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Subscribe to my channel · 5:20am March 6th

hello people of FimFiction my name is Darksymphony777 and i review Fanfictions. (crickets chirping) that could have gone better.

anyway i wanted everyone to know that if you want to see your's or other's fanfiction from this or any other site (whether it be deviantart, fanfiction, AO3, wattpad) reviewed or read (if you want to have fun) just subscribe to my channel Here and remember have fun

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no because one i don't use twitter.

and 2 i use that folder for ANY story that has a incomplete, hiatus, or cancelled tag on it because until it's finished who's to say it won't becaome a dead fic

So for you a fic that updated last month is dead? What do you think fanfics are, a twitter feed?

trust me i don't like reorganizing, especially if it keeps me from reading stories I've yet to read.

Hope you enjoyed reorganizing your bookshelves!

Great! I hope it gets you some more views. :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 61 - 65 of 65
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