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There is a universe out there titled Equestria Divided. It is aptly named, as the Mane 6, the former Elements of Harmony, now wage war for total domination of Equestria. Battling for a world that has lost Celestia and Luna, each fights for what they believe is right, each will go to extremes. How and why this happened, is not completely known, but what is sure is that something needs to happen to stop this war, before everypony, every being, is destroyed by it.

That's where Pinkie Pie, from another universe, comes in. Brought by mysterious forces, the party pony is very suddenly imbedded in the middle of this war-torn world, and must learn to adjust to a violent life to survive, and thrive. She will have to endure to fighting with lethal force, and the shock that it entails,while partly deluding herself that she has somehow wound up in some complex game.

So what caused the splitting of Equestria Divided? What are the plans of the five Houses, and the mysterious Cult of Laughter? How can Pinkie Pie keep up with the war, the loss and pain, and having to keep her new friends (who are still technically her friends of old) safe? The only way to possibly do that, is to keep calm, party on, and carry a few badflank weapons for fending off evil forces. And they range from the trotting dead, to warmongering pegasi troops, to pyromaniac unicorns, to... Celestia knows what!

With what humor she can muster, to keep her pony self sane, she realizes this isn't going to be easy. But it must be done. So you're invited to watch as events unfold, in one big spectacle after another, as a warrior blossoms!

Equestria Divided: The Pink Samurai. She's here to fight Houses and the Cult, Pinkie Pie Samurai Style!

This is inspired by the incredibly creative PoorYorickDA on DeviantArt (Equestria Divided folder Here). Go check him out, read his journals, and tell him how awesome he is. I have his permission for writing this, and I hope he enjoys it as much as I enjoy writing it.

The artwork (a current work-in-progress) is done by the incredibly talented CuttieArtGirl on Deviant Art. Her work is amazing, detailed, darling, and I could go on about it. She is NOT a Pegasister, however, so please don't ask her about MLP, or request them. Still, go to her and tell her how awesome she is!

(Consider this story to be what would happen if we could make a game out of this and novelize it.)

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Well, that is quite a lenghty chapter there. I am not sure putting so much text about events in peaceful and bright Equestria world before bringing Pinkie to ED's world was necessary, I still think it is solid and well written. Thumb up. I look forward to see how it will go from there. :twilightsmile:
Edit : And I don't know who went there to add a thumb down without giving any reason in the comments. :ajbemused:


I think the reason I did so much backstory of Pinkie's world, is to show just how messed up Equestria Divided is, and how Pinkie's world is much better in contrast. Most stories dive right in to the Crapsack world of no hope, and while I don't fault them for that, part of me wants to see the transition from peace to war. Also, it's necessary for some of the characters that'll be in Equestria Divided, as they don't have proper set-ups (Vinyl, Tavi).
And, um, I wanted to write about most of the characters since it's my first story. :scootangel:
Thumbs-down for no reason or explanation? Doesn't surprise me that much, but yeah, I appreciate the thumbs-ups more. :heart:
Oh, how do I get my story in the Equestria Divided group, eh? :)


Brains... ... ... and thank you!


That's the worst. I can understand getting a dislike on my story, but please tell me why! I take criticism seriously! How am I supposed to know how to improve my writing if people don't give me reasons. :facehoof:

P.S. Great start. I will agree that the first chapter is pretty long and should probably be inspected but that won't stop me from liking it. :twilightsmile::pinkiesmile:


I take criticism seriously too. I want to be a published author one day, and you don't get there by sugarcoating things. (No matter how nice sugarcoats are!)

Anyway, INSPECTED? Does my chapter have lice?! *inspects it thoroughly* You are probably right, in all serious, and I do know it was rather lengthy. Maybe it's just the giant cutscene at the beginning? :pinkiehappy:

Either way, thank you for reviewing! I love your icon, by the way! :duck:

This was absolutely beautifuly written. Im exctied to see how the other taged characters fall into the main storyline. Also do I detect some applejack favoritism here? From what I read house earthborn seems like the least morally objectionable by far...


