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This group aims to be the Fimfiction hub for Offprint, a writing website that allows works from any fandom and original content, in both prose and poetry. Here you can share links to your work on Offprint, and discuss things you'd like to see.

Note that this is a fan group, not directly affiliated with Offprint staff, and that the Offprint Discord remains the best way to reach the development team, but if you have ideas/questions/suggesions etc. and aren't on Discord, we're happy to pass them along to the team!

Also be aware that Offprint is in a closed alpha, meaning that you need an invite code. You can get one by filling out this form here, but note that it can take a few weeks; the point of the invite code system is to allow people in as the moderation team is ready to do so. Once Offprint enters beta, it'll be an open beta that anyone can sign up for at any time without needing a code.

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Comment posted by Mica deleted Jun 12th, 2021

This was useful information - thank you for introducing me to Offprint. I signed up for a code. Offprint seems like it has a great deal of potential. I have been looking for a place to write non-pony stories, and perhaps this could be the place.

I exist, oh wait, Descartes is shaking his head...

I exist here now too.

Haha that was fast! I'm still setting up but welcome!

Ohey, you did it! Awesome. 😎

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