiara,” Silver Spoon introduced herself next.

“It’s nice the meet the both of you?”

“Yes, it is nice, isn’t it?” Diamond Tiara did a hair flip.

“I hate to interrupt this...friendly moment, but why are you two here?” Patrick questioned.

“Well, Silver Spoon and I were wondering is Spike would like to sit with us for lunch today,” Diamond Tiara slid over to Spike and cupped his chin with her hand and gazed into his eyes lovingly. “I promise that we can make it worth your while.”

Spike was completely flabbergasted, since just about every girl and their sister was hitting on him on the first day. “Oh, uh, well, um...”

“Just a cotton pickin’ minute!” Applebloom spoke boldly while standing up, eventually followed by the rest of the girls. “You two can’t just waltz up here and steal Spike away like that!”

“We just did. Besides, I’m sure that Spike would much rather sit with rich, high class girls like us instead of average, middle class girls like you,” Silver Spoon smirked derisively.

“With all due respect, girls, I believe that Spike is sitting with us today,” Rarity stepped in.

“Keep your snooty nose out of this!” Diamond Tiara growled.

“How dare you! Unlike you, my friends and I are most of the time the emphasis of hospitality and good manners! H-m-ph!” Rarity huffed.

“Exactly! H-m-ph!” Pinkie raised her nose in the air.

Both sides continued to squabble, which gained some unwanted attention from the other students in the cafeteria. Unable to take anymore bickering, Spike inhaled and released a loud whistle, causing the girls to stop arguing and cover their ears. Bob and Patrick also had to cover their ears since they weren’t very fond of loud noises. After they had quieted down, Spike stood up and got in between his new friends and the two rich girls.

“Look, can we all just calm down?” Spike said before turning to face Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. “I really appreciate the offer, but I think I’m going to sit with my new friends today. I really want to take this time to get to know them. Maybe I can sit you some other time.”

The two girls were slightly heartbroken with this answer, but knew that he made a good point. They could always sit with Spike at lunch another time. Not wanting to show their disappointment, the two rich girls managed to keep a brave face.

“Oh...very well then. Come along, Silver Spoon, we know when we’re not wanted,” Diamond Tiara held onto her composure as she began walking away.

“Quite right,” Silver Spoon nodded as she tagged along with her best friend.

Spike was about to speak out to them, when Applebloom spoke up as Spike and the girls sat back down in their seats. “Trust me, Spike, you don’t want to hang around the likes of them.”

“I really hate those two!” Sweetie Belle growled.

“Sweetie Belle, watch your tone!” Rarity lightly scolded.

“But still, she does make a good point,” Patrick pointed out. “Those two girls aren’t exactly the friendly sort of people here at CHS.”

“See? Patrick understands why we can’t stand them,” Applebloom gestured a hand in the plump boy’s position.

“What exactly is wrong with them?” Spike raised an eyebrow.

“Everything! They’ve been mean to all three of us ever since we met them in kindergarten and onwards,” Scootaloo explained.

“The fact is that those two are a couple of rotten apples,” Applebloom crossed her arms.

“Well, maybe they’re not as bad as they appear to be,” Spike said.

“What do you mean?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“In the words of Harper Lee; try putting yourself in their boots. Maybe you don’t know them as well as you think,” Spike explained.

“Spike’s right, you shouldn’t judge someone until you get to know them for who they really are,” Bob agreed.

The Crusaders began thinking this information over. Were they really judging Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon properly or was there always something more to them? After carefully processing this thought, the friends resumed eating their lunch. They also took this time to get to know more about Spike, which made them fonder of him than before.

Soon the bell rang, signifying that the lunch period was over. After biding each other good bye, the group of friends began to head off to their next classes of the day. Within the crowd of students, Spike walked alongside Bob, Patrick and Rainbow Dash.

“What class do you have next, Spike?” Bob asked.

“Gym,” he answered.

“Awesome! I have that class next too!” Rainbow cheered.

“You do?” Spike’s eyes widened with interest.

“Yeah and getting to play all kinds of sports in gym is awesome!” Rainbow beamed.

“As long as it isn’t dodgeball,” Patrick shuddered.

“Why don’t you like dodgeball?” Spike questioned.

“Because it’s really hard to dodge all of those rubber balls flying straight towards you at full speed,” the striped haired boy clarified.

“Well, I’m sure that we won’t have to play dodgeball on the first day of school,” Bob assured them as they walked towards the gymnasium.  

In the gymnasium, the students were chatting amongst themselves. The students also changed out of their normal clothes and were now wearing gym uniforms. The boys were wearing blue colored uniforms while the girls wore red colored uniforms. Spike was standing in a corner of the gym with Bob, Patrick and Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash kept herself occupied by doing some body stretches, while Bob and Patrick glanced up at the ceiling, lost in a daze. Spike took a gaze around and noticed that there were more students that he hasn’t met before. There were two teenage girls around Applejack’s age standing by the bleachers, casually gossiping to themselves. One of the girls light brown eyes and blue/white hair. The other girl had purple eyes and light teal hair. Not too far away from the girls were two boys around Spike’s age. One of them was short and plump, while the other skinny and slightly taller. The plump boy had orange hair, green eyes and beaver-shaped buck teeth. The skinny boy had green hair and brown eyes. On the other side of the gym, two more boys about Bob’s age were talking to each other. The first boy had sky blue eyes and spiky hair just like Spike, except that it was blue. The second boy was taller and muscular with red eyes and golden hair.

Bob took notice of Spike looking at the other students and decided to tell him their names. The girl with light teal hair was Flitter, the girl with blue/white hair was Cloudchaser, the plump boy was Snips, the skinny boy was Snails, the boy with blue hair was Flash Sentry, and the muscular boy was Bulk Biceps. Flitter and Cloudchaser were twin sisters who were into all kinds of sports just like Rainbow Dash. Snips and Snails were brothers who were always trying to find girlfriends, but every time they try to talk to girls, they only come out as awkward and desperate. Flash Sentry was the leader of his own band called Flash Drive and he was a master on the electric guitar. Bulk Biceps was one of the strongest, yet kind-hearted, boy in the entire school. Spike then shifted his glance back towards Flitter and Cloudchaser, and noticed that they were giving him flirtatious winks and blew kisses his way. This little love gesture made Spike back up in confusion.

