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Bear witness to the dark side of all things living. You cannot hide yourself or others from us. We are everywhere you could possibly look. If you do not accept difference, you are a blight on the world.

(Only stories with "Dark" tags may feel our embrace.)

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360438 because sanity is boring it's so much more fun to free yourself from the chains of sanity and embrace the other side:pinkiecrazy:

360177 I'm afraid it already consumed me long ago.

360176 Very lovely now let it consume your soul till their is nothing left:pinkiecrazy:

360173:pinkiegasp: How did you do that?:duck:

360172 You know what, I just lost my insanity.

348428 Most lovely indeed:pinkiecrazy: *laughs manically*

  • Viewing 1 - 11 of 11
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