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Grogar is an old, grumpy ram who sees Hearth's Warming as a waste of time and money. However, after he rebukes those close to him, and closes his heart, three spirits set forth to put him right.

Based on the Charles Dickens story 'a Christmas Carol'. Rated Teen for some dark themes.

Scored third place in the NALU Christmas writing contest. https://www.fimfiction.net/group/214560/no-author-left-unnoticed/thread/426699/nalu-holiday-writing-competition-winners-third-place

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 102 )

Grogar is discord

Isn't Grogar like, literally the Nagash of Equus? Of all beings to be troubled or disturbed by the dead, I'd put him at the absolute end of the list.

*Points to alternate universe tag*

Fair point, but this story is an AU. Here, he's just a grumpy ram who dislikes Hearth's Warming.


Didnt the show itself already do a christmas carol adaptation is recursive fanfiction a trope

As far as I'm aware, no. However, the story has been adapted as fanfiction a fair bit.


9997754 season 6 episode hearths warning tail ring a bell

I had completely forgotten about that episode, to be honest.

The earliest adaptation I could find on this site dated from 2012-4 years before that episode aired.

Well that was more of a How The Grinch Stole Christmas take of A Christmas Carol Ponified.

Now we know why most of those aren't aware of the two alternate universe tags in my Cozy Glow and Pear Butter TG TF's stories because of:

1. The Cozy Glow that I transformed into is one that was never evil in the first place at all.


2. The Pear Butter that I transformed into is one that, along with Bright Mac, they are still alive and not dead.

Honestly though, it's like those just ignore what is in the tags of the story and just want to read it right away. :ajbemused:

(Sorry if that's completely off-topic btw :twilightsheepish:)

Um what do you think the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future are?

Fair enough. What did you think of this?

Erm...OK? What does that have to do with the story?


(Sorry if that's completely off-topic btw :twilightsheepish:)

I did say that btw. ^^

Yup. What do you think of the story?

Yep =3

Well, I haven't read it fully just yet, but when I do, expect another comment from me soon ;3

Noice use of Cozy Glow as the Spirit of Hearth's Warming Past X3

I thought she fitted the role, given her brutal honesty.

Of course, Ending of the End never happens in this world.

I'd hoped Grogar and Discord being separate made that clear.

But, it also shows Cozy probably never existed in this world...:fluttercry:

Yeah.... :(

(So now you decided to use the pony emoticons! I thought you weren't going to use them that much when chatting :twilightsheepish:)

I only use them when I feel it is justified.

This was a sad chapter. But a character you like shall appear tomorrow.

As much as I enjoy A Christmas Carol, which I finally got to reading just the other day, I would be careful of the pony novelization rule. I can't wait to see your selection for the spirits.

You won't need to wait long. Two of those chapters are already up.

I was only aware of Hurricane being the only canonical stallion among the founders (EQG is a dependent alternative universe to FiM)

A little too fast, but I grant you credit for not messing around

MLP wiki, curiously, lists Puddinghead as male.

This may seem quicker as it is based on the condensed version Dickens wrote for dramatic reading. I am more familiar with this version, as I have acted in productions of it several times (once as Tiny Tim, and then a few years later as Scrooge as I underwent a very dramatic growth spurt).

I can't wait to see who the spirit of hearths warming future is.

🎵What can I say except you're welcome.🎵
I wonder who?

Fast guess: The Kirin representing Spirit of Hearth's Warming Present is Autumn Blaze X3

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