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Twilight Sparkle has always been a obsessive seeker of knowledge, but during a research project into the lineage of Equestria’s old noble families, she discovers the founder of one particular house to be none other than the contemporary comic character Burning Snowflake. Believing this to be a grave error, Twilight sets out to establish the facts, only to find that some fairy tales might just be true.

Now with cover art from Cocoskatze Her artwork on Animexx

Editors :

Schattendrache: Friend of mine with a very high skill in making dialogs sound natural and a fable for realism. Also, if poked often enough, works quite fast and awesome!

EverfreePony: Editor from chapter 13 till 24, expert in wording, deadly in word to word combat and also unbeatable in yelling at the author! The one and only, merciless and nitpickiest of all Preditoress!
Honestly, she wrote me when she heard I lost my previous editor, (seems to happen a lot:derpytongue2:) and offered to help, awesome:yay:

MV : Edited everything, either directly or after someone else had, till chapter 12. He put very much effort in it and did an great job. If I have to name the 4 riders of apocalypse editing, it would be : Gramma, Spelling, Punctation and MV. (normally this guy comes along on a dead horse with the book 'chicago manual of style' in his arm)

Mister Hypothetical: Edited chapter 27

Aeluna: Chapter 4 (actually pre-edit chapter 5-6) / She took my not so well translation and turn it into something that editors can work with, thanks for that.

Wyngs Triumphant: Chapter 4

zachary56 : Prologue , Chapter 1-2

Rijo Striker : Prologue

Pre-readers: MV, OConnerGT-R, EverfreePony

Translators :

GentlemanPirate :Prologue , Chapter 1, 3

Azure-Drache (Myself)

And also thanks for everyone who gave me feedback or reviews. :twilightsmile:

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