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There is a universe out there titled Equestria Divided. It is aptly named, as the Mane 6, the former Elements of Harmony, now wage war for total domination of Equestria. Battling for a world that has lost Celestia and Luna, each fights for what they believe is right, each will go to extremes. How and why this happened, is not completely known, but what is sure is that something needs to happen to stop this war, before everypony, every being, is destroyed by it.

That's where Pinkie Pie, from another universe, comes in. Brought by mysterious forces, the party pony is very suddenly imbedded in the middle of this war-torn world, and must learn to adjust to a violent life to survive, and thrive. She will have to endure to fighting with lethal force, and the shock that it entails,while partly deluding herself that she has somehow wound up in some complex game.

So what caused the splitting of Equestria Divided? What are the plans of the five Houses, and the mysterious Cult of Laughter? How can Pinkie Pie keep up with the war, the loss and pain, and having to keep her new friends (who are still technically her friends of old) safe? The only way to possibly do that, is to keep calm, party on, and carry a few badflank weapons for fending off evil forces. And they range from the trotting dead, to warmongering pegasi troops, to pyromaniac unicorns, to... Celestia knows what!

With what humor she can muster, to keep her pony self sane, she realizes this isn't going to be easy. But it must be done. So you're invited to watch as events unfold, in one big spectacle after another, as a warrior blossoms!

Equestria Divided: The Pink Samurai. She's here to fight Houses and the Cult, Pinkie Pie Samurai Style!

This is inspired by the incredibly creative PoorYorickDA on DeviantArt (Equestria Divided folder Here). Go check him out, read his journals, and tell him how awesome he is. I have his permission for writing this, and I hope he enjoys it as much as I enjoy writing it.

The artwork (a current work-in-progress) is done by the incredibly talented CuttieArtGirl on Deviant Art. Her work is amazing, detailed, darling, and I could go on about it. She is NOT a Pegasister, however, so please don't ask her about MLP, or request them. Still, go to her and tell her how awesome she is!

(Consider this story to be what would happen if we could make a game out of this and novelize it.)

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