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A not so new dude to the fandom trying his hand at writing cause all these ideas and so little time

A Little About Me

Kingdom Hearts and Borderlands are hands down my favorite games ever.
I draw when I'm bored might eventually upload something. Hell probably do my own story covers.
Top Ponies
2.Maud Pie

Some Stuff I'm Planning

Alright then, school's out time I get serious about my works.
1 One Piece
2 Young Justice
3 Assassin's Creed
4 Sacred Stones
Not necessarily in said order, things are always subject to change.

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1955010 Brotherhood. It's kinda like my own rendition of him since I said he was 17 because there was no time in the show when he was 17. But it's after he got a little bit taller but not too much where he's over the average height. Like around 5'6 or 5'7

1955007 No problem, its a good story. I'm really enjoying it so far.

1954922 I really appreciate your feedback. once again, thank you so much.:ajsmug:

1954857 Well its the first fic I've read that has guns in equestria as opposed to some anime character or super being so it has that going for it, the different take on how they were transported was also refreshing, and the fact that they weren't immediately attacked or met with great hostility. It's a refreshing change from what I usually read.

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