Thank you very much! And Applejack favoritism? No, you just haven't seen what House Earthborn is capable of. They're just a little (or a lot compared to some) more professional when it comes to planning for war.

Reaction 1: Ooh! Someone that isn't me uploading Equestria Divided!
Reaction 2: Other Universe Pinkie... Meh.
Reaction 3: The Comments say it's a great story, I'll add it to my Read Later list, and read it eventually.
Reaction 4: Almost 30,000 words?! O.o

All in a span of a minute...

I will add this to my Read Later and give you my opinion when I can. For now, I'd just like to say good luck, and welcome to the team! :raritywink:

Well, since ED's Pinkie is dead, and we don't know for sure if she is the Laughing Mare (an entity of the astral plane might be letting the cultists believe it's Pinkie), it could be interesting to see this other Pinkie try and bring the other Bearers back to the light.

Nope the chapter isnt too long. I love long chapters:rainbowkiss:
And im still trying to figure this out.:rainbowhuh: Never heard of ED before……oh well, ill keep reading:twilightsmile: When theres more to read…………


Actually from what I have read I have a different theory: Pinkie Pie is not dead, at least not truly, instead her soul was slingshot into the Astral Plane by Twilight's spell. This would leave her quite traumatized, being so lone and unable to have her friends with her... and allowing the darker side of her psyche to take over. Thus the Laughing Mare was born and the Cult of Laughter would come about, yet deep inside the one calling herself the Laughing Mare is actually Pinkie Pie waiting for her friends to come and save her.

NOW it is over 30K words! BUAHAHAAA!

You and I are very much alike! Join us... :pinkiecrazy: We has cake...

Careful, that could result in this: :derpyderp2:

Good theory! It may or may not be the case here. You'll just have to wait and see. *rubs hooves together and grins*

Wonderful chapter again!
And poor Pinkie. :fluttercry:
I hope she'll be fine (as fine as she can be in Equestria Divided.), and I wonder how supreme commander AJ will react when they meet.

I only recognized one: Cross and arrow. Also...

"Spike not know," Rarity hissed, rushing over to cover Spike's ears with her ears.

Might wanna check that sentence again.

Nice story but starswirls old English has a lot of mistakes in it like thou instead of thine and forsooth makes no sense in that context. Also why does he ues the royal canterlot speech when he isn't royal?

You will have to wait and see... BUAHAHA!

Correct on the recognizing! But as far as Rarity's line, it's not wrong; she's baby-talking. Spike not know, Spike not know at all! :pinkiehappy:

Oh my, there were that many mistakes? I'll have to check up on that!
But he is speaking in the old ways because he lived in the old times in high-ups. I think the Royal Canterlot Voice is more how powerful Luna's volume is rather than her choice of words. Either way, from what we've learned of Starswirl, he was renounced and powerful, so I would assume he had an air of authority.
Am I wrong? It's my lore now! :duck: :pinkiesmile:

The story and characterization is good. The english is not.

Once more, really good and deep chapter. Poor Pinkie again, too... Meeting AJ, then RD went worse than I expected. And then, TS went for a brainstorming... Good to see Pinkie is getting a bit of respite, and meeting some good souls, at last. But for how long?
I can't wait for the next part.

I have seen far worse writing.
Kobold Necromancer, I think you could use the help of an editor or proofreader if you want.

I'm a power writer, all my fans from my previous works have said so! Except when I go hiatus. :P
You really think I need an editor? I've been doing fanfiction for years now, I never needed or wanted to have one. Is it hard to get one here on FiM Fiction? I just want to know what I'm getting into before I change my writing style.

*wiggles fingers* These digits of mine, Lyra would pay much to have time! :D

Is it really THAT bad? I double-checked it myself, and I know I'm far from perfect, but am I really BAD?

It is just that there are a few typos here and here. Far from catastrophic, but a proofreader could help notice these errors and correct them. :twilightsmile:

2463680 It's readable, the typos just kinda detract from whats going on and take you out of the moment. But like other people have said could be fixed by an editor.

