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This story is a sequel to Abandoned by Pinkie

A month after his adventure into the abandoned park Neon Lights tries to uncover a few more of the Cheesy Pie Corporation's secrets from the safety of his computer. Using his blog Neon Lights will attempt to talk to other ponies about rumors revolving around the bizarre company and have to shuffle through them to find all the facts.

However, even from the safety of one's own room the unraveling of secrets can be dangerous and old wounds can be opened.


Based slightly off the creepypasta: Room Zero, the sequel to Abandoned by Disney.

Edited by: PrinceUniversa

Cover Image was made in GIMP.

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:pinkiegasp:...I'm both appalled and greatly amused by this rendition. Excellent job! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

Awesome story.

7091044 appalled? why? :rainbowderp:

I was trying to do my own take on the story. It isn't like I planned to copy Slime beasts story word for word. Otherwise there would be no reason to read my story. :ajsleepy:

Hm.. as much as I like this, I wouldn't mind an extra chapter of from his PoV, describing what's going on, what his thoughts were, and how he was feeling. What he was seeing (despite it being dark? probably?) It'd be an interesting one.

7093120 *re-reads comment* DAMNIT! I didn't mean to type "appalled" my phone auto-corrected me. The word I meant to type was "amazed". Please don't think I didn't enjoy the story! I really did. It was a real cool and even creepier version than the original "Room Zero".:pinkiesmile:......:twilightblush:

This was a great read. Hope to see more of your work soon.

7095834 Hmmm... perhaps in the future I will do that. Thank you for the suggestions.

7095863 Oh, I know how that is like. My brothers phone does that all the time. Once it sent me a message saying he would meet me but the message said he would meat me. lol. Sorry if I was overly defensive. I am glad you enjoyed the story, I enjoyed writing it. :twilightsmile:

7096009 I am hoping to release another part of The Apple Left Behind as soon as the person I wrote it for creates an image for it. Thank you, I am glad you like my story. :pinkiehappy:

You should make one of these with more of the suggestions, that would go well with it kinda like the original.:pinkiecrazy:

7099144 What do you mean?

Are you talking about trying to make another based off the story Suggestion Box (another creepypasta created by slimebeast that takes place in the Abandoned by Disney universe)?

7101856 yes, but I know you would make them much better.:pinkiecrazy:

7102871 Well, I did try implementing elements from Suggestion Box into my first story. However, I suppose I could try to do another story with more of a focus on that creepypasta.

7102874 agreed, but as I stated before, give them a much 'better' twist.:trollestia:

7095834 Actually I've been thinking a little bit. Are you sure you want me to do a story from Neon's point of view showing his conversion into a mascot or would you rather see me do the entire process to another pony? In the case of the latter it would allow me to provide new material without rehashing some of the same events.

7103030 Lemme guess... Poor Vinyl? Or someone else....? I don't mind it either way. To be quite honest, you could even pull a "dual perspective" kind of thing. IE, the converter, and the convertee. There's a bit you can do there, really. Heck, even have 'reasonings' (IE your own thoughts or canon reasoning as to why things as they are.)


Lemme guess... Poor Vinyl? Or someone else....?

That's a secret. :pinkiecrazy:

7103114 I was just trying to be funny in my own little way. Honestly, while I have an idea who the victim of the whole mascot conversion story would be, I have yet to really put any serious work into it. I still have to finish up my other story The Smiling Stallion after all.

7103304 xP Me too. You, as an author, could legitimately say, "Spoilers" and wiggle your finger.




..............What a horrific and sad way for this story to end..............

............At least Diana, Caramel, and Berry are still alive and are able t live for the rest of their lives. And Neon's information and experience will still have been recorded for those who wish to read it, but still...........

..........it sucks that he thought he escaped from hell, only for it to catch up and swallow him whole. :ajsleepy:

FORGET WHAT I SAID ABOUT CARAMEL! I haven't read that one yet.

Sadly the experiment came to a close after both Flim Flam brothers were killed when their house burnt down.


I am glad someone caught the reference. :raritywink:

Can you explain the reference?

9319038 It refers to another series I wrote, The Apple Left Behind.

*SPARTAN-IIs come in from behind and lay down suppressive fire against mascots*

All of these are so well-written, I love them so much!!

At this point, will Vinyl talk to Pinkie or Twilight?

Will someone ... rainbow friendship laser that place into dust?

I’m gonna make a fan story because this is awesome! You did great on this one!

10228639 Thank you, I'm glad you like it.

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