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Chapters is out, Artwork is split in two places · 7:41am April 28th

[Adult story embed hidden]

New chapter is out! If you was curtious about the capital of the Kirins, that is the chapter for you! Also with some influence of my fans :raritywink:

The normal SFW artwork is in the chapter as always, the NSFW is on ym Discord Server in the NSFW channel:twilightsmile:

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A little question and an update for TDATP3 · 4:22pm April 24th

Good day folks! 🐉

The next chapter is already edited and nearly ready to go! Yay! Only thing that is still missing is some artwork for it, but Clarke Otterton is working on it:pinkiehappy: As soon as I got it, the chapter will be puplished and you can have a read:raritywink:

Also the writing of the next chapter has already started:twilightsmile:


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New Chapter , Blizzard Silence · 9:31am March 1st

And finnaly it is out, the next chapter of TDATP3 :twilightsmile:

Have fun reading it and if you like to comment or join my stories discord, feel free to do so:raritywink:

New Chapter

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Update on TDATP3 · 7:52pm February 20th

Hey Guys!

Good News, I was able to get some cool inchapter artwork again this time by Clarke Otterton :twilightsmile: So finally, the next chapter will have a picture in it again!

Also, I already spoke with my pre-readers, Chryssy and also Schatten this time and overworked the chapter, means only the editing must be done still.

So currently the chapter is 8300 words long, spread on 22 pages in gdoc! :pinkiegasp:

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Just saw the G5 Movie (Spoiler free) · 1:09pm Oct 4th, 2021

It's awesome in my opinion :twilightsmile: If you haven't seen it yet, you should do so soon:raritywink:

And I really love the many many references and Easter-eggs to G4. For sure there was put a lot of effort and love in that new movie:pinkiehappy:

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Teaser for Chapter 6 · 10:02am Oct 2nd, 2021

The inchapter artwork by Clarke Otterton

It's with spoiler tag for those who don't want to know previously:twilightsmile:

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The Dragon And The Pony 3 - next chapter · 5:54pm Sep 16th, 2021

Hey guys!

So, I finished writing the chapter and also talked with my editor and one of my artists, therefore, in 12 days latest, the chapter should go online for all of you to enjoy.🐉

Have a nice day!

Update: A little delay, I already got awesome artwork by Clarke, just there was a little but important detail missing on the picture so he will fix it and I should have the final Inchapter artwork soon.

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TDATP3 What do you guys want to see? · 9:21am May 25th, 2021

So I was thinking about the future chapters of The Dragon And The Pony 3, you know the current one just needs editing and is ready to go, but the following, I am not quite sure what kind of side events or lore you guys would like to read about or want to explore? I mean there are many opportunities, new species, continents, towns, or villages, also caves or even side locations like the Roof Of The World, the dragons immortal city could be on the display along the way. Additional to that, we

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Update on TDATP3 · 8:17pm May 11th, 2021

So the next chapter is written down, I sended it to QueenChrysalisforever for the pre-reading. :twilightsmile: And as usual, after she did, Schattendrache should edit it.:eeyup:

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Quick Update on The Dragon And The Pony3 · 6:31pm Apr 17th, 2021

Hey my beloved followers!

So, the next chapter made it past the pre-rading phase thanks to QueenChrysalisForever and I already sended it to my editor Schattendrache. He told me he can start editing on tuesday. Also my fellow reviewer and artist Clarke Otterton made good progress on the inchapter artwork.

That means it shouldn't take much longer till you can have the new chapter to read!:yay: Just wanted to let you know that and have a nice weekend!

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