“I wonder why all of the girls are always staring at me,” Spike wondered.

“Girls usually tend to go after the new boy,” Bob replied. “Believe me; they practically came after me and Patrick the first time the both of us came here. I’m sure that it’ll blow over soon.”

Spike thought about it for a minute and deep down, he knew that Bob made a good point. Eventually, the girls would calm down around him. Rainbow Dash finished with her stretches and walked over to the three boys.

“Ah, now this is what I call a uniform that I can move around in,” Rainbow Dash said as she breathed comfortably.

“Yeah, these uniforms feel really comfortable,” Spike smiled.

“That’s because Rarity had a helping hand in making them,” Rainbow nodded.

“That figures,” Bob smiled knowingly.

“My shorts feel kind of weird. Maybe Rarity got some of the measurements wrong,” Patrick winced.

“Either that or it’s probably because you’ve got them on backwards,” Bob rolled his eyes.

Patrick took a peek into his shorts and saw that the tag was on the wrong side, indicating that the shorts were indeed on backwards.

“Oh, Jiminy Cricket! I’ll be right back,” Patrick groaned before he walked off somewhere private to put the shorts on correctly.

When Patrick was out of sight, Spike noticed that a girl around Rainbow’s age was walking over to their location. She had hazel colored eyes and long, golden hair. Spike noticed that Bob had a worried expression on his face while Rainbow had an angry expression on hers.

“Well, look what we have here,” the golden haired girl smirked.

“Hello, Lightning Dust,” Rainbow greeted coldly.

“Rainbow Dash,” Lightning Dust replied with an equally irked expression.

“Oh, boy, it’s the match of the century,” Bob groaned as he face-palmed his forehead.

“They know each other?” Spike questioned.

“Yeah, they met at the tryouts for the Wonderbolts Football Team. They ended up getting paired up with Lightning Dust being the team leader and Rainbow Dash being the subordinate,” Bob explained.

“And in the end, it was Rainbow’s fault that I got kicked out of the tryouts! She just had to go sucking up to Captain Spitfire about how I happened to be a little over-the-top with the other players. And when I got kicked out, Rainbow was promoted to team leader,” Lightning said hatefully.

“MY fault? You’re the one who recklessly injured a lot of the opposing team members just to win a goal and you know it!” Rainbow snarled in response.

“Hey, when it comes to sports, you have to do anything to win!” Lightning boasted.

“That’s not how you play sports. When you play any kind of sport, you also have to take into account the wellbeing of not only yourself and your own team, but the other team as well,” Bob intervened.

“I don’t recall asking for your input!” Lightning glared at the rich boy.

“Bob does make a good point. You always have to have sportsmanship when playing sports,” Spike spoke up.

Once that was said, Lightning Dust turned her gaze towards him and her annoyed expression turned into one of passion.

“And who might you be?” she asked kindly.

“Don’t change the subject!” Rainbow yelled accusingly.

“I just asked him what his name is,” Lightning shrugged innocently.

“My name is Spike Drake,” Spike answered.

“Awesome name,” Lightning winked.

“Brown-nose,” Rainbow muttered angrily.

At that moment, Patrick returned with his shorts on the right way. “Man, I’m 18 years old and I’m still putting my clothes on backwards.”

“I still think it’s ironic that you know how to use a microwave when you can’t put your clothes on the right way,” Bob chuckled.

“Ha-ha,” Patrick laughed sarcastically until his eyes narrowed after spotting Lightning Dust. “Well, look who’s back.”

“Patrick Moonbeam, how’s your face been all this time?” Lightning asked mockingly.

“Better since the time you bushwhacked it,” Patrick crossed his arms.

“What did she do?” Spike questioned.

“I’ll tell you what she did. Bob and I were visiting Rainbow during the tryouts and after Lightning got kicked out of the tryouts, she punched the left side of my face as she stormed by,” Patrick explained.

“Afterwards, Patrick had a black eye and a sore cheek,” Bob finished.

“Well, it wouldn’t have happened if “skittle-head” here didn’t rat me out,” Lightning scorned.

That sentence finally got on Rainbow’s last nerve, since the rainbow haired girl cracked her knuckles while her face turned red in anger. “SHUT UP!”

She leapt to attack Lightning, but Bob and Patrick quickly blocked her path. Rainbow reached her arms out to try and strangle Lightning Dust, who just backed up and gave Rainbow a mocking innocent face.

“My, my, what a temper you’ve got there,” Lightning chuckled.

Finally having enough, Rainbow shoved Bob and Patrick out of the way and ran up until she was face to face with Lightning Dust. Knowing he had to act fast in order to avoid a fight breaking out, Spike jumped in between the two girls and placed a hand on both of their abdomens, trying to keep the athletes apart.

“Now come on, you two. Can’t you guys just put the past behind you and reconcile?” Spike asked.

The two girls felt flustered that Spike had his hands on their bodies, but eventually shook it off as they kept annoyed glances at each other.

“Not likely,” Rainbow shook her head.

“As if,” Lightning also shook her head.

“It seems to me that they’re never going to get along with each other, Spike,” Bob shook his head.

“I always thought the reason why they never get along is because they’re so much alike,” Patrick spoke.

“LIKE HER?!” Rainbow and Lightning both yelled to the plump boy at the same time.

“I rest my case,” Patrick nodded.

Lightning shook off Patrick response and shoved Rainbow away before she wrapped her arm around Spike, causing him to sweat. “So, anyway, are you fond of sports, Spike?”

“Y-yeah, I-I enjoy sports,” he answered nervously.

“In that case, maybe I can teach you some of my special moves,” Lightning grinned maliciously. “And I’ll probably even give you something else in advance.”

Acting fast, Rainbow grabbed ahold of Spike and pulled him out of Lightning’s grasp while giving her an enraged glare.

“You’re the last person he would ever take advice from!” Rainbow barked.

“Like you could be a better teacher?”

“I couldn’t do worse!”

“The problem is you’re just jealous!”

“Jealous of what? Jealous of your recklessness? Of your selfish arrogance? Of the fact that you don’t care who you step on to get whatever it is that you want?”

