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Surrender to the fun. Writing: Empathy for the Devil (Part I Out Now, Part II Coming Soon!)


Toward the tail end of the wrap-up for Rainbow Dash's birth-iversary, Pinkie Pie is about ready to dive-bomb into bed and forget all about the day's emotional roller-coaster.

She finds Cheese Sandwich's rubber chicken friend amidst the clean-up chaos, and a tight hug unexpectedly forces Boneless to upchuck a tiny note ... addressed to her. It's not exactly the kind of note she'd expect from him.

For Equestria Daily's Writer's Training Ground.

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Comments ( 39 )

Another cute CheesePie ship fic. What's not to love? :rainbowkiss:

Cheese Sandwitch, you are the closest we will ever get to seeing R63 on the show. Also this is the only straight shpping pair im actually okay with.
-Linkman443 out.

Wow, this is pretty damn cool :pinkiehappy:

Help me make this better!

*Upvote and fave*

Comment posted by Princess Glitzy deleted Mar 2nd, 2014
Comment posted by Princess Glitzy deleted Mar 2nd, 2014

3913108 Considering the amount of fics on this site alone that are ponies shipped with actual humans, I wouldn't be surprised if this didn't really bother anyone.

This was rather interesting. :twilightsmile: I suppose it wouldn't be too hard to get back to their own reality, too, so long as they remember what they were wearing when they started...

That...was certainly quite interestin' :twilightsmile:
I liked it, ya'll got my vote, mate:pinkiehappy:

curse the down voters

I enjoyed the story

-Mr. Discord


This was a good fic I enjoyed it you made my day.:rainbowlaugh:

If you don't like this ship then why the hell did you bother to read it? Now go fuck off and bitch somewhere else pinkie hater!:flutterrage:

3915319 Hey, it's about the writing, not the ship. I'm just simply stating something.

Oh the writing that's a good enough reason.

I definitely see where you're coming from ...

There's such a fine line between the voice actor and the character here, but because there's still somewhat of a separation between them, I think it's okay. Cheese Sandwich is a character that exists in his own right in Equestria. I'd probably draw the line if I was watching a live-action show and people were trying to ship the actors in their lives outside the show, but that's just the extent that I'd feel comfortable up until.

I'd agree with the author, just because Cheese Sandwich was based on Weird Al and he was the voice actor doesn't mean Cheese Sandwich is literally Weird Al, because that's just absurd.

3913108 And your point is?

Wow! I didn’t expect you to come to out for the appeasement festival! I didn’t even know you liked sacrificing tributes to the vengeful forest gods!”

Haha, ha, ha... Ha... Oh god.
3913108 haven't we paired ponies with humans in the past. Do you know NOTHING about those Sarah Jessica Parker pairings?

3917536 Sarah Jessica Parker pairings? I don't even want to know.

Lots of laughs in this one, but the ending seems kind of abrupt. I guess they went home and lived happily ever after?


People are being willfully dense. Saying Pinkie Pie is being paired with Weird Al is about as silly as saying Alfred Matthew Yankovic is being shipped with Andrea Libman. Oy vey... Weird Al is a persona. Not the actual man.

This was quite well written and incredibly cute!!!!!!!

Hmm ... I see what you mean. How would you resolve it?

Don't rightly know. I can't think of anything meaningful to add to the end except maybe resolving where the note came from, but it's not really important and wouldn't fit too well.
Cheese also gave me this impression of repressed stress, which Pinkie kinda sorted out with him, but it also feels like he didn't really handle the problem, just went along with Pinkie. ...And after rereading Pinkie's line about her family, maybe she didn't really solve her issues either. So they realize there's a problem, but don't seem to feel or act like they resolved it.
That's about the best I can figure from my gut feeling, at least.

Comment posted by DaRandomPony deleted Mar 3rd, 2014
Comment posted by Princess Glitzy deleted Mar 2nd, 2014
Comment posted by DaRandomPony deleted Mar 3rd, 2014

4023786 I'm not screaming at you because you said that. I'm mad because you're literally the 5th or 6th person to say that. I'm tired of hearing it. I deleted the comment and the conversation is over.

Pinkie Pie worried about the consequences of dangerous magical places only one Pony knows the location of? She really has matured since that mirror pool thing.

That said, it does seem like that plot thread/worry was left dangling without even a "I'll be extra careful" kind of resolution.

I... sort of thought that was maybe what he wanted stopped because he couldn't, as a professional, undermine a party he was hired to work for, but guess not! Sacrifices Away!

Beautifully written and well executed, bravo good sir, bravo.
Or Brava if woman.

Unfortunately, because I was on a time-limit to get this in, I didn't edit it as well as I would have liked.

Your editing skills are phenomenal. So, what you talkin' 'bout Willis?

Please write a sequel,

I read this once before but I kind of stopped paying attention during the beginning for some weird reason and when I re-read it, IT IS AMAZING!
You have a phenomenal skill in writing, and I can really imagine this, I'd like to thank you.

5868642 Thank you, it's very kind of you to say! Right now I'm working on finishing one story and writing another, so I don't want you to get your hopes up for a sequel, but I'm glad you enjoyed this one :twilightblush:

I just wanna ugly cry now, what the hell, man. These precious, goofy babies are gonna be the death of me and it doesn't help you write so well, wtf.

I can't help focusing on the cosmic horror here, but cute ships are cute :pinkiehappy:

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