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The U.S Recon sniper, one of the most deadly and stealthy forces of nature on the planet. However, when one of these shadow warriors ends up in Equestria, how will he be able to adapt and survive in a new environment fulled with ponies, monsters, and even a splinter cell group of terrorist plotting an attack on Equestria. All while lurking in the shadows and becoming a lethal phantom. Only he is capable of stopping the extremists plan to cause utter chaos.

He controls the trigger of fate.

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I like it, I DAMAND MORE!

Shit I ment demand more fukken phone

SVD's are for gun skrubs.

Better to go with a bolt-action if you're in any kind of sandy/stuff-that-easily-fucks-up-recievers kind of environment. With a bolty, you can just triggerlock the bolt out, clean it by felating it (:twilightsmile:) and stick it back in.

Could have chosen a better gun but still good story

i like this.. one shot one kill:pinkiecrazy:When asked in 1998 how he had become such a good shooter, Häyhä answered "Practice." When asked if he regretted killing so many people, he said, "I only did my duty, and what I was told to do, as well as I could." Simo Häyhä spent his last years

Not a bad story. Could do with a proofread and a few minor fixes, but not bad.

in collage

Should be "college"

he shoot a

After a minuet

Should be "minute"

taking in the surrounds around him

Should be "surroundings"

A few of the errors I noticed after a quick read-through.

guile suit

I think you're looking for Ghillie suit

I may give this a read. Added to read later.
I personally like snipers a lot, like a LOT, so I'll wait until I've seen how well it updates. See you then :twilightsmile:

how will he be able to adapt and survive in a new environment fulled with ponies, monsters, and even a splinter cell group of terrorist plotting an attack on Equestria.

ponies, monsters, and even a splinter cell group of terrorist plotting an attack on Equestria

splinter cell group of terrorist plotting an attack on Equestria

You're joking, right?
Nevermind. This entire story emanates shitty fanfiction anyway. :rainbowlaugh:

Good story, needs a bit more work put in to proof reading (which I'd be happy to do) just to fix some of the spelling errors. Also the character seems pretty good, keep up the good work.

my only complaints are Ghillie suit not guile suit and the rifle he is using. US military doesnt issue the SVD. if he is a Force Recon sniper then he would probably be using one of these
and the Beretta M9 handgun that is used by the military.

I realize most people wouldnt pick up on this but it bugs me and detracts from the story for me.

Wait, he still has his guns after leaving Zecora's hut, right?

>67 upboats
>this story made the feature section

It's not unusual for special forces to be issued non-standard and even enemy gear.

The M9 is not the only handgun used by the military. I recommend you check your fact source.


True, BUT they wouldn't replace a snipers rifle. Hell they are tuned specifically for the shooter, so swapping to something else ruins years of fine tuning and knowing everything about the rifle.

Not to mention the SVD/PSL is a DMR. Completely different class of weapon.

A few other things I noted:
1. Where was OC's spotter? Snipers are *never* on their own.
2. Why is the guy glassing Ponyville through his scope at 50m? That is downright silly.
3. If the guy was watching from a regular place, he'd have built a hide already.
4. Which would have saved his butt against fluttershy.
5. No trained soldier carries smokes into combat anymore. It is why chew is so common, as with modern NODs you can see a cherry for miles. Good way to get shot.


Not to mention the SVD/PSL is a DMR. Completely different class of weapon.

I've tried to tell people that about similar weapons, but no one ever listens.

True, BUT they wouldn't replace a snipers rifle.

I had assumed that he was trained with multiple sniper rifles/DMRs, just in case.

4358614 They are, but it is very rare to actually swap out weapons like that. Designated marksmen can do it more often, but it is still fairly rare and they keep their primary on hand.

I'll have to see if I can dig up the TM for battlefield drops/pickups. Can't remember exactly what it says about this.

Every time I post a military fic, people always fight in the comments :raritydespair:

Well, I guess its kinda my fault, sorry :twilightsheepish:

Try to not make new paragraphs while someone is speaking. Only when they're delivering a long winded lecture should a quote be broken up. Pretty cool story other than that one peeve. Please continue.

One of the few good HIE's:twilightsmile:

There are support groups for this kind of thing.

4358589 I will try to sort out your confusion by answer your list of questions in hope of a better understanding,

1:where is the OC's spotter? The spotter and the sniper where separated while he was on the mountain path*sorry if I didn't specify*

2: why is he glassing Ponyville at 50m? I may have made an error in writing when putting 50m instead of 500m

4: no solider carries cigarets anymore: I know this fact, I just thought that adding smokes would add a little "touch" to the stress of the situation

Hopefully you can now understand :twilightsmile:

Just so you know, it's spelled ghillie suit, not guile suit

Comment posted by Flabbergasted deleted May 8th, 2014

Aye, I am thoroughly surprised that a story written with so many mistakes makes it so popular? I have to check every forsaken word, before I post.
But bloody good anyways. Keep it up M8

As several others have posted, this needs a little work in the spelling/grammar department. Other than that, I thought the story was good so far. One complaint I have other than the spelling/grammar (I'm kind of a grammar nazi) is that the sniper's spotter was not mentioned in the story. In order to get this information, I had to read the comments. If you could edit the reason for the spotter's absence into the story that would be appreciated.
Also, please keep writing this. I want to see where it goes.

Dude, you should totally have done a South Park satire with this.

Tagline: "After the terrorists failed to destroy our imaginations, they went after our little ponies. One man will make the arduous treck over the Rainbow Bridge to stand in their way!"

Of course, then the hero would have to be Solid Snake.


Interesting, Ill keep an eye on it

So far, this isn't that bad.:pinkiehappy:
I reasoning to this belief being that the writer's very precise with most spelling and grammar, the story is cool in my opinion and the chapters are long and descriptive. :twilightsmile:
Keep it up sir. :pinkiehappy:

I'm not good with weapon but i think a glock 36 have 6 bullet in mag. It a really small weapon. He must have shoot really slowly if it took nine secs to shoot 6/7 bullets.
Still good sorry!

I'll have you all know that when I was in the service that we did in fact carry cigarets into battle, I have seen a svd as a sniper , and Fallujah is in Iraq not Afghanistan wich no one has yet whined about.

4356522 many don't know the difference yet good sir :raritywink:
it must spread faster though :ajbemused:

Next chapter plz this is good

Pretty good. I'll definitely tag along. One question though, and please do correct me, but since when does a glock shoot a .45?

4361363 They make Glock pistols in everything from .380 to .45 in a hundred different configurations. :twilightsmile:

Glocks come in like 7 different calibers, including two different versions on .45.

4360882 (not being a smartass) but what unit were you with when you were there? A have a few friends who rotated through there and the assorted fobs around there and Baghdad.

And I never caught the story was starting in Iraq. Must have missed reading that lol :facehoof:

More American bias that they are the best in the world.
I like it:trollestia:

>Implying the featured box isn't constantly being filled with smut and shitty fanfiction
>Implying it isn't that way because plebeians who wouldn't know trash from an actually good story keep it filled with that shit

The featured section doesn't run on quality. It runs on popularity.
An army of simpletons can do more a whole lot more than a couple of geniuses when it all comes down to blows.

It's an interesting story, but to be honest, I only skimmed through it. The main reason, being all the errors. No capitalization at points, misspelling, messed up punctuation marks. You really should think about finding an editor. That, or re-read your work, before putting it up. Other than that, I'd like to see this continue, you have my interest.

Are you done fapping to the United States Military, or do we have to read more about how super-special-snowflake you are?

Are you finished being a dick?

Why do you keep reading things you know you'l hate?

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