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Editing! · 8:55am Apr 18th, 2014

Doing some editing on the first part of the Adventures of Maud and Boulder so it will get approved for Equestria Daily featuring. I'm not changing the story, mind you; I'm just improving the grammar and changing a few lines and adding some things to help it make more sense. I might also be changing the tags a bit. I do view this as an adventure story, but is it a comedy? Tell me what you guys think. I tried to make it that way, but maybe it didn't come off like that.

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1060876 I know and I'm sorry. My assholiness comes out in weird places. I am seriously grateful for the comment though <3

I try to be helpful and I get mocked. Thanked, too, but mocked. I'll be honest; that does not encourage commenting. Now this is hardly worth the time on either of ours parts, and I'll still comment out of self-obligation, but I just thought I'd speak my mind.

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