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Hey there! My primary hobby is video gaming, secondary is reading fanfiction (which is why I'm here), and tertiary is drawing! My favorite fanfiction genres would be dark and/or romance... OC only.

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Well, I know lots of people :heart: lamias and hypnosis.

BTW, I followed u :)

Thanks for the heads up!

Also I'm glad you know why I specifically want to read it XD

Heh, yeah, the same here, Descendant.

BTW Baysick, thanks for adding my story : 'Melody Breeze's Hypnotic Lamia Encounter' to read later. I have to warn u though, there's barely any hypnosis. Only @ the last 3 paragraphs or something lol :rainbowlaugh:


Oh... So writers can see when a specific person favorites a specific story. Good to know xD

Honestly, I'm only half way done with that story. Right after finishing the Chapter 'Revelations' is the extreme moment I decided to favorite the story because I love it that much! I normally don't favorite a story until after I finish it, but obviously your story displays talent far beyond what I first expected.

I was extremely impressed with how you can pack so much emotion into the story. You give me (the reader) a lot to sympathize about with Wildfire. It wasn't just >Oh there's a problem and the main character solves it< (I mean yeah it's kinda like that throughout the story, but it doesn't entirely FEEL like that!)... You packed so much backstory from her family to her cutie mark to her friends to a bully issue to her struggling in math. I really truly felt like I got to know the main character of the story as issues were presented in each chapter. Nothing felt rushed, extraneous, or elongated meaning your story has it's advancement at a perfect pace. Let me add on the fact that there are extremely few grammatical errors. I think I only found somewhere between two to four of them so far and they were even kinda hard to find/notice.

You even go above and beyond to give to the reader extra entertainment by providing poems and artwork. I'm especially interested in both of those since 1. I appreciate poetry and 2. I draw myself, so I naturally take interest in art. Through the stories I've read so far on Fimfiction, that's somewhat uncommon.

I could probably go on and on... But I think I covered the major points I wanted to make x3
I try to read an entire chapter every couple of days before going to bed. It's getting a little challenging since the chapters are getting longer and I'm a slow reader so I may have to start reading sections of a chapter instead (Not that I'm complaining!).

Oh and I got stupid excited when I saw that a sequel exists xDDD (I'm defiantly looking forward to reading it)

Sidenote- I only read stories that don't look like they're abandoned because I'm getting tired of reading/starting incompleted stories. I also only read stories that have OCs only (zero exceptions to this!). Your story fits both of of that.

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