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Hi, I'm just a simple Pegasister who loves PinkieDash with all her heart. I also sometimes will do Yu-Gi-Oh GX and MLP crossover stories. I hope we all can be great friends, see you all later. :D

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After a few creatures come to Equestria from another world, Twilight Sparkle gets the desire to learn more about the world they came from. Thankfully, one Mobian has agreed to have an interview with the princess of friendship, and here is how the interview went.

Also, there is Sonadow in here as a already established couple, it's mainly here to bring more plot and development.

Hope you all enjoy this.

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Sonic has had a secret that he's kept to himself for a long time, and he preferred to keep it that way. However, Rarity and Pinkie Pie aren't ones for secrets and they force the truth out of the blue hedgehog. Once the two find out that Sonic is in love with someone and wants that certain someone to love him back, they instantly say they're going to help him.

Will this end badly or will this end happily? Let's find out!

(Note: This takes place after Sonic and Shadow have met the Main 6, and only Sonic and Shadow are in Equestria)

Credit goes to Flutter-Spark for the title

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