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If this isn't a RWBY crossover, then why is there a picture of a Grimm?

The image used is the folklore creature called the Wendigo. It will be built in more as the story goes on.
Sorry for any confusion. But this story does not crossover any thing.

Hmmmmm……I like monster story’s……I like human monster story’s……..I like human Mlp story’s……this seems perfect, I’ll stick around if it is.

When will the next chapter be out?

Yea this took longer to get to than I thought.

I wonder if there sequel to this where he actually live a life of happiness

I feel bad for the guy I hope he find peace

what creature is it based on? did you just make up a creature or is the creature in this story one from one of the many mythology's? from how its described i would guess its a mix of wendigo,banshee,vampire,caribo and werewolf.

also loved the story i love dark stories

The monster is based of the native American folklore of the Wendigo.

I watched the guard leave his group and trot around and behind the tree I was sitting in. Perfect, an easy target. I dropped from the tree landing on the guard's back with a loud crack as my weight broke his back. I quickly buit down into his neck so his screams cwould be muffled out by the blood pouring out of his mouth.

He very quickly passed away from the died because of the injury's I had given him, I snuck around the tree very slowly, being careful not to make any noise. I began to make my way towards one of the tents, I poked my large head it to one of them only to find nothing?

"GET IT!" I heard a voice yell from behind me, quickly whipping my head around to see the guards running at me. It was a trap, they knew I would find them, I was too focused on the one leaving the groups that I didn't even notice the rest had gone of to hiden in the bushes.

Comment posted by Artich deleted Apr 24th, 2023

Whoo pony xenophobia greater than 40k humans strike again.

So is that pale figure his future self or something like what he is becoming?

So it's actually a evil Wendigo that wants some family,
I have read that these creatures are capable of disguising themselves as humans.

An abrupt end I take it there were no more ideas at least it was a nice one.

the emporer would like to recruit you as a inquisitor to purge these xenophobic xenos

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