“To name a few!”

Not taking any more of this constant bickering, Spike once again got in between the two of them and pushed them apart.

“ENOUGH! Look at you two. You’re making a scene in front of other students!” Spike growled as he gestured to the other scholars, who were all watching the drama from the sidelines. Rainbow Dash and Lightning Dust took a look at all of the eyes that were staring at them, which caused their cheeks to turn a shade of red in embarrassment.    “Now, Lightning Dust, while I’m flattered that you would like to teach me what you know about sports, I’d rather learn from the coach today.”

Lightning Dust thought about what he said and wanted to continue trying to win him over, but for once she couldn’t bring herself to do it. It’s almost like she got some sense knocked into her.

“If that’s what you want, then I respect your answer,” Lightning nodded supportively.

“Thank you,” Spike thanked her before she walked away to another part of the gym.

“How do you do that?” Patrick asked.

“Do what?” Spike raised an eyebrow.

“How do you talk some sense into others?” the plump boy asked again.

“I don’t know. It’s probably just who I am,” Spike shrugged.

“It’s almost time for class to start,” Bob noticed that the time for the beginning of gym class was growing near.

“Let’s just get this class over with,” Patrick grumbled.

“Where’s the coach already?” Rainbow began to grow restless.

“I don’t know. The coach should’ve been here by now,” Bob said in unease.

“I just hope that this coach is more merciful than Ms. Harshwhinny,” Patrick shuddered. “I remember that Coach Spitfire is more understanding despite her firm nature.”

“Didn’t you hear the news? Spitfire is taking a temporary leave of absence,” Bob said.

“Why?” the striped haired boy asked.

“She’s taking a break from coaching at CHS for a while to rejoin as Captain of the Wonderbolts football team,” Rainbow Dash explained.

“Well, then who’s our new coach?” Patrick asked again.

“STUDENTS!” a harsh voice yelled out from the side.

Everyone in the room whipped their heads around to see a large man standing in the doorway. The man had a silver nose ring through his schnozzle and apparently had strong muscles just about everywhere on his body. He had dark blue eyes and dark blue hair shaped into a Mohawk. He was dressed in a blue tank top, dark blue athletic pants and black tennis shoes. The man had an intimidating look on his face powerful enough to send shivers down a person’s spine.

“I am Coach Iron Will and I am your worst nightmare!” the large man growled, causing the students, except for Rainbow Dash, to gasp in terror. “From now until the end of the semester, I’m in charge! You will listen to any order I give you! By the end of the semester, all of you will be turned into assertive machines!”

“I wonder if somebody else will switch classes with me,” Snips whispered to Snails, who nodded in agreement.

“SILENCE IN THE RANKS!” Iron Will snapped, causing the two boys to shiver. “Now, to start off the semester, all of you will be competing in an obstacle course outside!”

Rainbow Dash, Lightning Dust and Bulk Biceps all perked up after hearing this, but the same couldn’t be said for the other students.

Outside, the students faced a large obstacle course that they were definitely going to have to participate in. The first step was swinging on a rope over a large sand pit. The second step was running through a tire field. The third step was jumping over a total of 8 hurdlers. The fourth step was walking on a narrow balance beam. The fifth step was jumping over some hay bales. The sixth step was climbing on the monkey bars. The seventh and final step was climbing over the wall climb. While Rainbow Dash, Lightning Dust and Bulk Biceps looked enthusiastic about the obstacle course, the others were a little uneasy about it.

“It’s a nightmare, I tell you!” Patrick cried out.

“I’ve actually seen worse,” Spike spoke nervously.

“Like what?” Bob asked.

“I accidentally walked in on my mom in her birthday suit once,” the green haired boy shuddered at the memory.

“I’m sorry for you,” the gray haired boy said sympathetically.

“Okay, I take back what I said earlier; dodgeball is fine,” Patrick quivered.


Once the whistle was blown, the students dashed off to start the obstacle course. Rainbow and Lightning were the first ones to reach the rope swing. Just like daring Do in one of her adventure novels, Rainbow swung over the gap with ease, with Lightning not too far behind. Right after the two girls, Spike ran up to the rope, grabbed ahold of it, and also swung across the gap with ease. While Bob and Patrick were coming up behind him, Spike dashed off to finish the rest of the course. Spike zipped past Lightning Dust, much to her surprise, and he found himself running side-by-side with Rainbow Dash. Rainbow gave him a wink and he gave her a wink in return, causing her to mentally sigh with passion. Soon the students reached the monkey bars and most of them didn’t think they could go on any longer.

“Holy marathon, we just got to the monkey bars and I’m already pooped!” Patrick announced.

“Less talking, more climbing!” Bob beckoned his brother.

After climbing over the wall climb, Spike was still in the lead with Rainbow Dash, with Lightning Dust not too far behind. Her eyes happened upon Spike’s butt and she started licking her lips with hunger.

‘I have to admit, this kid is fast, but not fast enough. Still, he’s got a cute ass,’ Lightning said in her head while she gazed at Spike’s behind while trying to keep up.

After all of the students ran the obstacle course 5 times in a row, most of them collapsed onto the ground except for Spike, Bob, Rainbow Dash and Lightning Dust. Iron Will frowned at the students on the ground before he let it slip.

“Iron Will is impressed! Most of you have gained Iron Will’s outmost respect, but some of you have a long way to go! Now head for the showers, ladies!” Iron Will said boldly before pointing back

“Did he just call us ladies?” Patrick asked awkwardly.

“Don’t ask,” Bob replied.

“I already did,” Patrick pointed out.

“I’m so tired. I don’t think I’ll be able to walk again,” Snails wheezed.

“Well, it could be worse,” Snips panted.

At that moment, something large blocked their path. The two boys looked up to see an angry Iron Will looking down on them like Chernabog from Fantasia.

“Hold it! You two were 5 seconds over from the requested time! And for that, the both of you will drop and give me 50 push-ups!” Iron Will said sternly to Snips and Snails.

“I don’t want to do push-ups,” Snails whined.

“PUSH-UPS!” Iron Will shouted and blew his whistle even louder, causing the two boys to fall to the ground and started their assigned number of push-ups, making them even more miserable then before.  

