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Wow. Visiting this site again was like going back to my old neopets page. So much nostalgia.


Maud was still a filly on the rock farm when Pinkie Pie threw her first party. And after hearing the rest of her family make such unusual sounds, Maud felt strangely compelled to join that party.

When she did, she came to a better understanding of both her sister and herself.

Now with a fanfic reading, by: thisisausername2004

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Superb! :pinkiegasp:

I really liked delving into Maud's inner thoughts in this story. The metaphors were quite captivating.

That ending was also an excellent touch. Very nice way to wrap it all up. This story really made me want to reach out and give Maud a big hug. :heart:

Already!? The episode came out today!

I never thought something as plain as rocks could be used in such a beautiful way. You really got one beautiful story here. Maud's thoughts just seem so... natural, like droplets of water falling on a pile of pebbles.

good stuff!

Love, love, love it! And on the same day of the episode release? Extra love on that!:heart:


I must reply to every single comment for the glory of the goddess of OCPD, Twilight! :twilightblush:




Thanks! :twilightsmile:




Aww... I can just imagine what Maud would say to your hug offer: "..."

Though, she'd probably like you for offering, and might accept, I don't know really... But who doesn't like hugs? :pinkiehappy:

And thanks for the compliments on the story. :pinkiesmile:

This fic is amazing. I like the development and the inner thoughts are good.
The last part about Boulder though? Wish it were canon cause it's perfect.:twilightsmile:


Thanks! :twilightsmile:

And I just got a hilarious thought: Imagine if Maud were real and somepony showed this to her, then she said she just picked up a random rock...

Personally, I try to do overly epic and sentimental things too often. So for me it's both hilarious and relieving to see that stuff subverted occasionally.

4090172 Like what hot minute did with Applejack's hat?

Yup, can relate to that but there's nothing wrong with making epically sentimental back stories for some stuff till canon approves or guns it down 'cause it's fun.:ajsmug:


Yup, like that.

I agree there's nothing wrong in making those back stories... I guess I'm just craving some anticlimactic humor.

Like this:

What did the butterfly say to the moth?
Moths and butterflies have neither the vocal cords nor the mental capacity required for speach.

What did the mouse say to the ferret?

So I ran into this bar...
It really hurt.

What's the difference between a cat and a dog?
One is a cat, the other is a dog.

What did the pony say to the other pony?

What does this rock remind me of?
A rock.

What's brown, gray, and blue all over?
A brown, gray, and blue thing.

4090278 Nice! :rainbowlaugh:
Maud seems to be a good source for it so I could imagine her saying that.:twilightsheepish:
I could also imagine her saving Pinkie from a giant boulder with her crushing hooves, breaking and taming what's left of it as a pet/projectile/something that reminds her of how Pinkie Pie could have died and how important she is to her/untalkative buddy.:pinkiecrazy:

Could've used a quick editor and a little less ellipsis (I'm glad you lampshaded that here 4088646). Otherwise, pretty touching story!

Great fic, very nice in character dialogue from Maud. A couple small nitpicks though, Pinkie's flashback states the party was held in a silo, and though it hasn't officially been made canon, a chapter book named Pinkie's sisters Marble and Limestone instead of Inkie and Blinkie. :eeyup:

:pinkiegasp: Whoa... This is just incredible! Nice touch on Maud's inner thoughts and the personification. :pinkiehappy:

The Maud character tag has been created. Just thought you would like to know.

Ah, this was great. It was nice to see what's going inside Maud's head.
I loved it :heart:
(How did you write this so fast and yet made it so good? The episode just came out yesterday...)


Yeah, I tried editing this myself, and it was harder than I thought.

Also, thanks. :twilightsmile:


Thanks. :twilightsmile:

I actually didn't really know what a silo was before you commented about it, which is why I just called it an out-house.

And choosing between Marble and Limestone or Inkie and Blinkie was tough. Marble and Limestone were mentioned in a book according to the wiki, but the name 'Maud' along with 'Inkie and Blinkie' (and also Pinkie) gave a nod to the poem "Wynken, Blynken, and Nod".


