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Sunset is best girl đŸŒŸ


One night whie riding around the streets of Canterlot, Sunset Shimmer finds a strange device that falls from the sky. When monsters start to terrorize the city it's up to Sunset and her friend Twilight to stop them and collect all 100 number memories.

Opening song 1: Braveheart- Digimon adventure https://youtu.be/Yk2q-MTlKDc

Ending song 1: I wish- Digimon adventure https://youtu.be/NUf2dMtSGkY

Chapters (8)
Comments ( 15 )

A MLP story combine with Yugioh and Kamen Rider? Now this gets interesting.

A Zexal/Kamen Rider deal?

Any plans for Spike?
Where is he anyway?

Spike will be here soon after the first couple of chapters


Was just wondering on why wasn't he with the girls and if you have any plans for him.

Pretty nice chapter.

Why didn't Sci-Twi bring Spike with her though?

Curious on how the fight would go.

Sad Spike missed out on this since Sci-Twi apparently didn't bring him with her

Don't worry, Spike will be here after the next chapter is finished

Just wished something was done about what Spike missed out on prior to showing up(all due to Sci-Twi not bringing him with her).

Is there any plans on what he will get to do?

I like the idea but it feels like it going a hundred miles pre minute,Like there no breathing room to let it sink into the world you building.

Sweet that Spike as shown up.
Is he able to do anything?

What will happen next?

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