Back in the boys’ locker room, they each took a quick shower, dried off and got back into their regular clothes. While they were doing this, they were still trying to recover from the harsh methods of Coach Iron Will, especially Snips and Snails.

“I feel violated,” Flash wheezed.

“Tell me about it,” Snips breathed heavily.

“I wonder which teacher is the most severe so far; Ms. Harshwhinny or Iron Will,” Snails wondered.

“I’m still trying to figure that out since it’s hard to tell which one is the lesser of two evils,” Patrick whimpered.

“Get ahold of yourselves, boys. We can’t let them break us down like that,” Bob encouraged them.

“Bob’s right, we have to be strong if we’re going to survive the year at this rate,” Spike nodded.

“YEAH!” Bulk shouted strongly.

In the girls’ locker room, the girls were going through the same routine that the boys were doing. The only ones who seemed to be unaffected by Iron Will’s harsh methods were Rainbow Dash, Lightning Dust, and to a certain extent, Flitter.

“Whoo! What a rush! I can’t wait to do that again!” Flitter squealed in delight.

“Again? That obstacle course didn’t bother you?” Cloudchaser said in bewilderment.

“Nope!” Flitter shook her head happily.

“Oh, please! That obstacle course was nothing I couldn’t handle! The whole thing was just a bunch of worthless challenges,” Lightning boasted.

“You’re pretty much full of it,” Rainbow remarked.

“That’s just what I expected you to say, Dash,” Lightning rolled her eyes.

“Girls, you gotta admit, Spike looked very fearless when he ran through the obstacle course,” Flitter giggled.

“Totally! Doesn’t he seem like an awesome boy?” Cloudchaser beamed.

‘Yeah, an awesome boy,’ Rainbow sighed lovingly to herself.

After resting for a few more minutes, the bell rang, indicating that it was time for the students to head off to their next classes. Once the students had left, Iron Will marched out of the gym proudly with his head up.

“Once again, Iron Will, you turned those weaklings into assertive machines!” Iron Will laughed to himself.

However, he unknowingly ended up walking onto a freshly mopped floor and slid out of control. He flailed his arms around trying to regain his balance but he ended up slipping and fell onto his stomach. The force of the fall caused him to slide into the wall headfirst. Once his head made contact with the wall, he began to see butterflies flying around his head. At that moment, Derpy came around the corner wearing a janitor’s outfit and holding a mop. She saw the state Iron Will was in and gasped in bewilderment.

“Oh, did I forget to put out the “Wet Floor” sign again? Oops, my bad!” Derpy announced confusingly.

It was time for the last class of the day: Drama. It turned out that Patrick is once again in the same class as Spike. After regaining their strength back, Spike and Patrick walked down the hallways, looking around for the classroom. The two boys soon stopped in their tracks when they saw a slightly older teenage boy approaching them. He had light teal eyes and long, golden hair. The outfit he was dressed in was a dark gray, long sleeved collared shirt, blue jeans and tan shoes.

“Blueblood,” Patrick greeted the boy coldly.

“Moonbeam,” Blueblood greeted back with the same tone before his eyes shifted to Spike. “Let me take a wild guess, you’re Spike Drake, the new boy I’ve been hearing about, correct?”

“Uh...yes?” Spike nodded as Blueblood narrowed his eyes.

“Good, because I’ve been hearing so much about you from the girls at this school.”

“You have?”

“Yes and I want to give you a fair warning: I have a reputation as being the most attractive boy in this school and I don’t like competition. So stay away from all of the girls around here.”

Spike couldn’t believe what he was hearing. This older boy was actually trying to order him around like he was the head of the school. Well, Spike was not going to take this lying down.

“Well, if the girls decide that they want to talk to me, I’m not going to ignore them,” Spike said bravely.

“Maybe I wasn’t clear, you’re not allowed to go near or speak to any of the girls here until you graduate,” Blueblood stepped closer, until Patrick stepped in front of Spike with an annoyed expression.

“Hey, you can’t tell my new friend here what to do, you royal pain!” Patrick spoke up.

“You keep out of this, Moonbeam, or I’ll make you obey my rule, too! I don’t care who your brother is!” Blueblood retorted.

“BLUEBLOOD!” a familiar, trans-Atlantic English voice came from behind them. When the three boys turned around, they spotted both Rarity and Pinkie Pie standing there with angry expressions.

“Oh, um, hello, ladies,” Blueblood tried to regain his coquettish composure, but it didn’t seem to work.

“Drop the act! We know what you’re trying to do; you’re trying to force Spike into avoiding us just so you can have the attention of every girl in this school all for yourself! So let me give you a warning: stay away from Spike or we’ll go straight to your Aunts so they can whip you into shape!” Rarity pointed an accusing finger in his face.

“Yeah, you big meanie!” Pinkie also scolded him.

“Hmph!” Blueblood huffed as he stormed off, leaving the two boys and two girls alone in the hallway.

“Are you alright, Spike?” Rarity asked in worry.

“Yes, but who was that?” the green haired boy

“That was Blueblood, Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna’s nephew,” Patrick answered.

“He is without a doubt the most selfish, arrogant boy I’ve ever met!” Rarity huffed.

“Yeah, he’s a real party pooper,” Pinkie said with squinted eyes.

“What did he mean by he doesn’t care who Bob is?” Spike turned to Patrick.

“Bob and Blueblood have a bit of a complicated history. Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna usually preferred Bob over Blueblood because Bob was the more helpful and unselfish one. Blueblood was so angry that he challenged Bob to a wrestling match, which Bob eventually won and gained a huge amount of respect from the school that Blueblood used to have. So Bob and Blueblood have been sworn enemies ever since,” Patrick explained.

“You know, that’s still a lot to take in when you say it all at once,” Pinkie commented.

“Come on, let’s get to class,” Rarity beckoned them and they continued to walk down the hallway.