Thanks. :twilightsmile:


Thanks. added. :pinkiesmile:


Thanks. :twilightsmile:

(I got better at visualization after a while, visualized the Pie sister's old home, then played with them like this.)


...Now I can't help but think she would really like Steven Wright jokes.

I spilled spot remover on my dog, now he's gone.

Right now I'm having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think I've forgotten this before.

I got a new shadow. I had to get rid of the other one... It wasn't doing what I was doing.

I've been doing a lot of abstract painting lately, extremely abstract. No brush, no paint, no canvas, I just think about it.

This one-shot.....wasn't bad. I do like this story but I do wish to see more of Maud's inner thoughts and development of her friendship with Pinkie Pie. :raritywink:

It's a good fanfic though. :pinkiehappy:

Love her River vs Rocks perspective on types of people. And the (internal) speech pattern. Very expressive of her personality.



I loved the second one the most! :rainbowlaugh:


Thanks. :twilightsmile:

I might have gone a bit quick on this one. I tend to do that in a lot of my stories.


Thanks. :twilightsmile:


What a seemingly simple, yet surprisingly superb story. Given how Maud and Pinkie likely never left the farm at this age, it makes sense that Maud wouldn't have too many things to compare other ponies to, her rock obsession none with standing. What is especially nice is her acceptance of Pinkie's differences so quickly, yet not without some effort; its things like that which really bring a family together.


Thank you! :pinkiehappy:

I also found your comment about Maud's acceptance to be quite heartwarming. :twilightsmile:



It's like a Terrence Malick movie....but in words.

Well done indeed my friend, well done indeed.

This story is a thing of beauty.

Not sure if I'm a bit slow on the uptake but I think someone pulled a Pac-Man reference on my !@# in MLP: Inkie, Blinkie, Pinkie, and Maud as in reference to Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde. I'm always the last horse to cross the finish line. :pinkiecrazy:

I wouldn't call this a sad story. It's mostly just slice of life. It's not sad at all. It's nice, though, just not the sad story I was hoping for.

That was beautifully written, and just like her to use rocks as metaphors. Have a mustached dragon :moustache:

This story is a Masterpiece. Of epic proportions that have rocked me to my very boulder.

Congratulations. It isnt often a story makes me feel this much. keep up the good work.


Yeah, it's not really the typical sad where someone dies and everyone has to cope with it and either come closer together or move apart because of it. It's more emotionally dramatic than sad, though there is the part about how Pinkie always used to be on the rock farm, so I think it should technically still qualify...

Sorry if I misled you though.


Huh, I guess it could be that too. Maud and Clyde are kind of different though. I think it was more the fandom making that reference. I'm not sure whether Hasbro accepted the names though. They have accepted other character names.


So much praise, I can't take it...




4125670 It's fine! You still got a favorite, didn't you?

I have added this story to my new recommendation group here.


Ooh, thanks.

If I may make a recommendation to your recommendation group: have you read Melody by Pseudo_Nym?

I think it's better than this story, but it didn't get much attention because title, timing, cover picture, and other things not related to the quality of writing.

4233246 Thank you very much for the recommendation!:raritywink: I ended up loveing both of Pseudo_Nym's stories.:pinkiehappy:

Tone down on the ellipses. :twilightsheepish:

Otherwise great stuff.

Comment posted by Emptybee deleted May 10th, 2014

Sorry to be pedantic but this just bugged me.

This is an outhouse: 2.bp.blogspot.com/-C-bE-Wno0lo/Tc9NCgQmLlI/AAAAAAAADS4/wiyqiLpYYmI/s400/outhouseshahada.jpg

They tend to be small, even the two seat version isn't big enough for a party. And then there's the smell.

I recommend a small edit to the story summary.

When she did, she came to a better understanding of both her and her sister.

Change the red text to "her sister and herself".


Ah, thanks. I suppose the reflexive pronoun is needed in this case, and your ordering puts emphasis on 'herself', which is the subject that's less expected.


Author Interviewer

Well done. I particularly like where she thought the rock was sick. :D

This was a nice little thing. Thanks 5184884 for the recommendation.

I love how you portrayed Maud's train of thought here.

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