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I am a self proclaimed horror and dark fantasy fic writer. You want darkness, death, and despair? You've come to the right place. Also an eternal Twilight Sparkle and avid Lovecraft fan.


Ladies and gentlemen... it's finally back. · 7:50pm January 3rd

The preparations are complete and the years long hiatus has been lifted. It's finally time to put The Masks We Wear back into the story rotation. I resolved to start this story up again for the new year and that's exactly what I aim to do starting with this new chapter.

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New chapter of Sparkle is out... earlier than I expected... · 4:36pm Dec 7th, 2023

Yeah, I started writing and just kept writing and here we are. Good news for you folks at any rate.

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Still have some motivation and inspiration left to keep writing, but... · 9:24pm Dec 6th, 2023

It's been shifted over to another story for the time being—specifically, Sparkle. I've been thinking about that particular cliffhanger a lot lately, and I figured it was about time I got back to it. I'm about 1,800+ words into the final chapter of Episode VII and hope to be done by next week. I do have an IRL job so we'll have to see, but here's hoping.

Anyway, look forward to more of Twilight's dark and gritty isekai adventures sometime in the near future.

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New chapter is out! · 4:16pm Dec 4th, 2023

As promised, the next chapter of Survivor's Guide has been released.

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New chapter of Survivor's Guide releasing tomorrow morning. · 6:35am Dec 4th, 2023

Just what it says on the tin. Running out of steam a bit so this might be the last one for while, but again, we'll see. No guarantees. Never any guarantees.

Except for this.

This next chapter release is a guarantee.

I'll even give you a time frame.

Chapter will be out around 8:00am MST or 3pm UTC.

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Yet another chapter incoming · 12:03am Nov 28th, 2023

So, yeah... I've just decided to keep going until I run out of inspiration. When will I stop? Not even I know. Maybe this is the last chapter for a while, maybe not. We'll see...

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Survivor's Guide updated once again as promised · 10:02pm Nov 25th, 2023

Just as it says on the tin. Another decent sized chapter has been released for your reading pleasure. Kind of want to keep going actually, and I just might. Who knows? Been a minute since I was this motivated.

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The next chapter of Survivor's Guide has been released, as promised! · 5:51pm Nov 23rd, 2023

And I'm actually on a roll with where I'm going, so I've decided to write one more chapter after this one before moving on. Not sure when it'll be out, but expect the next chapter soon-ish.

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Survivor's Guide Updated · 3:41pm Nov 21st, 2023

Finally got around to updating this story with a big, meaty chapter—a chapter so meaty, in fact, that I had to split it up into two chapters, the latter of which I'm still working on currently. This means that, contrary to my usual updating habits, this next chapter should come out relatively soon-ish assuming I don't get distracted or run into writer's block, which shouldn't be thing. Already about 1000+ words into the next chapter and I have a good idea of what I want to do so I'm pushing for

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The Dissonant infection updated! · 6:11pm Aug 14th, 2023

For those that didn't catch it yesterday, story was updated. Just a heads up.

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