After another minute of walking, they finally arrived at their drama class. The interior of the classroom was phenomenal. On one side of the room stood a row of bleachers similar to those in the gymnasium. On the other side of the room was a slightly smaller stage with red stage curtains hung up behind it. Above the stage was a small catwalk that held some stage lights directed towards the stage. And once again, there were more students that Spike hasn’t acquainted yet. There was a boy around his age with both lavender eyes and hair. The boy wore a white T-shirt, dark gray pants, and black and white tap shoes. There were also three new teenage girls that he hasn’t met before. The first girl had white hair and wore thick magenta colored glasses/goggles over her eyes. She wore a black top with white stripes, a magenta scarf around her neck, a black skirt with multiple pink diamond symbols and a pink and white stripe at the bottom, and black go-go boots. The second girl had dark gray hair and light purple eyes. She was wearing a purple top over a white button-up shirt, a pink bowtie around her neck, a pink skirt with a treble clef symbol, white knee socks and black shoes. She also held a cello instrument in her hands. The third girl had dark blue hair with teal streaks and, much like the first girl, wore magenta colored glasses over her eyes. She was dressed in a white spring jacket, white skirt with a double musical note symbol, magenta pants with pink lightning bolt symbols, and light blue sneakers. She also had big headphones over her ears, which indicated that she was listening to music.

Pinkie Pie noticed that Spike was looking towards the other students and told him who they were, since she practically knew just about everybody at CHS. The young boy was named Tender Taps and his passion was tap dancing. The first girl was named Photo Finish and she was the one who was always taking pictures of everything at CHS whenever she needed to. The second girl was Octavia Melody and she was one of the main members of the CHS orchestra. The third girl was Vinyl Scratch (although her nickname was DJ Pon3), and she was the one in charge of creating remixes of music with her DJ mixers. After Pinkie filled him in with that information, he took another gaze and spotted a familiar girl putting on some lip-gloss while looking into a hand mirror. However, this girl was now wearing a purple wizard hat and cape decorated with star symbols over her normal clothes.

“Trixie?” Spike asked aloud, gaining the girl’s attention.

Trixie’s heart began racing once her eyes fell upon Spike’s face. Every time she looked at him, she began picturing in her mind about her and Spike falling in love, getting married and starting a family. However, she broke the mental fantasy and jumped out of her seat in a split second.

“Spike! It’s so good to see you again!” Trixie immediately zipped over to him and embraced him.

“It’s...good to...see you...too,” Spike struggled to say due to Trixie squeezing him too hard.

Rarity and Pinkie started to envy Trixie’s close contact with Spike, but relented themselves from tackling the magician since they didn’t want to make a scene. Soon, Spike and Trixie broke the embrace, but her eyes never left him.

“I can’t believe you’re taking drama!” Trixie beamed.

“I definitely can believe that you are. I take it that you’re taking drama because you love to perform magic tricks?” Spike raised an eyebrow.

“Naturally, since no one is better at magic than the Great and Powerful Trixie!” Trixie proclaimed.

“Well, I know some magic tricks too. I’m not just a wiz at voices,” Patrick stepped in.

“Ah, Patrick Moonbeam, my second favorite boy here at CHS, it’s so good to see you again,” Trixie acknowledged him in a decent manner.

“You two know each other?” Spike’s eyes widened.

“Yeah, I used to be her stage assistant until something bad happened,” Patrick confirmed.

“What happened?” the green haired boy wondered.

“Well, one night while Trixie was working on a flame magic trick, I was wearing a hat made of firecrackers as part of the act, but when she accidentally lost control of the fire, it made my hat explode,” Patrick explicated.

“It didn’t explode; it burst into flames,” Trixie corrected him.

“And THEN exploded,” Patrick added.

“Well...yeah, that’s about right,” Trixie nodded shamefully.

“So, if Patrick’s your second favorite boy here, who is your first favorite?” Spike asked curiously.

“You, of course!” Trixie smiled passionately.

“Be careful, Spike,” Rarity whispered in his ear. “Trixie looks like she means well, but she sometimes lets her boastful ego get the best of her.”

“I don’t recall Spike asking for your input!” Trixie glared.

 “Well maybe I wouldn’t have to if you didn’t strut around like you’re the self-elected queen of magic!” Rarity argued back.

“And I guess that makes you the self-elected queen of fashion?”

“Take that back!”


“Hey, leave her alone! Fashion is her passion!” Pinkie butted into the argument.

“I’ve got a wedgie!” Patrick cried out, making the other four look towards him to see that he was grabbing the backside of his pants, which caused his cheeks to turn red. “Oh sorry, I guess I got caught up in the moment.”

Before the arguing could continue, Spike stepped in between both sides with a worried expression on his face.

“Alright, I think tempers are getting a little high right now, so how about you all calm down and respect each other for who you are?” Spike suggested.

The three girls thought about what Spike said and knew that he was right. Everybody was special in his/her own way and should never be put on the spot for it.

“I will if she will,” Rarity gestured her head over to Trixie.

“Trixie has no problems respecting others as long as they treat Trixie with respect,” Trixie said with her usual third-person manifestation.

“Okie dokie lokie!” Pinkie smiled.

At that moment, a young male voice cleared his throat. They turned around and saw Snips and Snails standing there with nervous smiles. The two boys were currently out of their gym uniforms and were now dressed in their regular clothes. Snips was wearing a black T-shirt with a symbol of a pair of scissors on it, blue jeans and red shoes. Snails was wearing a red shirt under a green jacket with a snail symbol on it, tan pants and red shoes.  Snips was holding a smoothie cup in his right hand and held it out to Trixie.

“A strawberry smoothie, just like you asked for,” Snips announced before Trixie grabbed to cup and brought the straw to her mouth.

“Very good,” Trixie smiled as she took a sip of the blended drink.

“Anything else we can get for you, Great and Powerful Trixie?” Snails asked.

“That will be all for now. Beat it,” Trixie demanded before taking another sip.

“Oh, of course, Great and Powerful Trixie,” Snails nodded.

“Anything you say. We are at your beck and call,” Snips did a bow.

“Do they always do whatever you tell them to?” Spike asked.

“Occasionally, most likely because they’re extremely loyal to me,” Trixie answered proudly.

“Yeah, we’re loyal,” Snails spoke, indicating that he and Snips were still there.

“TRIXE TOLD YOU TO BEAT IT!” Trixie screeched furiously, frightening the two boys.

“We’re gone,” Snips said before he and Snails zipped out of the classroom in the blink of an eye.

“Oh, those two get on Trixie’s nerves!” the magician groaned.

