• Published 3rd May 2019
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Aria's Archives - Shorts - SamRose

A series of short stories based on the Tumblr Ask Blog Aria's Archives

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Adagio's Worst Advice

Author's Note:

<1011 AD>

Sometimes even Adagio makes terrible decisions

“Daaaagggiiiiiii!!” Sonata whined, clinging to the lower half of the older siren. Adagio, for her part, was handling the current nuisance of having a near fully grown adult dangling off of her hip well, with her annoyance levels only starting to peak.

“Sonata, what!?

“You were supposed to help me pick out outfits for the party tomorrow, but you completely blew me off!” Sonata's voice grew in pitch as her sentence ended.

“Ugh, Sonata, you're old enough to go to the tailor yourself and ask for what you want!” Adagio rubbed her forehead, feeling a headache growing. “You KNOW I was busy making sure the kids weren't trying to kill themselves!”

“All you ever talk about is those dumb kids anymore!” Sonata huffed, her cheeks puffing out. “You're supposed to help me out with these things, but all you and Ari have been doing is take care of those kids!”

“Well, Sonata, I don't know if you noticed, but they kind of need to be taken care of.” Adagio said, the strain on her voice was practically visible as she talked Sonata through her tantrum. “They can't exactly feed themselves, clothe themselves, or even bathe themselves until they're older. So they need constant supervision.”

“That's dumb! When I was a baby I joined my old pack for food just fine! I even caught a deer all by myself!”

“Sonata, sirens can't eat deer.”

“... Y-Yeah! But! I still did it! I was a capable hunter as a baby!” Sonata huffed again. “Why can't they be like me!?”

“Because they're not baby sirens. They're baby humans.” Adagio groaned, grabbing at Sonata's arms and trying to pry herself free of her grip. “They weren't born with gemstones so we don't know how much of our siren heritage they've obtained. If they at least have our eternal youth once fully grown, we'll, -Hggnnn- at least have grown our pack!”

With some force, she was able to free herself from Sonata's grip, the youngest siren tumbling to the ground. Sonata sat up on, crossing her arms while still clearly upset.

“Look, this is an incredibly important part of our pack dynamic and we need to at least test to see how us having children in this world will work in the long run, and that includes raising them properly.” Adagio explained, though Sonata didn't look like that answer eased her concerns at all. Adagio sighed again, rubbing her head as she thought.

“...Okay look, you obviously don't understand how important the children are, so why don't we fix that.” Adagio looked down at Sonata, who looked up at her confused. “Why don't you have one for yourself and see what the experience is like.”

“Wait, you want ME to have a kid?” Sonata asked with confused blinks. “I mean, I know Ari had one, but she kind of does her own thing and defies you all the time anyway, but I'm a good girl and actually do what you say! ...Most of the time. And YOU said that only the Pack Leader is supposed to have kids!”

“Yes, and that was true in Equestria. Having children there was an incredibly tedious process that required the whole pack to work together just to have one child, and it was my job to decide that. However, this is the Human's World, and any female can have a child at any time.” Adagio pointed at Sonata. “So I'm giving you permission to have a child and see for yourself why it's so important for us to raise one.”

“Oh, okay!” Sonata said perking up, hopping up to her feet and grinning happily, pumping her fists in excitement. “I'm going to have a kid and prove to you they aren't important enough to ignore me and my needs!”

“That's not what-” Adagio started to say, but Sonata was already out the door by the third word. Adagio sighed and ran her hand down her face, wondering what she was going to do with that girl. She turned to leave but stopped when she saw Sonata poking her head back through the door.

“I uuuhhh... I don't actually know how to have kids.” Sonata chuckled in embarrassment.

“Of course you don't.”