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i like where this is going. at least i assume I know where its going

I hope you will be satisfied:twilightsmile:

So far the story is good
I didn't spot any errors or anything and this plot gives me the"MOAR" feeling. So...👍
R.I.P whole tavern
Cause of death: wtfuckness!!??

Thanks for the kind words:yay:

R.I.P whole tavern
Cause of death: wtfuckness!!??


What caught my interest:
1. Dragon: ✅
2. Dragon liking fluffiness:✅
3. Dragon x Pegasus Future cuddle time:✅
You, sir, had peaked at my interest but now you have my full attention!

No dragon can resist the fluffyness:moustache:

you know nothing, John Snow.

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

It must be my B-Day to have this chapter release today!!!
I got to say, I was really hoping that Lucia would have joined in and it would have turned out that Lucia would had been the Sub and Do the Dom, well, maybe next time. I do wonder if the dragon can dual wield.

I did too, but alas, no dice. As for your question, that is one the author will have to answer in their own time as that would be spoilers, and I am but the humble editor.

Danger Do would have a melodic and nice female voice, like said in the first chapter.
The Dragon, hmm, I would let that up to the readers imagination, don't want to ruin it for someone.


You two :rainbowlaugh:

Both of you will find out:raritywink: Just for you to know, Infamous Paradox, Drache Schatten makes a lot of suggestions and care much for such details. So whatever I decide, he will get sure it will descripted very well and make sense.

Good story but needs a proofreader

Drache Schatten is my proofreader actually. So what is your problem with his Work?

Also, I must confess, sometimes I decide against his suggestions, so probably some stuff is my fault not his.

I want to pet a kirin!
Do: You do realize that you will burn your hands!
Pets Do
[screams in burning pain] I regret Nothing!!

But if you also read the end it's a two for one special. Fluffy pony for part of the time, cute ball of sexual fire the rest of the time. THERE IS NO DOWNSIDE.

You know what this calls for?
Shots full of Fireball
1x Fluffyness
2x Horniss
3x Denied


Ok, one of you guys explain this to me, please? :twilightsheepish: I don't get this:

You know what this calls for?
Shots full of Fireball
1x Fluffyness
2x Horniss
3x Denied

Taking shots of Fireball(Cinnamon) whiskey
Take a shot whenever you read anything related to Fluffyness x1
Take two shots whenever you read anything related to Horniness x2
Take three shots whenever you read anything related to being Denied x3

Ohhh boy! :pinkiecrazy: You don't make it till the end of chapter 3 then:rainbowlaugh:

I like your way of thinking:trollestia:

I'm positive chapter 4 is going to be a death sentence if we go by those rules there too, especially since its the naughty chapter

Liver failing
Kidneys shutting down
Heart rate has been increasing

“Listen Fi… “I didn’t get far with my words. She placed her mouth on my acorn and presented her fangs, bringing them right on top of it, growling.

Calm down lady
Let's not make a decision that you can regret later
We're all friends here right?

That's the reason you don't play with woman... as long as they are not bond to the bed. :rainbowwild:

*holds the champagne cup with a true story look*

I just realized something!:rainbowderp:
They were too lost in their lust to worry about what could happen in 12 months!:heart:

I don't know what you mean...


:pinkiecrazy: You was faster with this phrase then me, well played good Sir. :moustache:

Looks at spike
*daaaaaaang thats a lady-killer*

too bad we didn't get to see round two... aw well maybe next chapter uwu

Unfortunately for you, that shall not be the case. According to the author's notes in chapter 3, the next chapter will be plot related, and not the *wink**wink**nudge**nudge* plot, the actual story based plot. But fear not, for the clop shall return... eventually.

Darn i forgot about that XD

The perfect song for both of them. It's both country and excellent for cuddling and the fun times.

Alright, another round of cuddling and drinking before I go to sleep! Good thing I got something special for this!

Chapter 1

“Second, she will be properly dressed, nothing to (too) complicated though.”

Thank you:twilightsmile:

Spelling and gramma issues will be handled by my editor when he wake up:raritywink:

So what do you think about the newest chapter?

its missing the E in future in the title of the chapter

Fixed, thanks:twilightsmile:

Anything about the content you like to share too?:pinkiecrazy:

Glad that we get to see more antics, and that his understanding of ponies is starting to expand.

Well, slowly he is getting a clue. It will take him some more time since it is really very different species with a very different culture for him. Though, there is nothing that can't be helped with cuddling in the mlp universe:raritywink:

*Smiles and pawsigns, giggling as I read this very good story...*

This is an eye opening read into the mind of Black Dragon, and wow I am not disappointed. (I really do like the gryphons in this story, but thats beside the main enjoyment of this story. )

And I can claim the incredulous title of being your 444th reader to this story, and can only hope I will see more of this story.

Gryphon <><

Wow there was somegriffon very fast at reading:raritystarry: Congratulation! Mr. 444th:rainbowwild:

Drache Schatten started to edit the next chapter yesterday, so I am sure it will not take so long anymore till it is here for you to enjoy.:twilightsmile:

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