“And yet, why she keeps those two around? I have no idea,” Patrick whispered to Spike, making the latter chuckle.

“Well, what do we have here, girls?” a seductive female voice came from behind them.

The five turned around and spotted three very attractive teenage girls heading over to them. The first girl had lavender eyes and orange, poofy hair. She was wearing a one-piece purple dress with pink shoulder covers, pink leg stockings and purple boots. The second girl had violet eyes and purple hair with light blue streaks tied up in pigtails. Her outfit was composed of a light green shirt under a dark green, short open jacket, red-violet pants and magenta boots. The third and final girl had red-violet eyes and light blue hair with dark blue streaks done up in a ponytail. She was dressed in a moderate raspberry jacket with three blue laces and a dark pink collar, a light pink skirt and pink boots. All three girls had necklaces with a red gemstone as the centerpiece.

“It’s a new student!” the third girl hopped up and down excitedly.

“And not a bad looking one, either,” the second girl smirked.

“What’s your name, handsome?” the first girl asked.

“S-S-Spike D-D-Drake,” the green haired boy marveled at their beauty.

“What a gorgeous name. I’m Adagio Dazzle,” the poof-haired girl smiled.

“I’m Aria Blaze,” the pigtail girl said next.

“And I’m Sonata Dusk!” the ponytail girl shook Spike’s hand wildly.

“Oh, boy! We’ve got a singing group in the class! That’s so exciting!” Pinkie bounced up and down happily.

“You’re a singing group?” Spike questioned.

“Of course; we call ourselves the Dazzlings,” Adagio answered.

“We sing from time to time,” Aria said smugly.

“Actually, we sing ALL the time!” Sonata beamed, causing Aria to slap her forehead in irritation.

“So, Spike, would like to spend the rest of the day with us? We can make it worth your while,” Adagio asked as she ran a hand through Spike’s hair seductively. 

This action in turn caused Spike to blush intensely. Before Spike could answer, a hand reached out and pulled him back. Spike looked up and saw Rarity and Pinkie with irked expressions.

“I think you’re the last people Spike should ever associate with!” Rarity snapped.

“Hey, don’t hog the new boy all to yourself!” Sonata barked.

“We’ll hog who we wanna hog!” Pinkie growled.

“We’re not even hogging Spike at all! We’re merely protecting him from the likes of you!” Rarity declared.

“He doesn’t even need protecting,” Aria smirked.

“Some loving is what he really needs,” Adagio smiled wickedly.

“The only one who can love and protect Spike is the Great and Powerful Trixie!” Trixie butted into the argument.

Oy Vey,” Patrick rolled his eyes in annoyance.

“ENOUGH!” Spike yelled, causing all the girls to stop their squabble and look at him. “Look, Adagio, Aria and Sonata, I appreciate the invitation, but I already have plans after school today. Maybe we can hang out together some other time.”

The three girls were at a loss for words, but knew that Spike was expecting a response, so they swallowed their pride and smiled.

“Alright, Spike, if that is what you want, then we respect your decision,” Adagio said on their behalf.

That being said, the Dazzlings walked away to another section of the classroom. After calming down and apologizing for their impolite behavior, Rarity and Pinkie decided to introduce Spike to Vinyl, Octavia and Photo Finish. They first approached Photo Finish, who was oblivious to them at first until she turned and faced Rarity.

“Photo Finish, this is our new classmate, Spike Drake,” Rarity spoke to the photographer, who then looked down at Spike.

“Uh...hello?” Spike waved his hand.

“Halt that pose!” Photo Finish spoke boldly in a thick German accent.

Photo Finish then snapped her fingers and instantly two stylized female assistants appeared by her side with some make-up and lighting equipment. The assistants pointed the lights at Spike’s face and began applying some makeup to it simultaneously. Once Spike’s face had a decent amount of makeup, Photo began snapping multiple pictures of Spike, much to his bewilderment.

“What the—hey!” Spike cried out as Photo Finish was taking a lot of snapshots of him.

“Yes! Yes! You are a knight in shining armor! You are the chosen one for the damsel in distress! You are the Tarzan of Canterlot’s concrete jungle!”

“What’s happening?!” Spike cried out in fright just as Photo Finish was through taking pictures.

“Enough! You go!” Photo Finish barked at her two assistants, who immediately zipped out the room. “I will have the footage developed and get them back to you as soon as possible.”

Spike mumbled as he tried to get his sight back after nearly being blinded by the bright camera flashes. Rarity appeared by his side and helped support him.

“I apologize for her behavior, darling, but once she sees something that inspires her, she tends to get a little carried away,” Rarity smiled nervously.

“I definitely glean that,” Spike said.

Pinkie quickly brought over Octavia Melody and Vinyl Scratch to Spike and Rarity. “Octavia and Vinyl, this is the new student at Canterlot High, Spike Drake!”

“It’s nice to meet you both,” Spike said after he got his sight back.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you as well,” Octavia greeted.

“What’s up?” Vinyl gave a friendly wave after taking off her headphones.

“Pinkie told me earlier that you two are fond of music?” he questioned.

“Yes, I am in to classical music and ballet,” Octavia nodded.

“I’m more into and upbeat genres and remixes,” Vinyl confirmed.

Patrick looked up at the clock and saw that it was almost time for class to start. “Hey, it’s almost time to begin drama!”

“Goodness, we’d better take our seats!” Rarity gasped.

“YAY!” Pinkie cheered.

After a minute or so, all the students were sitting on the bleachers, waiting for the teacher to arrive.

“I wonder where the teacher is,” Rarity pondered in concern.

“I heard that the teacher of this class is one of the funniest people at CHS,” Pinkie whispered exuberantly.

“I can’t wait to see what he’s capable of,” Spike said with wonder.

“QUIET! Ve start now!” Photo Finish exclaimed.

At that moment, the lights in the classroom went out and a spotlight appeared on the stage curtains. This caused the students to awe in excitement, including Pinkie Pie and Sonata Dusk. Then, something started moving behind the curtains, indicating that there was something back there.

“What’s that?” Spike asked aloud.

“Oh, not a what, but a who!” a cheerful male voice exclaimed from behind the curtain.

