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This story is a sequel to Entry #649

I can't believe she's back, after all this time.

But will she forgive me for what I've done?

Either way, I see she's brought a gift...

These are the final pages of the diary of Fluttershy, collected from her home and from the waters of the pond by her retreat. We hope she returns to us soon.

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A very big thank you to DannyJ and CrackJavelin for giving this a look-through.
And a very big thank you to you, dear reader, for reading.

Yikes. May not be entirely eldritch what's attacking her mind.

Went home? Her Diary isn't at her home or she doesn't write at her home but at the pond? Water.


Um, wow, this a great, uh, soup recipe.

You know how they say the sequel is usually tame compared to the original?


SO MUCH WORSE! :fluttershbad:

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend.


That was greatly disturbing and truly horrifying. A great horror story indeed.

The other one, well, she left it with Applejack just in case it could help.

Old AJ won't catch a break. Looking forward to the sequel about her suffering.

Beautifully disgusting and insidious. I enjoyed this quite a lot, I hope we get to see what mayhem befalls the others.

It sucks to be with you again.

Comment posted by ToxiClay deleted Oct 24th, 2019

Very rough translation:

The first of three is descended: the seed, the meat, the sire. on sacrifice of two shall mnegloratiisth(probably wrong) cover the world with chorall('choral'?) salutations to the hind of maw(unknown) all praise to the mireslef(?) trib('tribe'?) eternal glory to his name eternal light on the darkness of unknowing all hail the one who watches the stars all hail the one who watches the stars all hail the one who watches the stars

Open to correction!

Oh wow, absolutely incredible! This is horrifying and creepy in all the best ways! Gave me chills!


cover the world with chorall('choral'?) salutations to the hind of maw(unknown) all praise to the mireslef(?) trib('tribe'?)

Try this: cover the world with ichor, all salutations to the hind of maw, all praise to the mire's left rib

Ah, that does scan much better. I must have missed the 'i' in 'ichor,' and my brain seized on "tribe" before picking up "left rib." Thanks heaps for checking my work.

Isn't it funny how our brains work like that?

...and I have to do something with all those bunnies she killed...

Hare hearts
Hare hearts
Squishy, gushy hare hearts
Hare hearts
Hare hearts
Eat then up

So, basically, feed.

Should have been called "Fluttershy's baby"

i love me some horrors, but I don't know what to make of all the blank pages (I looked for something hidden) and I gave up on decyphering the gobbledygook entry

The lack of detailed notes at the end was kinda spooky... yikes.

Well. Shit

Not what I expected and yet somehow far worse.

32 is a lot of rabbit hearts. Like. Actually no maybe I shouldn’t wander how high those stack.

I didn’t think you could but honestly you one upped the last diary horror.

That's the problem. If I ever write a 3rd I have no idea what to do anymore :derpyderp1:

The fact this wonderfully-horrific story has only 15 likes is horrific in of itself.

Seriously, this was a fantastic read.

Well. Now I'm hungry.

Around here I think it's beginning to become clear what Fluttershy did, especially given the subject material of the first story. Huh. Pegasi culture, eh?

Well, there's one pony I can think of whom the obelisk could not drive mad, for what mind can break what is already ...pink?

Ouch. As someone who has been there... That hurts. I'm with Fluttershy here.

Holy... Yep. This was fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.

Not to assert direction or the like, but if you were ever to pursue further stories in this setting you could take it in quite a few ways. AJ's reactions and following despair at the outcome of Flutters? The shock and unrest that Princess Twilight would bring if she were to be confirmed missing? Perhaps even Celestia and Luna's grim realization that their Element bearers royally have fucked up by awakening things older than horse?

Could easily round it out with an AJ/Pinkie finale. The after effects of all these horrific goings on's have to have SOME outcome! :yay:

No worries! I do take a lot of feedback and suggestions to heart.

I guess to clarify, though, I already sort of kind of know _where_ it's headed if you know what I mean? I just have to decide sort of the format it'll take place in and what kind of little cool things I can do to amp up the horror without it gently sliding into try-hard edgelord territory, which I feel this one already borders very precariously.

But your thoughts align a lot with mine already, really. Obviously, the final pairing will be AJ and Pinkie, with a few other ideas sprinkled in, and in fact would take place a week after the disappearances of the four others. I hadn't thought to involve Celestia and Luna, but hey, there's something there maybe!

In addition to the above, I already had an idea involving that! No, Pinkie shan't be immune to the madness, but there will be some good use of the character, I hope!

Either way, this is only if and when I decide to write a sequel! I'm pretty busy and I need to continue writing dumb weird sandwich stories. :c

Thanks for reading though!

Rainbow may have been the cat-like one, but she isn't the one curiosity killed, it seems.

I'm feeling bad for the cottontails...

Yeah, I figured all that confidence and determination from last chapter wouldn't last.

Rabbits are small.

But what about the rest of the bear?

Well, that answers that, I suppose...

And seed.

Just how much seasoning does Fluttershy keep at home?

What happened to the possum? I don't know if I can stand the suspense.

But the possum! What about the possum?

Still no updates on the possum. Getting pretty scary.

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