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Hello, be a friend. I like to meet new people and ponies. I also like to make friends with whoever would like to be. So, nice to meet you


I new here · 8:19pm Jul 12th, 2017

Hello everyone and everypony I have found life and would love to join it. I am a bit of a writer myself but have never finished or posted anything but I hope to change that in the future and will hopefully get stories up on this website for all to read.

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I just posted a blog and would like to thank u again for ur help I new and everfaitful student pastrome who is here to learn from the masters:twilightsmile:

Also ur welcome for the follow

Jay thanks I just got ur message even though it's say it was there 44 minutes ago:twilightsheepish:

Well I'll be....Many thanks for the follow! :pinkiehappy:

And for the blogs: If your on desktop go to where it has your name "Pastrome" and hover the mouse over it so the menu drops down. Then go down and hover (not click) over where it says blog. Wait for that menu to pop open and then click on New Blog Post.

Mobile: Tap the three horizontal bars in upper left of screen to bring up menu. Tap account. Scroll till you see Blog under the "My Content" heading. Tap Blog. And from there you should be able to tap New Blog Post.

Hope that helps! :scootangel:

I figured out the bio but still am confused with the blog part:twilightblush:

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