After that sentence was announced, a middle aged man jumped out from behind the curtains. The man had red-brown eyes and gray/white hair. The man wore a brown sweater vest over a yellow dress shirt and black necktie, red pants with thin white stripes, and one of his shoes was light brown and the other shoe was light green. The man also had a small goatee beard on his chin. Despite his odd appearance, he seemed to be an enthusiastic type of person.

“Here’s DISCORD!” the male boomed, while the students, excluding Trixie, applauded for his great entrance.

“Meh, Trixie could’ve done better,” Trixie muttered.

“Is that our drama teacher?” Spike whispered.

“Yeah and there’s no one else better for it,” Patrick whispered back.

“As your Drama teacher, I expect nothing but the best from all of you, if you plan on surviving the course,” Discord chuckled. “Now one by one, I want you to show me what special talents each of you have, and we’re going to do it in SONG!”

"Friend Like Me"

Discord started singing in scat before he beckoned Spike to join in, followed by the rest of the class. While Discord began singing and dancing in free-style, he used Spike as an associate with the performance. Spike felt awkward during the number at first, but soon the music took ahold of his soul and he began to hip-hop dance with a burning passion. While the performances were happening, Photo Finish was busy taking photos of all the action, or as she called it, the magics. When Discord took a breather from dancing, Pinkie Pie zipped onto the stage with a huge smile on her face. She then grabbed some of her supplies from backstage and began to unravel what she had in mind for her captive audience.

“Can your friends do this? No really, can they? You’re welcome!” Pinkie laughed before she began to juggle colorful balls while balancing herself on a huge beach ball.

When the music became more exciting, Pinkie pushed up the ante by standing on one foot on the beach while she continued to juggle the smaller balls. Once she did enough antics, she did a backflip off of the beach ball and landed onto the stage before catching all of the smaller balls. This caused the students to applaud wildly while Discord zipped over with a microphone.

“And now it’s time to introduce the singing and dancing babes of CHS. Please give a warm hand to the Dazzlings!” Discord announced into the microphone before the curtains parted behind him and revealed the Dazzlings in Arabian harem outfits, courtesy of Rarity.

The Dazzlings began to dance seductively around Spike, causing him to become flustered. The other girls began to grow jealous of the way the Dazzlings were flirting with Spike. The three girls concluded their dance by giving Spike a few kisses of his cheeks. Once that was over, Discord came out wearing a cowboy outfit and placed a cowboy hat on Spike’s head. Discord then beckoned the green haired boy to join him in a brief square dance. After that, Patrick stepped onto the stage and spoke into a microphone.

“I’d like to bring the house down a little bit, sing a few old classics, couple of favorites of ours. I’ll get back to you in a second! Thank you!” Patrick announced as the lights started to fade to black.

When a single spotlight focused on him, Patrick began to sing a few popular Disney songs. He started with the song Beauty and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast, and then Part of Your World and Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid, then Hakuna Matata from The Lion King, before going right back to Beauty and the Beast. Once he was done, Trixie stepped in to unveil her magical abilities.

“Though he’s sitting here, watch Spike disappear right before your eyes!” Trixie announced as she pulled up a huge cloth that blocked Spike from the audience.

When Trixie pulled the sheet away, Spike was gone from sight. This caused the students to gasp in shock before Trixie pulled the sheet back up and down again revealing Spike back in the chair. Once they saw that Spike was back, they burst into applause and Trixie threw a smoke bomb down onto the stage, resulting in a huge eruption of smoke. Discord then popped out from behind the curtains again, but this time he was wearing a glittering tuxedo.

“Can your friends do this? Can your friends do that?” Discord asked as he began to dance again at the same time Tender Taps appeared on the stage.

“Can your friends do tap?!” Tender Taps asked before he broke into a tap dance.

Tender Taps randomly tap danced across the stage, causing all eyes to focus on him. Feeling the rhythm, Spike soon joined in the dance, eventually followed by everyone else, including Discord. Once the tap dance started to die down, Discord once again spoke into a microphone.

“Give me a doggy bag; we’re takin’ it home!” Discord announced as everybody joined him onstage for the grand finale.

All the students linked arms and began to perform the chorus line routine just like the Rockettes. Once they finished with the last lines of the song, they all burst into applause, implying their delight of showing off their talents and abilities. Spike’s heart was beating so fast in his chest, he was afraid it was going to burst. Eventually, they all calmed down, walked off the stage and sat down in their seats while Discord remained onstage.

“All right, it’s time for me to give you your student evaluations for starting out,” Discord announced as the students sat in their seats. “First off, Trixie Lulamoon, impressive magic tricks, although I find them to be slightly above average. Despite needing some more work, I still found your talent decent.”

This comment caused Trixie to scowl with irritation before muttering. “You wouldn’t know a talented magician if you tripped over one.”

“What was that?” Discord asked sternly with a raised eyebrow.

“Nothing, nothing at all,” she replied with a forced smile.

Shrugging it off, Discord continued down the line of students to give them his thoughts on how well they performed.

“Ms. Rarity, your outfits for each one of the students were spectacular! I don’t know how you manage it!” Discord beamed.

“Oh, I guess it’s just natural talent, darling,” Rarity smiled back.

“Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk, all three of you were spectacular dancers,” Discord complemented the three girls.

“We try not to brag,” Adagio said smugly.

“Though our act would’ve been better if Sonata wasn’t the worst,” Aria groaned.

“No, you’re the worst!” Sonata argued back.

After Discord quickly broke up the argument, he moved on to Pinkie Pie.

“Pinkie Pie, your antics are both entertaining and hilarious! You’ve definitely got true talent,” Discord said to the pink haired girl.

“Aw, shucks!” Pinkie playfully waved a hand in dismissal.

“Photo Finish, your camera angles and taken photos are definitely true masterpieces,” Discord smiled.

“I, Photo Finish, always aim to please!” the photographer boasted proudly.

“Octavia Melody and Vinyl Scratch, the both of you really know how to work with different kinds of music,” Discord hummed.

“Music is our passion in life. Isn’t that right, Vinyl?” Octavia spoke on their behalf, resulting in a nod and thumbs-up from the female DJ.

“Patrick Moonbeam, I have to say that you’ve got a good set of pipes in that throat of yours. I’m actually looking forward to hearing more voices from you this semester,” Discord gave the plump boy a thumbs-up.

