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"You will be EXTERMINATED: With Lemons!"


After being grounded, Apple Bloom must spend the night home alone while her family are away. Outside, dusk is falling and as she prepares for a lonely, boring night there is a sudden knock at the front door.

Apple Bloom art by mysticalpha

Special thanks to The Fan Without a Face, sevenofeleven and Alcatraz for the terrific job of Editing/Pre-Reading and general advice.

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She sighed regretfully. She'd been tasked with cleaning up the barn that day. It had been dark within the structure and none of the oil lamps were around. Her mind had been preoccupied on her evening with Sweetie, thus she hadn't been thinking to clearly. She tried starting a small fire in the centre of the barn with some straw in order to have some light. It would've gotten out of control if Big Mac hadn't been, at that moment, returning some of the lamps. No matter how many times she apologized for the incident, it was all in vain. 'What were you thinking? Dry straw will light up like a Harth Warming Tree. You could've set the whole barn alight. Off to your room missy, 'cause you're grounded for a week.’

You see, this is how children get killed in horror movies in the first place because they can't go anywhere else.

She paused in thought. Sweetie Bell. She had staggering amounts of pretty dresses. And her toys. Sweet Celestia did she have lots of wonderful toys. She smiled. They were best friends after all. Apple Bloom was confident Sweetie would share some, if not all of her toys with her best friend in the whole world. Sweetie Bell wasn't selfish, and with all of her own toys and dresses destroyed, she'd understand.

And the cycle continues.

Big Max and Applejack are gonna feel a might stupid for leaving Apple Bloom alone like that:ajbemused:. Idiots...:facehoof:.

I would like to see this made into a auto play

Awesome to see you're still around

Would you mind if I read this on my channel? You'd be credited as the author

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