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Is that a Hermes Blastia converting massive quantities of aer into your pants... or are you just happy to see me?

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Although I may not be as big a fan of Skyrim as other people I know, I feel I must applaud you for coming up with a different method for getting displaced, as opposed to the cookie cutter way of buying a prop from the merchant.

6604120 Thanks, we actually want to slow that trope to a crawl. Figured I'd help a bit.

Sheogorath isn't just from Skyrim... he also was in Oblivion... where you became him after killing him... its a long story

6604223 Yeah... I played both games. I meant the style of dress specifically from Skyrim.

6604227 ah so he just met the hero of Kavatch

6604261 Funny thing that. I'm actually still debating if it's the actual, previous Sheogorath(AKA Hero of the Oblivion Crisis) or just a random Displacer that copies the costume of the person he's about to displace.

Decisions, decisions...

Okay, so before I started searching for any fimfiction i put on a random son to listen too while i read. The song is Nightcore - The Dragonborn comes (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsP63Kz9kYE). Now the song is playing and I start looking through my feed to see if any updates have been made or a new story added to a group im following. I find this Skyrim based story while listen to a Skyrim song! Freaky coincident or super natural power? :rainbowderp:

6604477 The Nine Divine are smiling down on you my friend. Or the Daedric Pantheon if that's more your thing

Uh, his staff has a name, it's called the Wabbajack, just fyi.

6604551 No... nonono. The wabbajack is a daedric artifact he grants to people who've earned his favor. The Staff of Sheogorath is something entirely different. It's a major thing in the DLC 'Shivering Isles' in Oblivion.

I read it in his voice

6604637 Good, you're doing it right :P

Sounds interesting... so, it isn't connecting by any way with the Chess Game of Gods cycle, as I understand... kudos to you! I think I will read other chapter when they will be ready.

6604694 Once you hear his voice once, you can never un-hear it. Which i'm glad for

6604696 Yeah, Chess Game is dead. Glad you like it though!

*sigh* Too bad. Well, keep up the good work!

Ful, gein do deyruv kulaan lost bo wah daar suleyksejun? Nii lost ofaal dii morah, ahrk nii lost skemaan zey. . . fah nu. :trixieshiftright:

6605314 Heh, my understanding of the dragon language is very sketchy. I barely got the gist of that comment of yours :rainbowlaugh:

6605343 Ahem... To be simple Liked the story, It got my attention, Huzzah! :yay:

6605431 being one who came from Skyrim to Hammerfell, and to Solstheim. I have been intrigued with the Daedric Princess'. one of which... the oddest one of all... the demented Daedra.

6605518 Yes, he is the most intriguing

6605543 Here's an idea... make another, but this time... Use Sanguine. Daedric Prince of Debauchery.

6605613 Sadly that'd be one too many ongoing stories for me. It's a good idea though.

Dang it! I was gonna do this!:fluttercry:

Nice intro, it picked my interest, good work. :twilightsmile:

Oh, how I hope the future is not so bleak.” Luna thought to herself.

Great Luna, the one words you never utter no matter what. "What could go wrong?" I ask as the sky itself falls upon my head.

A crossover with another displaced already? Why not have at least one of the mane six interact with Sheogorath first?

“Going through the gateway is always a choice. My sister feels like we should take that choice away from ponies.

I am sure you meant to type shouldn't

6607613 Yup, you're right. Oopsies

6607602 Because that meeting could happen with the first crossover. Or after. They need a better reason than just wanting to meet the mad god.

6607628 Well, a good reason would be Sheogorath using a random pony to get the mane six's attention by way of causing havoc.

6607706 True, the crossover is not set in stone right now anyway. I can always write a chapter or two before it

Great chapter. Hope to see the thoughts of the mane six about what they just learned.

$20 says Pinkie's the first to go through the gate.

I'm not looking forward to this crossover but i can see how it would work until the elements have worn off on him

Where Discord? Did he get killed off, stoned, or just replaced?

6608103 Eh, relax. I'm not the kind of writer that would place a deity just waltzing around murder stomping every problem in his path in Equestria.

That's no fun.

6608128 Still stoned, fluttershy hasn't reformed him just yet. This takes place right after sombra

6608050 Your gonna do something different just to spite me arent ya.:ajbemused:

6608191 :trixieshiftleft:Perish the thought, that is something a scoundrel would do:trixieshiftright:

6608195 Then why are you using Trixie emotes?:ajsmug:

6608198 :derpyderp2:uh... I don't know what went wrong?

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