“Well, in that case, I won’t disappoint you,” Patrick answered.

“Tender Taps, you really have a talent in tap dancing. How exactly do make other join in the dance with you?” Discord asked curiously.

“I guess it just comes naturally,” Tender responded.

“And finally, Spike Drake, you are the king of hip-hop! I expect to see big things from you in this class!” Discord happily finished.

“Thank you, Mr. Discord,” Spike grinned.

“Overall, all of you did very well. But this is only the preview, because the real show is about to begin!” Discord cackled amusingly.

It was eventually the end of the school day and the students made their way out of the building and wandered off in different directions. After bidding all of his new friends goodbye, Spike walked for about 15 minutes until he came to a stop in front of his new house.

He really started to enjoy the new house as time passed. However, he knew that he was really going to miss his old house from Manehattan. After all, that house was where Spike grew up in. It was where he said his first word, took his first step, and played as a child. Although it would never compare to his old house, Spike knew that he would be able to make brand new memories in this new house. As Spike unlocked the front door and stepped inside, he was instantly tackled to the floor by a big animal. Before he could react, he received a wet, sloppy lick on the face by a pink tongue. When Spike opened his eyes, he smiled as he looked up at the animal who pinned him down. It was Shadow, who was a black Labrador and the family dog.

David gave Shadow as a puppy to Spike when he was 10 and the two have been inseparable ever since.

“Hey, Shadow!” Spike chuckled as he patted the dog on the head. “Now get off me, buddy.”

Spike gave Shadow a gentle nudge with his hand and dog scooted off of the teenage boy’s body. He walked into the kitchen, scooped up some dog food into Shadow’s dog bowl and placed it on the doggy mat by the counter, allowing the black Labrador to eat to his heart’s desire. While Shadow was eating, Spike went over to the refrigerator and saw that his mother left a note on it.

‘~Spike, I will be home around 7:00 tonight. Your father will be home at around 8:00. We will have spaghetti, salad and garlic bread for dinner tonight. Love, Mom.’

“Great! Mom makes the best spaghetti ever!” Spike smiled brightly after reading the note.

After Shadow was done eating his dinner, Spike opened the patio door, allowing Shadow to wander out into the backyard to do his business. Once Shadow came back inside after a while, Spike closed the patio door and headed upstairs to his room. His room was everything that a boy like Spike Drake could ever want. There was a queen sized bed with green and purple pillows and comforter in one corner, a 55 inch plasma screen TV in front of the bed and placed on top of a wooden TV stand, a computer desk next to the TV with a laptop, and a closet located near the entrance to the room. There were also some posters of his favorite superheroes hung on the walls around the room, including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, etc. There was also a medium-sized bookshelf located on the other side of the TV.

On his bookshelf was a stack of his favorite comic book series, The Power Girls. On the bottom half of the bookshelf, he had a collection of some of his favorite Disney movies on Blu-ray, including The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Frozen, Zootopia, Big Hero 6, Moana, The Jungle Book, Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Sleeping Beauty, etc. he also had some superhero movies on Blu-ray, including, The Dark Knight, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, Batman (1989), Man of Steel, etc. At the side of his bed, there was a large doggy bed with Shadow’s name inscribed on the front of it. Knowing that he had nothing but time on his hands, Spike grabbed one of his Power Girls comics from the bookshelf, plopped down on his bed and began reading it, while Shadow laid down on his doggy bed and fell asleep.

At 8:30, Spike and his parents were sitting at the dinner table eating their delicious spaghetti, salad and garlic bread meal while Shadow laid under the table by Spike’s feet. Mary was a 36 year old woman with blonde hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a light purple shirt, pink pants and purple shoes. David was a 38 year old man with green, spiked hair and light green eyes, just like Spike. He was dressed in a green collared shirt, blue jeans and black shoes. While David had a new job at Nightwalker Tech, Mary had a job as a kindergarten teacher at Canterlot Preschool. At first, they all sat in silence while they ate until Mary took a moment to stop and find out how Canterlot High School was for her little boy.

“So how was school today, sweetie?” Mary asked her son.

“It was fantastic. I like most of my classes and I met some new friends today,” Spike spoke after swallowing his food first.

“Anyone in particular?” David asked.

“I met Bob Nightwalker and his brother, Patrick Moonbeam,” Spike answered.

“You did?” Mary asked with interest.

“Yeah, Patrick really makes me laugh and Bob really does a good job of after his brother,” the green haired boy nodded.

“That reminds me, I had the honor of meeting his parents, Julius and Elsa Nightwalker today at work,” David announced.

“What were they like?” Mary asked.

“Like everything the job description said. They were kind, helpful and they said that they’ll do anything to make us comfortable here in Canterlot,” David replied.

“Oh, how wonderful!” Mary cheered like a teenage girl.

Spike looked at his mother awkwardly before he cleared his throat to speak again. “Anyway, I also met some girls and—”

“You met some girls?! Oh, my little boy’s growing up!” Mary cooed.

“I guess he does take after me,” David chuckled.

“No! Not that way! I’m just friends with them!” Spike waved his hands in denial.

“Still, that doesn’t mean that something can’t happen between you and one of them,” Mary smiled.

“Or maybe all of them,” David put in.

“DAVID!” Mary shouted harshly.

“I was just making a suggestion. After all, I was quite the ladies’ man back in my day. It was a hard task for me to take on, but then again, the more you play with it, the harder it gets,” David explained while subtly slipping in an adult joke, which Spike surprisingly understood anyway.

“Okay, subject change!” Spike ordered, before his parents laughed before resuming their meal.

After dinner, Spike went back upstairs to take a shower. Once he was done, he changed into his green and purple pajamas and went into his room. Once he stepped inside, Shadow quickly followed in after him and laid down on his doggy bed again and fell fast asleep. Spike gave his canine companion a pat on the head before he climbed into bed, got under the comforter and laid his head on his soft pillow. He immediately began thinking of his new friends that he made today and couldn’t wait to see them again.

“I can’t wait to see Bob, Patrick and the girls tomorrow,” Spike sighed as he turned off his bedside lamp and drifted off into a blissful sleep.