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The Greek Gods of Mt Olympus are no more. Only Hades, His Bride Persephone and their family survive. The Ever Just Hades, The Merciful Persephone, select three to live their lives among Humanity. To have what their lives had long denied them.

Prometheus: Friend to man, condemned for his compassion.

Cassandra: The Seer Unbelieved, condemned for saying no.

Medusa: The Terrible Guardian, condemned for being raped.

Their wounds need healing, but can they let go, can they accept the help of others, when they have only ever been betrayed.

This is a Side Story to Sometimes Monster's need Love too.

You do not need to read the above story to understand this one, they merely take place in the same universe and about the same time.

This is a Companion Peice to both Sometimes Monster's Need Love Too and Monster's Debt Paid

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Ever since I first encountered the theory, I have been of the belief that Persephone deliberately ate the pomegranate seeds. I think the "rape" of Persephone was arranged by mutual consent -- really, more of an elopement.

First off, even in the legend where he kidnapped her, he never raped her, and second of all, you are right. In the oldest of the myths Persephone was running from an over bearing mother and stumbled her way into the underworld. She then decided it was too gloomy, so she made flowers grow. Hades felt the presence of life, investigated and led her to his home so that she would not get hurt, as the Underworld is a rather dangerous place. He then provided food and tried to figure out who she was. Since her mother had hid her away to avoid men’s gaze, read Zeus, Hades, who was not often up in Olympus had no idea who she was. Eventually everyone figured it out, but in the mean time Hades had been so kind and good to Persephone that they had fallen in love. However, in the interest of the greater good he was going to return her, Zeus stepped in, and made that desicion about the Pomegranite seeds, because the Pomegranite is sacred in the underworld. So Hades married her and treated her quite well. They hold the title of least dysfunctional couple of the entire greek pantheon. Both where fair in their adminstration of the underworld and it was Persephone who gave the harshest punishments. It is also my personal headcanon that Demeter agreed so readily because it meant that Peresphone was then basically surrounded at all times by horrible creatures that would do anything to protect her because she brought flowers into the underworld and thus eased their suffering. Not to mention, putting Hades in a better mood, just by being in his presence. And it is never a good idea to anger a god that can turn invisible. Especially by assaulting his wife. Add in that Hades was the oldest and ,argueably, one of the most powerful of the gods and that pretty much meant that no one was going to bother Peresephone, ever. And her mother got her half of the year, where she was just as protected. So I imagine, Demeter, while she may not have been pleased, was perfectly okay with letting Hades marry her daughter.


Part of the confusion comes from the dual meaning of rape as rape in the modern sense, and theft. Since in traditional societies an unmarried girl belongs to her family, the rape of Persephone probably originally referred to Hades taking her under his protection without the permission of Demeter.

If we assume that it was a love match, then Persephone winds up getting everything she could want. She gets to marry Hades and become his Queen, and she is guaranteed vacations in the upper world. Perfect, from her point of view!

For what, Athena for punishing the victim, Poseidon for raping me, Perseus for trying to protect his mother. Another thing the Gods took from me, the ability to be a mother to my children. Poseidon raped me because of who I was, it was a move against Athena, a reminder that she was not untouchable. Athena turned me to this, so that I would be able to protect myself, and guard all others in similar situations.

So by this logic, Athena sending Perseus to kill Medusa was a mercy kill? Wow. Just. Wow.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Granny Smith was a minor goddess in her old previous life.

Greek myths are excessively dark. Medusa was and always will be one of the most tragic characters ever. She was a mortal that was caught in a feud between Poseidon and Athena. Poseidon raped her so that Athena would have to punish Medusa. Athena, despite being one of Zeus's favored children could not even ask for Poseidon to face justice. The only one that she could punish was Medusa. Medusa's name in ancient Greek means guardian. So Athena took the beauty that had become a curse and inverted it into a weapon that not even those of divine might could stand against. However, that led to Medusa's isolation and eventual madness. So, yes, in the end the only thing Athena could do was give her best friend a merciful death. Athena then retrieved Medusa's head from Perseus, took Zeus's Shield, had Hephaestus us those two items to create the Aegis. A shield so powerful and terrible that it guaranteed the safety of all that dwelt in the realms divine, Which meant that afterwards, even Poseidon owed the protection of his very realm to Athena, and through her Medusa. Which was the ultimate FUCK YOU to the God of the Sea.

8967075 That’s pretty epic in a dark way. Besides, I’ve read enough Greek myths to know that Zeus is a promiscuous liar and cheater who’s only powerful because he was the only one that wasn’t eaten by his jackass father and pretty much got the good gifts for himself.

She doesn't need to be, she's Granny Smith and that is more then enough.

Professor Pro seems you have quite the sharp mental facilities, a vast amount of modern knowledge, and love of the mad sciences.

Kind of surprising for someone who spent several thousand years tied to a rock with his liver constantly getting eaten. :rainbowhuh: The guy must have an insane amount of mental fortitude.

Prometheus and his brother were the embodiment of the greek concepts of Hindsight and Foresight. Promestheus was Foresight. He is the patron of the arts and sciences, something that in Greek Society were one and the same. He also is the creator of men, according to the greeks, while Zeus and the other gods created women, ala Pandora, the first woman. Or at least that is one version. So in a very real way, it's not that he had any catching up to do, it more that we finally caught up to him. As for the eagle/liver thing. Hercules took care of that already, Prometheus then got in trouble for a bunch of other crap and ended up sealed in Tarturus with his fellow titans. He, I think, was the last titan to be sealed and thus ended the titanomachy, So, like I said, he never had to catch up to use, more so that we have finally started catching up with him. As for mental fortitude? Just wait, you'll see those scars soon enough.

Wait, who is Penelope, and why is Hades married to her and not Persephone?

Mistake in the intro, never caught it, will fix it post haste! He's still married to Persephone. I wrote the intro on my phone and it must have auto corrected. Thank you for the catch.

This does explain Applejack’s lie-detecting ability.

Not to mention the whole element of honesty thing.

Thanks, I appreciate the complement.

Is it wrong i want to see medusa turn at least one monster to stone

Not at all, I mean she did eat someone so there is that.

True. I originally used the term dicks as in dickhead but changed it because of the obvious inuando

In that case she'd turn all the monsters to stone, bow Chica wow wow.

It's a little difficult to get my head around the OOCs but it's a decent nonetheless.
Could you provide a better description of the characters' appearances. I'm imagining Medusa in an outfit similar to Sunset's, and I'm drawing a blank on the other two.

I will definitely have to figure on giving Prometheus, Cassandra, and Medusa a better description. It;s kind of hard because each chapter is from their point of veiw. But I think that may be coming up. After all, Prometheus has a kid by Luna now and Medusa is going out on a date with Celestia. However, Medusa and Sunset look nothing alike. But I appreciate the thought, I love when readers expand upon what I am doing. Also thank you for the complement.

No problem, if you're looking for something to read yourself, feel free to check out my ongoing fic: Lost Loyalty. (It's a crossover with Warhammer 40k, and a pretty good one if I do say so myself)

I'll give it a look. I tend not to be much of a 40k fan. But I will definitely give your story a chance.

Agreed it is cute . Now about the projenitor clay recepy?

Interesting how it goes

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