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Hi, I'm just a simple Pegasister who loves PinkieDash with all her heart. I also sometimes will do Yu-Gi-Oh GX and MLP crossover stories. I hope we all can be great friends, see you all later. :D

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Welcome to my page!

Hello everypony, nice to meet you. I'm PinkieDashLover! And welcome to my Fimfiction page! I'm really glad you could come by, here, I'll tell you a little bit about the stories I write:

1. I mainly do crossovers with Sonic & Yu-Gi-Oh!
2. Some of them with have one of these ships (Sonadow, PinkieDash, SilvAmy, RariJack, Knuxouge, and/or FlutterCord)
3. My favorite genres are: Dark, Adventure, Romance, Tragedy, Sad, and Drama.

And that's about it, I might add of this if I can think up of any more things to say about myself. But until then, I'll see everypony later, BYE!!

Note: I also had an image for my page, but I can't put it on the website because it's not a SFW image. I don't even know what that is!
But here's the link to the pic so you can see it: Fimfiction image

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You're welcome. And I will!

Thanks for following me. And I hope you enjoy my stories.

Thank you for adding Silent to your reading list.

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