Well, here's hoping Pinkie beats those fakers. (I mean, really. Those six dare call themselves righteous after all the pain and torment they've caused Equestria. BLASHPHEMY! :flutterrage: MAY CELESTIA"S HOLY LIGHT BURN THEIR SOULS FOR ETERNITY!)

And also, keep Pinkie...Pinkie. The whole running out of ammo...How? (Wait, she thinks it's a game...CHEAT CODE TIME!:pinkiehappy:)

I could barely stand reading this part. I love Pinkie and to see all that happen to her.:fluttercry::fluttershbad::raritycry::raritydespair::twilightangry2::flutterrage: I want good things to come her way. FOR PINKIE!

Your title is unbelievably stupid, but this is the second best story I've read on this site, after Background Pony.

Still good, but the fanwankery is becoming frankly shameless at this point with the scene in the alternate universe room. You don't have to squeeze in EVERY single part of the brony collective cannon, though it is weirdly admirable that you'd try.


Good stupid or bad stupid? :pinkiehappy: Unbelievably stupid makes me think I have achieved new heights! Yay~!


Least I didn't make the alternate mirror sparkly and picture them as humans in high school! That would have been meta! And I aim for stupid, not meta!

Or am I talking crazy again? I tend to do that when I post late. :pinkiesmile:

A fanfic update at last. :yay: I hadn't got any fanfic update for days... :fluttercry:
I have seen the new art of the story... is it me or are some of the ponies' head looking rather anthro?

*Starts reading with glee. :raritystarry:

I liked almost every part of this chapter, and look forward for the next part. :rainbowkiss:
The only thing I didn't like is the assumed loving relationship between Bon-Bon and Lyra.
Anyway, is the peaceful Pinkie from the beginning of the fic gone, replaced by the Pink Samurai?

Edit : I don't know why but I think this here theme especially fits with that fourth part :

Glad to see this updating again.:pinkiehappy: especially now that the story starts in earnest.

PoorYorick put Amethyst in House Moon and Star as head of the sun guild. Just a small continuity error. Glad to see you finally updated though.

Calling it right now,the Laughing mares from the astral plane.

Could you please put a link? I don't remember having seen that before. And still, this fic isn't meant to be totally canon to ED, still it's fine if some minor character is in a different situation. :twilightsmile:

null. This should be it, hope the link works. It was in his journals so it was easy to miss and you're right it wasn't a big deal but I felt like I should bring it up.

Bonbon and Lyra's relationship is something I will touch on more, but without spoiling anything, I ask you: if they have been together for all this time, throughout this terrible war, then they are like any good couple. Through sickness and health, rich or poor, they love each other.
Pinkie Pie from the peaceful world and the Pink Samurai are the same pony. It's not like that split personality where she "becomes" someone, she just goes by Pink Samurai when it comes to fighting.
And I love that theme, but I aim for video game music here more than movie themes! :duck:

Okay, that's awesome, but who said there's no chance she'll improve the look a little? :raritywink:

Like you discussed with Black Hoof, my EQD world is going to be different than PoorYorick's in several ways. Like how I have Cloud Kicker being the pegasus general of House Earthborn, while he made Lightning Dust that (after I had written this). Thus, Sparkler here is Derpy's daughter, not just another unicorn.
But thank you for pointing things like this out, I like readers on their toes! :rainbowwild:

Telling you right now, that's... wait no, that'd be spoilers! :trollestia:

What I meant is that you should maybe write how this came to be in the story. I have seen too many fics in which such relationships are just dropped in, without explanation nor background.


And it will be explained. The only reason it hasn't yet is because Chapter 4 was way too long, and also, Bonbon is a introversive pony in many ways, so even if Pinkie was more forward, she wouldn't be telling others about the intimate details that kept her and Lyra together.

Nice. I especially like how Pinkie does it all kike a game. Interesting concept the whole Pinkie traveling to ED world. Almost makes me want to see more stories like this one

Can you tell some news about next chapter's current advancement please?


Things have been really, really busy for me, my good sir. Just went to BlizzCon! (And I hope to upload pictures one day, I was dressed as someone familiar on this site!)

But as far as how far the chapter has gone in writing, not very. Though I should have a little free time to work on it this week, we shall see. :)

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